Top 10 Songs from the Frozen Franchise

Frozen has included so many great songs and so many great musical scenes. Here is a list of the best songs from the entire franchise.
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1 Let It Go

This is without a doubt the first song that everyone thinks about first when they think of Frozen songs. It is the definition of a show-stopper that has a character who was forced to hide who she is finally being able to embrace who she is and feel happy about it. While it's obvious that Elsa eventually needed love and support from her family to achieve true happiness and fulfillment, this individual song and scene is so strong due to its empowering lyrics and Idina Menzel's flawless singing and sheer power from her vocals. It's a very well-written song with a great progression, great music, and an inescapable melody. It is truly one of the most iconic movie songs of all time, and despite it being overplayed for a while, it's a song and a scene that has truly stood the test of time as an immortal Disney classic.

2 Show Yourself

This song serves as the climax of Elsa's journey in Frozen II. She finally arrives at the source of her power and is so nervous about discovering where she came from. In reality, Elsa has really been searching for meaning within herself and she finds it in the form of becoming the bridge between the spirits and the people. All of the lyrics in this song give a great insight to the complicated emotions that she is feeling and the song just builds and builds from a goosebump-giving piano opening to a lush, beautiful ballad with her mother. The song is so fantastic and serves as the soundtrack for an even more fantastic scene.

3 Into the Unknown

"Into the Unknown" sees Elsa at a crossroads in her life and presents her with the option of staying complacent in the life where she doesn't feel she belongs or challenging herself and following her inner conscious and follow her passion. The song was a perfect way to kick off the plot of Frozen II while serving as great foreshadowing for the impending journey. It's a very catchy and musically interesting song highlighted by the iconic "AH AH, AH AH" vocal motif and Idina Menzel's unmatched singing ability.

4 For the First Time in Forever

This entry encompasses the original scene as well as its reprise in the original film. The original version is such a glorious and fun-filled song that serves as a perfect introduction to Anna and Elsa as adults. Anna's lovably awkward and social personality as well as Elsa's more anxious and shy personality are both established very well in the first tune. The reprise plays out like a great conversation between the two siblings who both want the best for one another, but have trouble communicating. Menzel and Bell's voices compliment one other spectacularly in both versions of this tune.

5 The Next Right Thing

This song lands this high on this list for the sheer power of its lyrics and Kristen Bell's vocal performance. It's a very impactful song that sees Anna at her very lowest point after thinking that Elsa and Olaf have died and Kristoff has left her behind. Regardless of the inner darkness she finds herself in, she manages to persevere one step at a time to eventually do the right thing and end the curse. Kristen Bell truly gives her heart and soul into her performance in this very compelling, inspirational song and scene that proves just how amazing of a character that Anna is.

6 Lost in the Woods

The writers knew exactly what they were doing when they included this song and scene into Frozen II. After failing to propose to Anna a handful of times, Kristoff gets in his feels and belts out a lighters-in-the-air 1980s arena rock power ballad. It's a very catchy song that deals with Kristoff's insecurity while making fun of cheesy music videos. This scene caught me so off guard when I first watched the movie and I had to stop myself from laughing too hard. I didn't expect the movie to go this ridiculous and over-the-top but I respect the Hell out of them for defying any exception that I had. I was wondering if Kristoff would have his own individual music number in Frozen II. "Lost in the Woods" did not disappoint in the slightest. The fact that one of my favorite bands in Weezer did a cover of it with Kristen Bell making a live-action cameo as Anna in the music video is like icing on the cake.

7 Some Things Never Change

I love this song for how it reintroduces the main cast and world of Frozen by giving each character a chance to shine. The song perfectly introduces the themes of change and newfound maturity that Frozen II is filled with. On top of that, it is such a catchy and cheery song that is impossible not to be charmed by. The way all the characters sing "Holding on tight to you..." at the end of the song is particularly adorable and wholesome.

Way to go Disney, an opening song about death.

8 Love Is an Open Door

Despite the fact that Hans was revealed as a worthless lying tool later on in the movie, it is hard to deny that he and Anna have great vocal chemistry in this duet. It has kind of a more mainstream pop feel to it but that doesn't prevent it from being a fantastic musical scene with a great mix of male and female vocals. It's a very sweet and catchy song that hides Hans' true intentions very well. The "I've been searching my whole life for my own place" line is an obvious piece of foreshadowing.

9 Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

This song is very interesting in the fact that it was a way to progress the story of Frozen over the course of over a decade. It's a truly iconic song and scene that includes three different versions of Anna singing the song. I appreciate how the song starts off so innocent but eventually become much more depressing as it finishes. It's a truly fantastic sequence that hits you like an emotional haymaker.

10 Making Today a Perfect Day

This song takes up the majority of the "Frozen Fever" short from 2015 (which I love and think is so charming and adorable for the record - it's 100x better than "Olaf's Frozen Adventure") and has Elsa trying to give Anna the greatest birthday of all time. It's a catchy melody with plenty of funny individual moments, in particular drunk Elsa towards the end. Yeah, I know she was supposed to be tired and sick but I knew what the writers were insinuating. It's a very fun and charming song from a very sweet little short.

The Contenders
11 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People
12 Fixer Upper
13 Frozen Heart
14 That Time of Year

Olaf is so sweet and cares greatly about Anna and Elsa the reprise of that song made me cry.

15 For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
16 All is Found
17 In Summer

Silly, catchy, and funny, Olaf's singing debut in Frozen really makes us laugh.

18 When I Am Older

"I'll feel totally secure
Being watched by something
With a creepy, creepy face"
Ha ha, your funny, Olaf!

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