Top 10 Best Marvel Movies Not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

When you think about Marvel movies nowadays, you think about a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, some people are starting to forget about the movies set outside of the MCU. What do you think is the best non-MCU Marvel movie?
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1 Deadpool

While I was a bit uncomfortable with some of the same things you were disgusted with, it did not ruin the overall effort of this film. I like it very much, and its hilariously offensive at worst. Great production value overall, so I guess I'm a part of the gang you refer to.

It's more so on the list because I know people like it than me liking it. I found the pornography thoroughly disgusting, but I know there are fans out there who love Deadpool, so here you go.

Eh, I don't like it that much, although I prefer it over Logan. Deadpool tries too hard to be funny but fails so bad, and Deadpool is one of those superheroes that likes porn and stuff so yeah, not a fan

2 Deadpool 2

Again, hilarious. That team is so funny, and the interview process will stick for a long time. Great stuff.

It was SO hilarious, and considerably better than the first one in my opinion.

3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie has many flaws, but also many great things that people don't give it enough credits in my opinion.

4 Logan

U kno, I have yet to see this start to finish, that's just how its gone for me, and that's a shame, because seeing it broken up like that really is frustrating and takes away from the experience. I would just add that what I have seen is very good, and Patrick Stewart is such a nuanced presence. Not that James McAvoy is bad as a young Professor X, but Stewart will always be that character for me.

This should be first. Raimi's spiderman movies are great, but the realism in this One Is unmatchable. Plot Is very good too and there Is no need to say acting Is great too. This masterpiece Is a must see. And not only for Marvel fans.

5 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

It's a shame you haven t seen this, especially in the theatre. Its visually stunning, great score as well. Beyond that, I had a great time getting into the story. All this from a movie I thought I wouldn't like, so that's my 2 cents.

My favorite Spider Man movie. The animation is great, and it shows so much emotions. While I don't find SpiderMan homecoming bad, it is far inferior to that movie.

This isn't as much #6 because it's great; it's there because I'm yet to hear someone complain about it. I still haven't seen it actually.

6 The Amazing Spider-Man

The first Spider-Man movie I saw, and I thought it was enjoyable

7 Spider-Man

Long before the Avengers and their character arcs were even thoughts, Tobey Maguire became Spider-Man courtesy of Sony. Spider-Man is a simple movie, but good nonetheless. Its simplicity and the story implied throughout the trilogy make it fascinating even if James Franco (who ironically is three years younger than Tobey) looked a wee bit too old.

Yes, I agree these Sam Raimi films are my favorites of the Spidey's, and theres always something special about the opener of any series of films. Add in a great Villain, a beautiful female lead and great sets, and theres nothing left to chance. I really like this film and go back to it frequently.

8 Spider-Man 2

Although it's a 16-year-old movie, Spider-Man 2 is still one of the best superhero movies to date.

I'd more than likely have this one at the top too. As you explain, so would I concur. It's a fun movie

I love the Sam Reimi trilogy overall. And second movie might have my vote for the best one.

9 Spider-Man 3

This one is the best in my opinion (haven't seen Spider-Verse yet). I like the dark and edgy tone and the villians are all good, and it was just so enjoyable

10 Big Hero 6
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11 The Wolverine

I like this one too. More character development than the usual superhero fare, and less dependence on CGI.

Cool sequel. Not as great as the original, if memory serves, but great nonetheless.

12 X-Men: Days of Future Past
13 X-Men First Class

Fassbender's Magneto is my favorite character here, and it is a star studded cast. If only I hadn't seen Ian McKellan's Magneto 1st, because that character is iconic to me. In hindsight, Fassbender did a great job in an nearly unwinnable situation.

This is my favorite X-Men movie, which really says a lot considering it is my favorite superhero movie franchise.

This movie did a great job at showing the X-Men's backstory and we got to see more of Magneto.

14 The Incredible Hulk

I voted just so I could comment on this- It IS an MCU film!

15 X2

Really like it, just picks up where X1 left off with a seamless transition.

Really good movie, I love it as much as the first one.

Slightly worst than the first one, but not by much.

16 Hulk
17 X-Men: The Last Stand
18 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I don't think its nearly as bad as many here seem to, nor do I think it's a great movie. Its just a decent movie, with plenty of flaws to explore if I were to take it too seriously, but I don't. It wasn't a bad way to waste time.

Aside from the Spider-Man trilogy, this is easily a favorite from outside the MCU.

19 Venom

I have yet to see this, but Venom was always one of the coolest looking characters in comics, and I also am a fan of Tom Hardy, so this ones a no brainer, I just gotta get on it. And yes, I even liked Toby McGuire and Topher Grace as Venom in 3, he's just such a menacing looking character.

20 Fantastic Four (2005)
21 Ghost Rider

Out of the two Ghost Rider movies, this one is the best, I watched it multiple times and it's a favorite of mine.

22 Daredevil

This movie is very hated, and I cannot understand the reason. I personally liked it, it has a decent plot and good performances. I liked colin farrell's performance a lot!
The effects were good too, and the scenery was respectful to the setting of the comics.
Very underrated

Its another case where I like it better than many seem to. Its been awhile, but Ben Affleck isn't terrible in this, and Colin Farrell and Michael Clarke Duncan are real good bad guys.

Very fun movie, I'm glad Daredevil got his own movie.

23 Once Upon a Deadpool
24 X-Men

I love this movie. I've always preferred the X-Men over the Avengers. This film introduced the characters very well and made me excited to see more.

Great film. Every character is so well cast, and we have empathy for the villains. Well paced and crafted story. Just about perfect

This movie was great, and an amazing way to introduce the awesome X-Men franchise.

25 X Men: Apocalypse
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