Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies of the 1990s

Superhero films are everywhere. With the MCU, X-Men, DCEU, so many superhero films, franchises and universes are coming out. However, in the 1990s these films were dying. So many terrible films, some remembered as some of the worse in the genre, decade or even movies as a whole. 2000's 'X-Men' had come and breathed new life, and 'Batman Begins' also helped very much.
The Top Ten
1 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

I have been waiting to talk about this movie. It is so underhated on every sense of the word and I just think it is so lazy and so awful it deserves the gold place. But why is it. just so lazy, awful and one of the worst superhero films I have ever had the horror of seeing? First of all, the villains. The female villain is one of the most oversexualised females in cinema I have ever seen. Also, she is a terrible villain as well and up there with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Villain. Now, we have Mr Pink Guy. Mr Pink Guy is my favourite character. Why? Because he smiles at everything, grins and nods even when his arm is getting ripped off. It is really is that amazing, I mean it was pretty hilarious. Also, we have these pink things. They are kind of like ewoks, but pink and does not look like a teddy bear. I mean, these things have pretty atrocious character design. We have the next issue, now the special effects. Now, one of these effects, and the people were so lazy. I'm pretty they said Africa, and it looks like it landed in Africa, but it was maybe meant to be Kenya, but the issue with that, the thing from what it looked like, landed same bang in the middle of Asia and Africa. Yep, they reached that level of laziness. That could have took seconds, but nope too long for this lazy crap. Also, some shots look like the same sets. Also, it is very boring and uninteresting. Next, we have this annoying boy called Justin who I want to be killed by the villains and I wondered that if he was in the blue costume, how is he the same height? Again, super lazy work from almost everyone. This is one the worst movies I have ever seen.

2 Batman and Robin

This is remembered as a failure. And god dam does it deserve it so much. First of all, George Clooney does a horrible job, and I mean horrible job of Batman. Next, they manage to ruin the character of Batman himself, which is impressive in its own right, and contributes to the failure of this movie. Also, to contribute to that, Robin is a horrendous character whose motivation for leaving Batman makes very little sense. Also, let's talk about other problems. Bane is not the character from the comic and almost insults the original character so much as he is basically stupid in this movie. Poison Ivy is also a horrendous villain and one those so bad its good villain. Mr Freeze might be the worst of the bunch, and I hate this character and Arnold does not suit the role at all and all his ice puns get very annoying. Batgirl is very badly introduced and her forced romance with Robin is also pretty horrendous. In fact, the only plus is that it looks nice. Also, there is a so bad its good scene. That scene is where Poison Ivy pushes one cop over, they fall no joke, like dominos. That is a scene that it is a legendary scene in cinema. This is one of the worst films I have ever had the displeasure of seeing.

3 Steel (1997)

Steel is a terrible movie. So let's talk, and why it is a terrible movie, and deserving of no praise. My first issue is that Shaquille O Neal is Steel (yes that really happened), to no surprise Shaquille O Neal is a terrible actor in the movie. In fact, when he is running, the music has to slow down because he is a slow runner. This makes the pacing so atrocious on so many levels in this pile of dumpster leftovers. May I mention that this and Supergirl were meant to set up the first Superhero Cinematic Universe and it was so laughable as both of those movies were 100% undeniably terrible. I mean some of the worst in the genre of superhero, and the decade, and maybe of all time. The writing is embarrassing. It is an attempt to write a movie. At least, not a proper level as the writing is almost like its running, but then fell flat on its face, but it was off a cliff. I also have issues with the action. The action is very poorly filmed and not very well paced. This makes it not as exciting nro as fun. Give this movie a skip.

4 Captain America (1990)
5 Spawn

Spawn is a great character. Not movie. Somehow, no remake has come for 'Spawn', criminally. Because sadly, this movie was awful. The fact that this movie went so wrong on so many levels, and considering just how awesome the character was in his own right. Now the last 10 minutes of this movie's effects was like they just ran out of money or just had about a penny left and had to get the worst effects possible. The horror that is used would not scare a three year old. Now, the story is told with someone who was 7. Actually that person would be much better and this imbecile was clueless and must have not put any effort in what so ever. The character of Spawn himself is not very interesting, and that is a crime in its own right. The fact that this movie was as bad as it was, a failure, and should be remembered for as a terrible movie and was another movie that sucked and was a superhero movie.

6 Batman Forever

I hate this movie so much. Some people like this movie. It is fine if you like it, but in my point of view, I hate it so much and was such a downgrade from 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns' and Burton was fired for breathing in the wrong direction. In my eyes, there is nothing good. You see, they ruin the character of Two-Face and tried to almost make him a 'funny' villain, and make Tommy Lee Jones overact the character completely and making the character more child friendly in that he is pink, for no reason. Don't even show us the transformation of Two-Face. We have to wait about 13 years until 2008. The Riddler is Jim Carrey. He is just Jim Carrey overacting and as a villain, that really does not work at all, he is not menacing in any sense of the word. Val Kilmer is a bad Batman. For me, he does not suit the character. My problems are not ending here. We get introduced to Chris O Donnell. One of the worst actors in history, who a drama teacher teaching 5 year olds would throw out and never be allowed to act again. Robin is a terrible character and I want the 'Nightwing' movie to be great. Now, Nicole Kidman is very bad in this movie and really Joel did not seem to care. The movie is for no one. Except people who like it strangely. Anyways, I hate this movie.

7 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

The first 'Power Rangers' movie, that declined into 'Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie' to 'Power Rangers' (a kind of OK movie). However, this movie is really kind of forgot in time. Good. I am happy barely any people have heard about this movie. Now, the villain is my favourite character. Mainly because he is again, so bad its good quality. A reoccurring theme in this remix for some movies. Now, the villain is very funny and has multiple funny scenes and his motivation is terrible and awful. Now, the CGI is awful. For the CGI for the Power Rangers robot combined, it looks so bad. I mean right up there with some of the worst Star Wars Prequel CGI. Heck, even up there with the last 10 minutes of 'Spawn' CGI. So some of the worst used in filmmaking. Now, the pink Ranger reminds of Mary Jane from the 'Spider-Man' movies, almost just a damsel in distress, and being very cliché and uninteresting character as a whole. Now, most of the movie is incredibly boring. Very tedious and it is not even stupid. I cannot even make fun of it half of time. That kind of worsens the movie in how awful, tedious, boring, unintentionally hilarious movie.

8 The Fantastic Four (1994)

A movie so bad that it was never meant to be seen by human eyes...

9 Nick Fury: Agent of Shield

I think this is another staple in terrible forgotten 90s superhero movie in being awful. Before we got Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, we had whoever this utterly terrible actor who might have hopefully never be made to act, as he has no ability. Oh its David Hasselhoff. That explains that then. Now, the movie is also so bad its good, and it is not as bad as other movies on the lists, and there were a lot to choose from in the 1990s in terms of terrible superhero movies. It is truly awful. The special effects like many others on the list do not hold up what so ever. A big reoccurring theme on the list that shows something about all these movies are. Now, some scenes are boring. It is 2 hours long. Someone put effort into this? Ok, that is false. The action scenes are terrible even for the quality of superhero movies back then. Remember, I do not know if I can even name 10 good ones. These awful movies outnumber them. Now, this movie is a disaster and should not be seen.

10 Judge Dredd

Now, the 2012 'Dredd' movie is a great movie and I will always see it as a great movie. However, some of the lines in this movie had me laughing. I mean so bad its good, it's the pink guy from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie quality. A very good quality by the way. Now, Judge Dredd is seen as an atrocious film. You have just earnt a penny for saying atrocious and this movie in the same sentence. The main issue is that it almost for kids. It is kind of like a Saturday Morning Cartoon, but it should more serious. The remake 'Dredd' which should get a sequel by the way. (I loved it). There are so many misfires that this movie brings, with a predictable story that goes nowhere, some moments that had me laughing, a terrible villain, (note: none of the villains on this list are nowhere near good) the visuals can be good to terrible. They really go all over the place. The movie is pretty atrocious in my eyes.

The Contenders
11 The Phantom

Look at how stupid this movie is. And I kind of love it because it is so funny. A man in purple tights fighting people. I am laughing already at the thought of that. Yeah, it is kind of so bad its good quality all over again. Now, the movie itself is terrible. I mean it is just is a failure in every single sense of the word. The costume is terrible for the main character. I mean just trash. Now, you may notice by the image beside this comment, that it really is kind of that type of movie in just how stupid and dumb it is. At least it's so bad its good quality really. Now, the acting is pretty bad too. Yeah, some of the lines are so they are good, and I cannot stop laughing at them. The action is pretty bad, but then again I am entrained because a man with purple tights. Pretty funny in my opinion.

12 Blankman
13 Justice League of America (1997)
14 Robocop
15 The Crow
16 Robocop 3
17 Robocop 2
18 The Meteor Man
19 Darkman
20 Darkman II: The Return of Durant
21 The Flash (1990)
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