Top Ten Missions In Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

A list of what missions you think are the best and most fun to play in the game Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.
The Top Ten
1 Vengeance on Kothlis

A very fun mission with tons of variety to keep it spiced up and interesting! From Tie Fighter dogfighting, to Snowspeeder walker takedowns, and to Y-wing bombing. It's probably the most varied mission in the game making use of the strengths of at least 3 different craft. Even though you've used all of them before, this level has some of the greatest uses of all of them. On top of that, the environment of Kothlis is very lush and captivating and is very pleasant to look at. The music is pretty good too. I can't think of a more fun mission in the entire game than this one!

2 Prisons of the Maw

A rather interesting mission with an interesting setting, but in a very good way. This level introduces the slow but highly durable and fun to use Y-wing, which has an Ion cannon and proton bombs and this level makes good use of them. It really does a good job of showing you what the Y-wing is capable of. Also the tone isn't really like anything else you encounter in the game and neither are the things you do or the enemies you encounter. There is the navigation of an asteroid field, disabling of shield projectors, and the bombing of key structures and defenses at a prison. It's unique in a way that works in it's favor and almost never gets boring or frustating. Overall, it's a fun mission and a nice change of pace.

3 Ison Corridor Ambush

An interesting mission with a deep atmosphere and a cool introduction to the awesome A-wing. The devastated battlefield and the Ison Corridor Nebula combined with the deep and epic music creates a deep and thrilling atmosphere and suspense. It's not that hard, but it's fun regardless, and it steps it up by introducing the faster and stronger Tie Interceptor and is the level that introduces the very fast and strong but fragile A-wing. An overall pretty cool and fun if easy level with a unique and engaging setting.

4 Raid on Bespin

A pretty solid mission. Has some unique objectives and aesthetics like destroying turret blimps and Tie Interceptors, then traveling the canals of Cloud City and destroying generators, then defending gas platforms from Tie Bombers. Bespin is a pretty cool place and flying through it is pretty fun and neat. Even though there is quite of space between the objectives and it's kind of boring when you're just flying to the next objective with nothing interesting happening, there is still a lot of good in this mission. It's fun to destroy the blimps and bombers although it is a little annoying navigating the tunnels to destroy the generators. Also, this level really shows what the A-wing is capable of, taking advantage of it's small size to fit through narrow spaces and it's speed to take down interceptors and bombers and move from point to point quickly. It's a good mission with a few inconveniences that don't hinder it too much.

5 Death Star Attack

A very fun and solid first mission. A decent amount of variety and a nice recreation of a classic battle from A New Hope. Destroying deflection towers, taking down Tie Fighter squadrons, and flying down the trench to destroy the Death Star. The tasks sum up well the kinds of things you do in the game and are easy enough for novice players. It's pretty fun, has some nice nostalgic value to it for fans of the original trilogy, and is a perfect level to introduce to new players.

6 Imperial Academy Heist

A very different mission. I remember being scared to death of this one as a kid thanks to the music and nerve racking objective, atmosphere and feeling of despair in the first part. But now that I have become older and grown some backbone, I can appreciate the qualities and unique attributes of this mission. Most notably, the day and night feature. Generally, The first part involves sneaking past imperial sensors, then you head towards the academy and destroy the defenses before grabbing the shuttle and making it to the rendezvous point. The main difference is if it is day or night. In the day, you pilot a Y-wing which can disable the sensors and can bomb the academy defenses. At night, you pilot a Snowspeeder and avoid the sensors and then you can kill an imperial pilot at an outpost and steal his Tie Fighter to sneak into the academy and destroy the defenses and grab the shuttle without sounding the alarm until it's too late. There are also separate upgrades in separate locations in day and night. The atmosphere and tension are off the charts in the first stealth part and it provides a nice thrill, and the second part is very short but fun. It's a mission that is very different and interesting in the best ways possible

7 Battle of Endor

A nice recreation of the epic space battle above the forest moon in Return of the Jedi. It's got some annoyances like how easy it is to randomly crash into a stray Tie Fighter or Interceptor and die instantly, how hard it is to destroy the two Star Destroyers without dying at least once, and how evasive and elusive the Tie Bombers can be when trying to hunt them down. But this level does plenty of things right too like creating a nice nostalgic feeling for fans of the original trilogy, being a genuine and fun challenge, and listening to the glorious classic soundtrack. The dogfighting is fun and destroying the two Star Destroyers is very challenging but for the better. It's good even though it's got some annoyances.

8 Battle of Hoth

It's a rather okay mission. Not that great but nothing terrible either. It has objectives like destroying AT-STs, then destroying AT-ATs with towcables, then switching to the X-wing and destroying Tie Bombers to protect transports. It's not really that fun or exciting and even though it might have some nostalgic value for fans of the original trilogy, it's not enough for me. It feels kinda bland and vanilla and just dosen't provide as much fun as the other missions. Again, not bad, but nothing special either.

9 Razor Rendezvous

A pretty dull and uninteresting mission for me. It's pretty short, dosen't have much fun stuff that happens in it, and introduces us to the B-wing: my least favorite of the 4 wing ships in the game. Destroying the Star Destroyer is a little fun even though the bottom shield generator is way too bulky. But overall, there's not much to this mission and you can complete it in less than two minutes, which is ridiculously short even for Rogue Squadron II's standards. As a result, it creates a feeling of incompleteness and emptiness. Overall, it's not very fun and feels a lot like an afterthought.

10 Strike at the Core

An incredibly frustrating and unfair mission, especially at the first part. There is too much management of trying to keep yourself and Lando Calrissian alive at the same time. If you try to keep yourself alive, the Tie Fighters might kill Lando while you're trying to dodge laser fire, and if you try to keep Lando alive you might get killed by laser fire and then be unable to to protect him and he could die anyway. The second part is a little bit better but still has too much management trying to navigate the corridor while killing the Ties trying to kill Lando. The third part does have some nice tension as you destroy the Death Star II and attempt to escape the flames, but it's not THAT interesting or fun. Hands down the worst mission in the game.

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