Top 10 Best Non-Marvel and DC Comics Superhero Movies

Marvel and DC, especially Marvel, are dominating and almost always have been dominating the comic book/superhero industry. This is also true with movies. Both have cinematic universes The MCU and the DCEU. However, they are many other superhero movies which are also great and deserve more attention. However, 'Kick-Ass' will be omitted from the list as it is a Marvel movie as 'Kick-Ass' is a Marvel property. These movies are usually extremely underrated and deserve way more attention. Each has its own wins and most of them are usually on class with the average Marvel or DC movie, or even better.
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1 The Incredibles

The Incredibles is the better version of the Fantastic 4. But that is not saying a lot. But The Incredibles is a phenomenal film. The film has so many good things. I really like the fact that are a superhero family, and the character connections they get down very well. For example I really like how Elastigirl talks to her kids like a mother would talk to her kids in that situation. I also love the character of Edna Mode. Brad Bird puts in a phenomenal voice acting performance. Mr Incredible is also an extremely good character as well and I really like seeing his mid life crisis and how much a superhero truly meant to him. I also really like the other characters. Syndrome is definitely one of the best superhero movie villains and I really like his motivation and his plan, as he might have been right. I also like Elastigirl. I really like seeing her use her superpowers and how she adjusts to becoming a full time mother. Dash is pretty funny, and I enjoyed his superpower quite a lot and I really liked how he interacted with other characters. Violet I found a pretty cool character and relatable as well. Jack Jack I found very funny at the end and I enjoyed how Violet used him in a quote on time (his name, not his body). I also really liked Samuel L Jackson as Frozone and he had quite a lot funny lines. In addition, I loved the action scenes. They were very fast paced and a lot of fun. The soundtrack at the start I love. It might be my favourite Pixar soundtrack. Overall, one of the best superhero movies, and animated movies in general.

2 Hellboy

The character of Hellboy is one of my favourite comic book characters. And the film did not disappoint. It has a great director in Gulliermo Del Toro, whom I wish was directing the upcoming 2019 new Hellboy remake. It introduced Ron Perlman as Hellboy, and my god does he deliver. There could not be a better actor for this character. I really like Hellboy and Liz's relationship. They have great chemistry as a couple. Liz herself is also a phenomenal. As it is also a Del Toro film, of course it is going to look stunning. And my god, do the visuals really hold up. The humour really works, it is a very funny film and actually find more funny than the MCU movies, (based on how funny an average MCU movie is), and is coming from a big MCU movie fan. I really like the action scenes, they are a ton of fun. I do feel bad for Hellboy, he is a tragic character yet one that really drives the movie. You do feel like you are a watching a comic book, but one that is nearly flawless. Abe Sepien is also a good character, another alien other than the main character, Hellboy. Tom Manning is also a good character as well. It is also a suspenseful movie and that do it really well as well. What a phenomenal and underrated movie.

3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Oh how I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But it is so good. And the movie really succeeds on that note. The story is very simple, almost like the show. But they capture the spirit so well. All the turtles have their spirit taken so well, all are very funny and have good interactions with each other, and April and Casey Jones. Shredder is an awesome villain. He was awesome in the show, and he is awesome here. The film is so much fun. The climax is great, and I really like Shredder's death at the ending. While is has fun, it has darkness and it really makes the film work better. I will never forget Shredder's entrance, it is done so dam well. I really like Judith Hoag as April, she actually suits the role and in the movie April is a great character as well. The Turtles' stealth is not forgotten, they get they done really well as well. It is faithful to the comics, maybe a part of the reason why this movie really, really works. Overall, a great movie that deserves more praise from critics that it receives.

4 Hellboy II: The Golden Army

This is such an underrated film. I mean, maybe top 10 underrated. It gets so little attention and I wish we maybe did get a Hellboy III. But they are doing a reboot, but sadly without Del Toro. The layering the film really, really works. This is because we get some depth in Hellboy (Ron Perlman) questioning his role. It is a really good situation, he fights for humans. But he will never actually be a human. The creature design is outstanding. I do not how these people made the creature designs so damn good. The fact that he is one of the creatures, but can see past it is really good. (talking about this movie makes it seem even better). It is also a bit of a Del Toro movie. What I mean by saying that is that, if you would guess and you saw other Del Toro movies, you would tell that Del Toro was directing. But me personally, love Del Toro. He is such a great director. I also really like the villain Nueda. I found her pretty cool, and again love her design. I do like the other characters like Liz. The movie is much funnier, and can balance the comedy and the dark stuff pretty well. Overall, a incredibly underrated, and truly a must see movie.

5 Robocop

Robocop, the original. The rest of all other 'Robocop' movies suck hard. However, the original is a great movie. The moment at the start of the movie, which am I not going to spoil, is a pretty funny scene and I really like that scene. However, the movie actually develops in a pretty great thriller. I mean a thrilling thriller. I really like the fact that a cop is designed to replace to a hero cop. This is not also a standard thriller. The fact that you never knew where the movie is going. I admire movies that you do not where the movie was going, a major win for the movie. I much rather it over a predictable story. The movie also has a bit of comedy to it. Some of the comedy works, but the slapstick comedy feels out of place for me. I do feel sympathy for the main character, and he is a good main character. I also liked Nancy Allen's character in the film. I do enjoy the villain, but he maybe could have been stronger. But never mind those, 'Robocop' is a great movie by itself, even with those nitpicks.

6 The Mask

Jim Carrey's prime as an actor was in the 1990s. And in this film, it really shines in this movie. The blending of the superhero and the comedy is pretty good here. My favourite moments in the film are where Stanley Ipkiss. is the mask. It is incredibly funny and is extremely entraining. I really like that Stanley Ipkiss is almost half real, half animated. It really blends in the two extremely well. The special effects still hold up, they are still really funny and scenes where Ipkiss becomes the Mask, it helps carry the scenes along with Jim Carrey, who puts in one of his best performances. Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey have good chemistry in the film as the couple. Ipkiss is a good character, and has very good interactions with other characters, his dog Milo, and his best friend Charlie. They very good in fact. It is an awesome film, that delivers on nearly every mark that it is given. One of Jim Carrey's best films so far. Not the sequel. That is an atrocious piece of nature.

7 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
8 Sky High

Nobody really remembers this movie, and the same thing as the Rocketeer, I never got why really. The film is a very funny comedy and very amusing. It is a school for superheroes, how in the right mind does that forgotten exactly? The parents are very forgiving, and it is very funny, and a good example of several of the running jokes in the movie. These are teenagers, and by Disney usually automatically equals atrocious. But somehow, these are funny and likeable characters. The way they parody superheroes as 50/50, they get lucky, or they die. It is very funny and made me laugh a lot. The character interactions separate family situations with school situation and it really works. The gym class segment at the start also got a laugh out of me as well. The angles really make me feel like I am watching a comic book with this. I would think this is a very underrated Disney movie.

9 Kick-Ass

Actually, this is Marvel, as Marvel own the comic company that created the characters. Still a fantastic superhero movie though

10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze

I love this movie. It was from my childhood.

The Contenders
11 Hancock
12 The Rocketeer

This is a Disney movie. And in my opinion, one of their best live action movies. The vibe that is going for (1940s vibe), and it succeeds in doing in doing that. It is a severely underrated movie, yet kind of forgotten. Timothy Dalton (former 007) is having so much fun as the villain. The hero is actually similar to Captain America. All of them are wonderful performances, heck even Jennifer Connolly. The characters are so likeable that it works. It has its dark elements, and some good deaths in there as well. The side characters are also pretty memorable as well. It has an amusing villain, who is a ton of fun. The plot is such a Disney plot, but that is welcomed. I think it was forgotten because Cliff did not do enough punching, but not doing any in my opinion, is fine as well, as the writing is pretty good. A very good Disney movie.

13 Inspector Gadget
14 Dredd

This movie did not make enough to get a sequel. Which ever person thought those trailers were acceptable hopefully are fired. Because the movie was great. The trailers sucked. I mean WOAT time quality maybe. But the movie, surprisingly was awesome. The main actor (Karl Urban) is a very good Judge Dredd. Unlike Stallone who was pretty memeable and was very unintentionally funny. However, I love Judge Dredd in this movie and I really hope, again that this movie gets a sequel. I also love the villain, Ma Ma. I love her death, and just how evil she is. She overall, is such an awesome villain. I thought Pete Travis did get Judge Dredd completely right from the comics, and delivered one of the best movie characters of the 2010s as a result of that. However, Thirlbly is given the emotional scenes.

15 Megamind
16 Inspector Gadget 2
17 Unbreakable
18 Darkman

Before the Spider-Man trilogy, Sam Raimi directed Darkman, one of his most underrated movies. It is not even a comic book superhero, just a superhero movie. I really the parts where Darkman toys with his enemies before killing them off. Raimi has very creative ideas in this movie to have Darkman to disguise himself as other people to get revenge on the gang that disfigured him in the first place. Raimi does create a great character in Darkman, it was tragic when the gang disfigured him as he was going to achieve a great goal. Raimi creates a superhero who is simply trying to get his life and wife back, and because the character is so good you really want him to achieve his goal. Instead of a science experiment, but inflicted upon him. Touches like that really make me appreciate the film all the more. Raimi does a great job with these special touches, and really helps the film all the way. I think a Darkman remake for the franchise should happen.

19 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
20 Kick-Ass 2
21 Big Hero 6

Actually, this IS Marvel. Stan Lee appearing in Fred's family portrait and his post-credits cameo didn't give it away?

22 The Double-D Avenger
23 Dragon Ball Super: Broly
24 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods
25 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
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