Top 10 Best Tamil Film Directors

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1 Shankar S.

Hi SS, thanks a lot for your wonderful movies so far. You are the father of directors in the Tamil film industry. I love your movies so much. All films are unique and super hit. Keep doing good work. May God bless you and give you success in every way.

The best... His movies might not be as classical as Mani Ratnam's, but he has all the abilities in the world to pull off a movie like Mani's. However, he still sticks to commercial movies.

He is the James Cameron of the Tamil film industry. One of the best the Indian film industry has seen.

2 A.R. Murugadoss

Without a good script, he never makes a film... but some other directors make simple concepts and show them very big... I think my opinion is 1. A.R. Murugadoss 2. Bala 3. Shankar. Why Shankar is in third place means he is also a very talented guy, but script-wise, he needs to concentrate a little more... A.R. Murugadoss' scripts and entertainment are both amazing... Bala sir, you just need to improve your entertainment skill.

A.R. Murugadoss doesn't write scripts like other directors. His approach to storytelling is somewhat different. He can manage and direct movies in various languages. Refer to all the movies done by him and decide who is number one.

Yes, his story never depends on the cost of the shot. His shots and their meanings have greater value than Shankar's. He should be number one because, unlike Shankar, who failed in Hindi movies, he is the king in both South and North India.

3 Mani Ratnam

He is a praised gift for the Tamil film industry... He is the one who can make a film a mega-hit or reasonable with his story itself... Hats off to Mani sir... Bombay, Guru... What kind of films are these? These kinds of films come once in a century. I am a great fan of his talent... Once again, hats off to his talent. Before him, Shankar is nothing... He only wastes money..

Mani Sir is the only reality filmmaker and an all-time hit filmmaker. His films, like Iruvar, Roja, Naayagan, and so on, speak for his talent.

Mani Sir's films are nice. Compared to Shankar's films, which often contain a lot of logical mistakes, we can't find that in Mani's films. Mani is the number 1 director. Shankar is 3rd, and the 2nd is A.R. Murugadoss.

4 Gautham Menon

The best director in terms of story, direction, and narration. His presence brings out the best in actors and music directors. Harris and A.R. Rahman flourish under him. He brings realistic and gritty films whilst making them critically and commercially successful. An inspiration to all.

He creates his own movies, which all the youngsters like. Awesome director, but I would request him to take a film with Rajinikanth as the hero and Anirudh or G.V. Prakash as the music director in his direction. I love each and every film of his. Please, GVM, make my wish come true.

Gautham Menon became very popular due to his story and direction. He almost knows how to give a feel-good film in his journey.

5 K.S. Ravikumar

Mass Director of all times. He always has an excellent screenplay in his films.

He is one of the best directors in Tamil cinema and is better than Shankar.

I like his movies.

6 Bala

Bala is number two after Mani, and Shankar is number three. Bala is different. He has a huge fan following despite his dark storylines. Most of his films are commercial hits, and all his films are critically acclaimed. He is a talented Tamilian who sticks to his roots and is not influenced by any other film or director. All his works are original and not copies. Bala can never be below Gautham Menon and A.R. Murugadoss.

To be honest, Gautham has only done a good job in Khakha Khaka. All his other movies are slow and do not engage the audience. Murugadoss has done a good job in Gajini and a Vijaykanth movie, but all his other movies are not good.

He is great at his vision of movies, never ever thinking about positive and negative feedback from others. This is what a good capability of a filmmaker is. He simply deserved it with a lot of hard work and thinking. Nice to have him in Tamil cinema. We are really proud of you, Bala!

7 Selvaraghavan

I watched all his movies. Ah, those two to three hours, I'm mesmerized. Murugadoss, Mani Ratnam, and Bala are also the best, but the film Aayirathil Oruvan shows he is the best among them. He is the pathbreaker of Tamil cinema, as Mani Ratnam said. His direction and screenplay were awesome. I'm also a big fan of him.

Hats off, Selva sir.

He has directed advanced films, encouraging external thinking among youths. He is not just a director. He is an extended-thinking scientist.

Selva Sir is really awesome. His films create an unforgettable impact on us.

8 K.V. Anand

His films are exciting.

He is also the best director.

His movies are highly twisted, and I want to be an assistant for him.

9 Balu Mahendra

The greatest legend, his movies are completely different from others.

He is one of the best directors around the world. He gives the world-class movies all the time.

Best ever director of Indian Cinema.

10 K. Bhagyaraj

Maybe the Tamil people do not like those directors above except Mr. K. Bhagyaraj. Because his movies are always realistic. The young people mostly like him because he gave a boost-up song for youngsters.

Drumstick is his weapon.

He is the No. 1 entertainer... So he is the number 1 director.

Great. Better known for his brilliant screenplay.

The Contenders
11 Kamal Haasan

He has everything in cinema at his fingertips. If given enough freedom, he will achieve what others try to achieve in different parts of the world.

He is a newly invented cinema director in India. He deserves any award in cinema. A great director, scriptwriter, singer, lyricist, and a well-known, great actor.

I don't know why Kamal Hassan is so underrated here. He should hold the No. 2 position, and K. Bala Chandar should be 1st.

12 K. Balachander

His films are excellent.

13 Atlee

Superbly talented and extremely deserving director.

He is an awesome and wonderful director.

He is the best director.

14 Hari

Best director ever in the universe.

Hari is a good director.

He is the real Singam.

15 Venkat Prabhu

You only understand the youth's mindset, sir. All the movies you are following, sir. Keep it up, Sir.

He makes entertaining films.

16 Prabhu Solomon

He gives heart-touching films, and I like him very much. His Mynaa and Kumki were excellent.

Hard worker, great man.

17 M. Rajesh
18 Kathir

He is the most underrated director in the Tamil cinema industry. His screenplay is excellent.

19 Vetrimaran

I like all his movies and they are very commercial, natural, with different local Tamil slang speaking, like Aadukalam and Polladhavan. Superb narrator and so on.

Good and nice to watch. I think after a few years, he will be one of the topmost directors...

Superb screenplay writer.

King of reality with a commercial genre. No one narrates a story like him.

20 Bharathiraja

He is one of the best directors who changed the trends of Tamil Cinema. When Tamil cinema was always dominated by actors, he achieved roaring success even with new casts. He is a superb director.

He is the only director who can provide films like Muthal Mariyathai, which will never age. It shows that people may get old, but love and feelings remain forever young.

He brought Tamil celluloid from the studio to the village. That is original and natural.

21 Pa. Ranjith

The man who doesn't know the meaning of fear! A great director, an awesome social worker, a pure Ambedkarist. He cares deeply for society's welfare.

Very good Director. People's director. He has made many changes in Kollywood.

22 Suseenthiran
23 Vijay Joseph Vijay, better known mononymously as Vijay, is an Indian film actor and playback singer who works in Tamil cinema and his films dubbed into Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Mandarin Chinese. He is one of the highest paid actors in Tamil cinema.
24 Mysskin

The one and only director in Kollywood. He is the man who directed Onayum Aatukuttiyum, a universally acclaimed film.

He brings world cinema into Kollywood. The king of screenplay after Selvaraghavan.

He should be at No. 3 because his films are very... No words to express.

25 Samuthirakani

Hi sir, I am Kanagaraj from Tamil Nadu. I am a very big fan of yours, sir. I like all your movies, including those in which you acted. You are the best actor, supporting actor, villain, and best director. Please act and direct more movies, sir. I watch your movies like Nimirunthu Nil, Sattai, Appa, etc., daily and am not bored, sir. You are the best at making social message movies. I am waiting for your next movie. You are my favorite director, sir.

Please direct more movies like Nimirunthu Nil. Thank you, sir, bye, and all the best.

A brilliant director who exactly conveys his messages through his movies.

Very good director.

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