Top Ten Biggest Flaws of Certain Pixar Movies

Pixar is my favourite animation studio, they have made so many great movies like Toy Story, Wall-E, Ratatouille and so on, However Pixar movies still have flaws, so let's look at them shall we?
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1 Bad Humour (Toy Story 3)

Toy Story 3 is in my opinion the weakest Pixar movie of all time, while it isn't bad, it's definitely not a masterpiece, and the humour is one of the reasons I don't like it, it was just plain bad and disgusting at parts, like that kid who decides to stuff a bunch of parts of Mr. Potato Head in his nose and it was just plain disgusting

It has good emotion throughout but I wouldn't say humor was bad but that it could have been a little better.

2 Boring (Cars)

Many people will agree that Cars is one of Pixar's lesser great movies and it shows, because the first installment is just so boring! Sure it was kinda good and it had so iconic characters but gods is the movie boring, it just never seems to move forwad at times

What is so boring about a car who learns that friendship is more important than winning all the time and helping ghost towns that are all but forgotten?

It's only boring if you don't like the message of the film which tells you that it is not always about winning, but about making sure you can establish friendships and help others in the end like when Lightning goes back to push Strip Weathers across the line and ensure his career won't end on a brutal note like Doc Hudson's.

3 Sid Phillips is a Terrible Villain (Toy Story)

Now Toy Story was a masterpiece and easly one of the greatest movies ever made! I love it so much! It's pretty much flawless, the only thing I wasn't that fond of was the villain (or better said main antagonist) Sid Phillips, he was just an unlikable jerk who tortured toys for fun and had no empathy at all

4 Feels More Like a Standard Disney Movie Than a Pixar Movie (Brave)

This is the exact reason why I didn't enjoy this one because Disney Princess vibes in a Pixar film ain't gonna fly for me and plus it defeats the whole purpose of what this studio is known for doing compared to standard Disney. This is probably my least favorite Pixar of all time, sorry Cars 2 but for someone who once loved it so much I can't turn my back like that.

Now this might be a bit of a nitpicky reason but I feel like this is the biggest reason I didn't enojy Brave too much, it feels more like a disney princess movie than something made by Pixar

5 First Half is Very Slow (The Incredibles)

Now many people say The Incredibles is the best Pixar movie but I have an opposite opinion, and one of the reasons is due to how slow it feels. I didn't find it too exciting and the villain was butthurt, the first half was just so slow and it felt like it didn't move on at times, now I saw this movie in Icelandish so it may be a reason why I didn't like it too much but if that was the case I wouldn't like Storks which I also saw it icelandish but I liked that movie

Reason why I only remember the second half as a kid.

6 Auto is a Forgettable Villain (Wall-E)

I wouldn't say forgettable but just that he could have had a better role in the film, and this is coming from a big fan who has this as his favorite film of all time for eternity.

Wall-E is in my opinion the best Pixar movie, it's emotional, fun and has a very important message, the only forgettable thing was the villain, Auto, a steering wheel who follows orders, he barely had any point and the movie could've been done without him and just having a normal steering wheel, but he looks cool I'll admit

The real villain of the movie was mankind themselves.

7 The Animation (Toy Story)

This is one of the CGI movies. (Not counting VeggieTales the country that made both are ignorant about other countries existing)

Now since it's the first CGI animated movie ever it doesn't look the absolute best, of course, and even to ths day it looks quite awesomne, but it was definitely one of the weaker aspects of the movie

The animation this film had was good for it's time at least back in 1995

8 Not Too Colorful (Up)
9 Doesn't Make Much Sense (Cars 2)

I figured out people would add this no matter what and I guess this is one flaw of the movie,

10 Boring (The Good Dinosaur)

I agree and will say that I didn't want to even see it to begin with, but I was roped into seeing it and the result, me not caring and never seeing it again since I watched it almost 7 years ago. I also think the idea of changing history and switching roles so that the dinosaurs don't get wiped out by the meteor and the humans are more wild while the dinosaurs have the more human characteristics, is a little odd and absurd if you ask me.

SO BORING thank you I am not the only one who feel's like this.

This movie is a rip off of land before time and the lion king.

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11 Cutting Bo Peep from the Movie (Toy Story 3)

Yo it was supposed to be empty, it was actually a decent idea. showing that andy had moved on from some of his toys, you know what I mean?

True, I mean sure they give us an explanation to why she isn't there but she was so awesomne, luckily she will probably reappear in Toy Story 4

12 Mater Being the Main Character (Cars 2)

This is the reason why it's the worst Pixar and I finally understand 10 years later after once liking this failure of a movie many years ago. You can't just shift all the attention from the main character that makes this franchise loved to a more side character who becomes the main character, you cannot change that ever.

This is the equivalent of a movie with Carrot Top as the main character.

13 Rehash of the First Movie (Finding Dory)

All the sequels were good for what I love(even Cars 2 I hate to admit it since I grew up with the Cars franchise in my early years). The only original I loved in the 2010's was Inside Out. I would take this or Cars 2 over A Bug's Life, Brave, The Good Dinosaur and Coco.

I will say that this is one of my more favorable ones in terms of recent years since the 2010's were a hit or miss decade for me.

14 Bonnie Abandoning Woody (Toy Story 4)

This is why no one likes Bonnie.

15 Weak Plot (Ratatouille)

Ratatouille is the worst Pixar movie. It has ugly characters, a terrible plot and premise, and every second of it made me want to die.

Whoever said that this is the worst Pixar made, I hate to say this but I beg to differ, easily a top 10 Pixar film for me.

16 Cliche Characters (Inside Out)

There is a scene where Joy - the default "happy" emotion - desperately cries, now I wouldn't call that exactly a cliché, would you?

Ok, but that's the point! They are emotions!

17 Terrible Main Villain (The Incredibles 2)

Actually, the main villain is kind of problematic for a kids' movie because SHE ACTUALLY HAS A POINT!
And yet she ends up in prison, despite her attempts to help other people from what her parents had to go through.
Her dad refused to go to the safe room because he tried to contact superheroes to save him instead. He believed in the superheroes way to much. And the superheroes didn't show up in the end. Her parents died.
She's just trying to protect people from what might happen.

18 Overly Emotional (The Good Dinosaur)

It's only overly emotional for someone who unlike many others actually enjoyed it

19 Predictable (Monsters University)

Although it has twists and stuff the movie is pretty predictable, you know Mike and Sully will be togheter and Randall will be evil and so on, now the movie has some twists but it's still fairly predictable

20 Being a Love Story (Toy Story 4)

What's so bad about having a love story in Pixar? W.A.L.L.E was a love story in a sense and that worked out which is why that film is near perfect from my own words, but what is so bad about having a love story in this?

21 Little to No Plot (Inside Out)
22 Plagiarism (The Good Dinosaur)

If anyone says this is plagiarism, they are wrong they just want to give this film more of the hate it deserves but I would not say that it is plagiarizing other older films that even I have not seen yet, but that the plot stunk more than almost any other film made by this studio.

Rips off The Land Before Time by making one of the main character's parents die early on (on top of being an animated dinosaur movie with a "Point A to Point B" plot), and also rips off Ice Age with Spot and his arc being very similar to that of the Ice Age baby.

23 The Original Ending Where Lightning Beats Jackson Storm Being Cut (Cars 3)
24 Creepy Imagery (Coco)

Exactly why I wasn't into it because of too much "death" in the plot and plus with all the singing involved, it feels like a classic film made by Disney and that's not the kind of stuff that Pixar is usually known for.

25 Takes the Plot of Doc Hollywood (Cars)

I mean, if you're gonna use the plot of a Michael J. Fox film...why Doc Hollywood? Weird, especially for a kiddie animated movie.

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