Top 10 Facts About Disney's Aladdin

Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies so I decided to make a list regarding the facts about the movie!
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1 First Animated Movie to Gross Over $200 Million

Yep! This was the first ever animated movie to gross over $200 million. It was also the highest grossing movie in 1992. Understandable since this is one of the best Disney movies ever! And then came movies like Lion King and Frozen that grossed even higher. Aladdin is better than Frozen but not as good as Lion King. But that's just my opinion.

Ohh.. that's interesting, didn't know this but it is such a magical movie its for good reason.

2 The Merchant at the Beginning is the Genie

Most of us know that Robin Williams was not just the voice of the Genie, but he was also the voice of the merchant at the beginning of the movie. However, there was a theory that the merchant actually was the Genie. It was actually proven to be true by one of the directors. Now that I think of it, it was kinda obvious.

3 Aladdin Was Modeled After Tom Cruise

Their original inspiration for Aladdin was Michael J. Fox, but they felt like they needed to make him eye candy for the ladies so instead they took inspiration from Tom Cruise. It's also interesting to point out that Aladdin's pants were inspired by MC Hammer's pants. Hammer time!

4 There Were Back-Up Choices For Genie

That's right! Robin Williams wasn't their only choice for Genie. Well, Genie was actually written specifically for Williams but if he were to decline the role, they had other choices in mind. The other choices were John Candy, Steve Martin, Martin Short, John Goodman, and Eddie Murphy. Wait! Eddie Murphy? Why!?

5 Robin Williams Had an Argument With Disney

Williams said he would be the Genie for $75,000 as long as his voice wasn't used for merchandising or advertisement. This deal was broken since Genie became the most popular character in the movie. As a result, he refused to voice Genie in Return of Jafar and was replaced by Dan "Homer Simpson" Castellaneta. After Katzenberg was fired, Williams accepted a public apology and came back to voice Genie in King of Thieves.

6 Jasmine Was Modeled After Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connely was a star of the Disney movie, Rocketeer. She also happens to be the sister of Mark Henn who is the animator of Jasmine. Well we know who to thank for Jasmine being so hot.

7 Robin Williams Improvised 16 Hours of Material

As we all know, Robin Williams was one of the funniest comedians out there. What makes him so great in this movie is that most of the Genie's dialogue was ad-libbed. In fact, the movie was rejected for a best original screenplay nomination at the Oscars because of the amount of ad-libbing Robin Williams did in the movie. What the heck!?

8 Alan Menken Won Two Oscars For the Film

Alan Menken has done songs for many Disney movies. For this movie, he won an Oscar for best original score and best original song, "A Whole New World". He definitely deserved those Oscars.

9 Patrick Stewart Turned Down the Role of Jafar

Patrick Stewart was originally considered for the voice of Jafar. Unfortunately, he was forced to turn down the role because he was too busy with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I think he would've killed it as Jafar. Also, Star Trek sucks!

10 Maleficent Was the Inspiration for Jafar

While watching this movie, I noticed that Jafar was very similar to Maleficent. He has a staff, has a bird henchman, and he can transform into a scary animal. Definitely Maleficent!

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11 A Whole New World Was Almost Cut Out
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