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1 Inception

I have seen Inception 10x's and there has never been a film that angers & frustrates me more. It actually gives me a headache when I watch it. I can't possibly form a logical or educated opinion about a film that is schizophrenic and all over the place...its dizzying. Just thinking about Inception, while I type this, is actually frustrating me. I understand the concept, I just cannot put it all together. I feel very unsatisfied when I watch Inception. Making a twilight zone, rabbit hole, LSD-trip movie that cannot be accurately understood, does not make the movie clever, cute, cool, neat or good. Just qualifies the film as a ball of cinematic confusion. I loathe this film.

Not only is it confusing, the movie allows you to form your own opinion and interpret it the way you want to. Ultimately, you'll never know where you got it wrong because there will always be gaps in your interpretation. The more I watch it and read about it (and the explanations and theories around it) online, the more I see that there is more into it; had it been a book, it would have been a classic. Everything in it has some meaning behind it. I can never stop watching it. Thumbs up to Chris Nolan, he is a genius.

2 2001: A Space Odyssey

I am a great fan of inception as well as space odyssey but undoubtedly the latter one is more confusing. I like this movie because of its unique way of description and I don't even bother to understand it as it sems that it was not meant to be understood. You don't find enough conversation in the movie so that you can understand. You just watch this movie ending in front of you leaving you blank. This is what happened to me.

This movie will cut open your head, put your brain in a blender and will have you saying "what in the world just happened? " Even though this is a masterpiece and the greatest sci fi movie of all time, it will still take your brain to unbelievable amounts of fascination and hopelessness at the same time. Inception is absolutely NOTHING compared to this film.

2001 is more confusing than inception. Inception has words but 2001 barely has any which makes even more difficult to follow. Also we will never understand what kubrick was thinking because he's dead. I've seen it 6 times and I still don't get it.

3 Mulholland Drive

Inception has NOTHING on Mulholland Drive. The only reason people find inception confusing is from a few scenes that pretty much don't mean much to the plot which have a lot of fancy complicated words, but the overall plot is super easy to follow.
Mulholland Drive on the other hand you will be baffled and searching for answers THE ENTIRE FILM from every detail and scenario it will find new ways to confuse you further until you finish the film and go on the biggest internet search of your life to get any sort of meaning behind it.
Still a very watchable film which shows the unique genius of David Lynch.

Inception? Are you kidding me? It's a great movie but it's not confusing at all compared to Mulholland Drive. When the credits roll at the end of this movie I guarantee the first words out of your mouth will be "what did I just watch? " If you understand it, it's a great movie but you won't understand it the first time through or the second for that matter.

4 Primer

This should be in the top! It makes Inception look like a children's book! It is s short film, 71 min and just required $7000 for its production! Must watch! And I promise that you will not understand one bit in the first go!

I LIKED THIS because, this one is the most confusing movie that actually has an explanation for each and every scene.

First of all tell me how many timeline is there in this movie, totally confusing but great movie love it.

5 Persona

Great film that most will not hope to understand on their first watch.

6 Interstellar

This movie is one of my favorites.

7 Shutter Island
8 Solaris (1971)
9 Donnie Darko

Great movie, and it's better that even when you understand it, there are no plot holes. It's all about tangent universes.

Inception is not confusing at all, just a controversial ending. You MUST pay attention on this one.

Very confusing especially in the end, do know what happens to the girl in the end?

10 Enemy
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11 The Mirror
12 Memento

Oh boy was this an amazing movie. It takes a great amount of time to understand it. But when you do you won't be able to stop thinking about it. Epic movie.

Awesome movie! Its amazing that they could come up with a entertaining movie starting off with the end!

This should definitely be number one. It finessed all other movies when it comes to being confusing.

13 Eraserhead
14 Inland Empire

This one is the confusion itself. Even watching it 10 times doesn't help to understand what is going on.

15 Stalker
16 The Tree of Life

Not even the presence of a hot Jessica Chastain could make this movie any less confusing.

17 The Matrix

Got lost very quickly, even after reading the plot on wikipedia. Good film though.

18 8 1/2
19 Tenet
20 The Departed
21 Eternals

There are many major characters and the movie is constantly doing flashbacks.

22 Pi

This is a very confusing movie. It outshines all the others on this list.

23 Cool World

There's so many characters popping over the screen that it's hard to take the movie seriously.

24 Sucker Punch

Had to watch this movie several times to actually understand it. Although much of the movie is confusing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A must - watch.

Still don't know what's going on...

25 The Nightmare Before Christmas
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