Top 10 Forgotten Disney Movies

These are Disney movies that were lost to time soon after their release. Nobody talks about them anymore. Disney sort of ignores their existence... but some of us do remember them, and there are a few hidden gems in the dozens and dozens of forgotten Disney features.

Now, let me make this clear before I start this list: there are dozens upon dozens of forgotten Disney movies, so I've tried to include ones that you would know instead of movies such as "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes", they are just more interesting to talk about and some of you would know what it is.

I'll also try to include some more recent flicks, to add some variety into the mix.

Without further adieu, let us dig deep into the Disney vault to find the Top Ten Forgotten Disney Movies!
The Top Ten
1 The Black Cauldron

This movie was destroyed by critics and the box office was about as horrible as Gurgi's voice is - and that's horrible. This was Disney in the 80's, struggling to hold afloat after Walt Disney's death, and it was not pretty. Nobody really talks about this movie unless they're talking about forgotten Disney movies - this is a prime example of one.It was a complete failure.

This movie terrified me as a kid. O.o On a side note, I would probably place Song of the South somewhere in the top 10 as well. This list is almost a month old and no one remembered the movie to even put it on here. Talk about forgotten!

2 The Rocketeer

This movie is pretty good in my eyes, but nobody really mentions it or talks about it - sure, it's one of the less obscure live action Disney movies's still forgotten. It's a real hidden gem after all. I haven't heard anything about it in any kind of Disney related content on Youtube, other than the odd nod to it.This film needs more love, but it's been lost for a while now, since nobody really saw it.

3 Swiss Family Robinson

Quite a lot of you may recognise this name only for its 'ride' in Disneyworld, although I use that term loosely.The main plot is that the Robinson clan, who are a family of 5 flee the reign of Napoleon to start afresh in New Guinea.Their ship gets shipwrecked though, so now the family needs to somehow survive on their very own, they are able to build an impressive treehouse and live in the wild properly, but they still need to get out of there. This film is decent, it's really just your usual live action Disney movie at heart. Nobody talks about this film ever, probably due to how old the movie is and the fact that it's a live action Disney movie, and those barely gain any traction whatsoever.

4 Popeye

I haven't heard from Popeye ever since Robin Williams died. Which is sad because I think this movie is perfectly decent. Like most Disney live action movies it is yet again almost never mentioned whatsoever.Probably because Popeye isn't that relevant anymore.

This was filmed in Malta, as far as I'm aware they still retained the filming set, that you can visit.

5 The Great Mouse Detective

I once had a random dream that, on Letterboxd, Schaffrillas gave The Great Mouse Detective a perfect 10/10 and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh an 8/10. I sure hope that dream comes true because this movie really is that good!

This is actually my favourite Disney movie, well done whoever added this.

6 The Big Green

Just by looking at the cover, it looks ridiculous.

I barely remeber anything about this movie it was so forgettable.

7 Valiant

I've seen this movie plenty of times, back when my parents used to take home random movies from the children's section at the library. Even then, I don't remember the plot of any of the characters' names. I'm shocked it's a Disney movie, the animation looks like it's from a b-list animation company

Everyone remembers Chicken Little, and all, but does anybody know the other animated film about Pigeons of war that same year?

What? This is also great, it's unforgettable and it has some awesomne moments in my opinion

8 The Rescuers

I feel like I am the only one who likes this movie a lot, though sequel was much better, but serioiusly tohgh, why would people hate this movie because of ONE SCENE that wasn't for children? That one scene did not chagne the story!

I love this movie, I wish there was a 3rd movie. They can't replace Eva Gabor but they can always find other actress that sounds similar to her. Mickey and Minnie have new voices, why not Bianca and Bernard.

I actually liked this movie. Although I prefer the sequel.

9 Fun and Fancy Free

I could've put any of those package films here, but I've decided on this one because, well, it's the worst out of all of them, in my humble opinion. It's been forgotten by everybody since it's just not a very good package film, and it's old too. So I would deem this movie forgotten.

You know, there is a scene where Donald is so hungry that it tries to eat an alive cow.

The WWII-era package films are all mostly overlooked.

10 Eight Below
The Contenders
11 The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Okay, from this point on, I haven't seen any of these movies. I picked this one because it's recent and Nostalgia Critic did a review on it so it fit my criteria quite nicely.I don't remember it at all, and I doubt anybody else does, the cover looks like a really boring documentary, so that would shy people away from watching it and therefore getting others to remember.

I remember watching this at home a year or so after it came out. It had a great premise and an interesting story, but I had no idea it was a Disney movie until I saw it on this list.

12 The Country Bears

The Country Bear Jamboree is a classic show. The movie however, that's a different story...
but this isn't a movie review, this is the top ten most forgotten Disney movies, and The Country Bears have gained this spot. This movie did poorly both critically and financially, and then it was swiftly swept under the rug (or bear rug, should I say). This is probably because some people won't know the source material and some people just don't like Country music.

13 The Fox and the Hound

Okay, I have seen this one, It's mediocre though.This is probably the most remembered out of everything on this list, thanks to a certain old user constantly praising it. Still, I never hear its name being thrown around, so that's why I gave it 10th spot on this list.

This movie is severely underrated. It's not all cutesy/fluffy, it is dark, but it still shows the great strength of Tod and Copper's friendship and has a good balance between cheery and shocking moments. Also has great voice talent in it too like Sandy Duncan, Kurt Russell, Jack Albertson, Pat Burnam, Pearl Bailey, Paul Winchell, Corey Feldman and the late Mickey Rooney. - SailorSedna

14 The Shaggy Dog (2006)

So, in this cinematic masterpiece Tim Allen becomes a dog.Sounds great, right? No. It isn't. Don't watch it. Anyway, everybody pretends to forget this movie existed and now it has been lost in the Disney vault forever.Jokes aside, this movie's name is barely mentioned anywhere and nobody remembers it whatsoever. This may be because we've seen this body switching formula a million times and this movie just blends in with all the other ones.

It's one of the most ridiculous plots in Cinema.
How a normal dog is able to turn a person in a dog by just biting him?

15 Glory Road
16 A Kid in King Arthur's Court

This movie is a bad movie, no doubt. The last time I heard of this movie was in Nostalgia Critic's late 2009. It's just another generic 90s movie about some kid in ridiculous clothing going to a fantasy universe and causing some trouble there. Nobody says anything about this and frankly, I'd rather it stay that way.

The Nostalgia Critic review this one. At the video start, he tries to forgot this movie by punching himself in the head.

17 Jungle 2 Jungle

You could literally just put any live action Disney movie here and it would probably fit fine with the top ten.

I saw this movie a long time ago. I probably wouldn't like it now, but back then, I found it to be pretty funny

Forgotten, but really funny film.

18 Heavyweights

This movie was alright in my opinion.

19 Treasure Planet

I remember this more than Fox and the Hound. I think it's more or less because it has gained its reputation as either a really underrated or terrible movie.

If this movie didn't tank so badly at the box office, we could have gotten a coaster for this film very similar to Cosmic Rewind at Epcot.

Nowhere near as weird as The Brave Little Toaster, which is also pretty underrated.

20 Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I really enjoyed this one, and I still want to see it again. What sucks is for the remastered version, Disney only used the 117 minute version and not the 139 minute version (the one I saw). - SailorSedna

21 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Well, about 20% of people in the world (the Disney employees and a few other people) remember this weird movie.

22 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

I only knew it existed after I watched it on tape in elementary school.

How can this be near forgotten?! I love this movie!

A bad movie, bad characters, and bad plot!

23 The Rescuers Down Under
24 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
25 Robin Hood

It seems like this movie just kind of exists without people knowing nowadays. A lot of people might remember it but it's one of those movies that you kinda have to think about it for a little longer to remember.

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