Top 10 Movies and Games that Would Make Great Disney Park Attractions

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1 The Good Dinosaur

This would be a simulator ride in Disneyland Resort very similar to the Simpsons Ride, but with The Good Dinosaur characters and environment.

2 The Lion King

I know there's a Lion King live show, but there's NOT a single ride of the Lion King? They should fix this.

3 Brave

Would be a stage show with Brave characters and two people in realistic bear costumes, as well as three bear puppets.

4 Tarzan
5 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I know this isn't Disney, but this ride would be great at some Disney parks, and would be a flight simulator ride similar to Avatar's Banshee Flight ride at Avatar-land in Disney's Animal Kingdom, but with this movie's characters and such.

6 Tangled

It's already getting its very own boat ride at Tokyo DisneySea, but they should also add a boat ride based on this movie inside Epcot's Germany pavilion in Florida.

7 Coco (2017)

I think it's supposed to be getting a ride at the Magic Kingdom near Big Thunder Mountain sometime in the future.

8 Kingdom Hearts
9 Zootopia
10 Moana
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11 Jungle Book

If it's based on the 1967 animated classic, it would work best as a trackless dark ride in a very similar vein to the Beauty and the Beast ride that Tokyo Disneyland has. But if it's based on the 2016 live action remake, then it would definitely work better as a flume ride with medium-sized drops. Either way, would be a massive hit among guests if added to Epcot as part of a brand new India pavilion.

Disney should build an India pavilion at Epcot immediately to the left of the Germany pavilion and put a Jungle Book boat ride in there.

12 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

I wish this movie could've gotten a submarine ride at Disneyland instead of Finding Nemo.

13 Treasure Planet

Just like Tarzan, this movie would work best as an omnicoaster just like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

14 Encanto

Just like Coco, I think this movie is set to receive a ride at the Magic Kingdom past Frontierland.

15 Wall-E

Would love to see a new Wall-E attraction take over the old Stitch's Great Escape show building.

16 The Rescuers

Once the Splash Mountain at Disneyland gets changed into Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Disney should subsequently consider changing the Pooh ride in that park into a Rescuers ride in order to make it fit in a lot better with the rest of New Orleans Square.

17 Wreck-It Ralph
18 The Great Mouse Detective
19 Hercules (1997)
20 The Emperor's New Groove

Disney should build a Peru pavilion between Germany and Italy at Epcot and have it feature an Emperor's New Groove-themed family coaster.

21 Mulan
22 Big Hero 6

Would honestly make for a great retheme of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios.

23 The Rescuers Down Under
24 Robin Hood (1973)
25 The Fox and the Hound
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