Worst Things About Vanellope Von Schweetz from the Wreck-It Ralph Film Series

Vanellope is the deuteragonist of the Wreck it Ralph film series and a minor protagonist in Wreck it Ralph: The Videogame. She was supposed to be a great character in the original movie but in the sequel, she does things that make her so unlikable (going turbo, being very mean to Ralph, etc.) that Wreck it Ralph fans are starting to hate her. To be quite frank, she was always an unlikable but the sequel made her much more unlikable than she ever was before.
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1 She went Turbo at the end of Wreck it Ralph 2.

"But she didn't destroy two games" Uh, she had become the most popular character in Sugar Rush even with the 16 others, and even if people don't recognize her in Slaughter Race they'll notice something's off ergo undoubtedly causing the subscriber base to drop.

Wreck it Ralph 1: Going Turbo is the worst thing you can do as a video game character.
Wreck it Ralph 2: Forget your friends and forget all your responsibilities. If you are bored of your old game and want to be in a cooler game, go Turbo anyway.

People might actually RAGE QUIT Slaughter Race en masse thanks to her making the game nigh impossible to win. She and the Gal Gadot gangsta lady who put the idea in Van's head were VERY short-sighted in that decision.

2 She insults you when you lose in Wreck it Ralph: The Video Game.

You better be careful not to lose a life in the Wreck it Ralph videogame because if you do, Vanellope or Calhoun will insult both Ralph and Felix for doing so.

3 In Wreck it Ralph 2, she broke Ralph's friendship medal when Ralph tried to prevent her from going Turbo and blames him for not letting her go Turbo.

In Wreck it Ralph 2, when Ralph overheard over the phone that Vanellope wanted to stay in Slaughter race, he tries to prevent her from going Turbo. After successfully doing so, Vanellope finally listens to him...until he tells her that he broke Slaughter Race in order to prevent her from going Turbo. While the two started arguing, Ralph tells her that she was going to ditch everyone in Sugar Rush but Vanellope says that there are 16 other racers. Then, she breaks and throws Ralph's friendship medal off the cliff and does not want to be his friend anymore. While what Vanellope did during that scene was terrible, her only good point in that argument was about Ralph breaking the game that she was in and how he had nearly killed her as a result.

4 She is a selfish character.

In Wreck it Ralph 2, Vanellope decides to abandon everyone in Sugar Rush and Ralph all in favour of her selfishness. Her ungratefulness and further selfishness is the reason her own game got unplugged in the 15 minute mark of the movie (That was Ralph's fault as well.)

5 She is a criminal.

First of all, she steals Ralph's medal when she first meets him. Secondly, she and Ralph attempt to steal Shank's car but fail. Finally, she goes Turbo and abandons her own game, thus breaking the most important rule in the Wreck it Ralph universe.

Well, she decided she preferred a game where a bunch of gangsters shoot at and blow each other up over one stupid car that's not that special...

6 She is a very ungrateful brat.

In Wreck it Ralph 2, when Vanellope got bored of her game, Ralph decided to build her a track to make the game more interesting but as a result, their game got unplugged since Vanellope is an ungrateful brat and Ralph went Turbo during game hours and no one called him out for it. To emphasize this further, she was so ungrateful that she decided to go Turbo at the end of the movie and abandoned Sugar Rush in the process.

7 She threatened to kill everyone that bullied her at the end of Wreck it Ralph.

At the end of Wreck it Ralph, when Vanellope becomes a princess, she declares that everyone that ever bullied her will all be executed, but luckily she was joking about it. In the process, she still makes all her enemies cry anyway.

And then moved to a GTA ripoff where that's expected and even encouraged

8 She suggested that her new friend Shank is cooler than her best friend Ralph.

In Wreck it Ralph 2, after leaving Slaughter race, Vanellope suggests that Shank is a very cool person and Ralph gets offended because she never said such thing to him in their 6 year relationship.

Vanellope and Ralph's friendship is like a father and daughter friendship, very wholesome, Vanellope and Shank's "friendship" is uhh, I don'r even know hot to describe it; it's as if a gang member leader adopted a child.

9 She is a very, very annoying character.

She has always been a very annoying character in the Wreck it Ralph series but her "Steering Wheel Song" in the sequel during the Disney Princess scene takes the cake for her annoyingness.

10 She is just an unlikable character in general

Must I explain more on why she became one of the worst fictional characters of all time?!

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11 Her singing sucks

"Oh steering wheel, oh steering wheel! Oh, yes I want a steering wheel!" sings Vanellope.

"Dogs and cats sure taste great with a side of license plate" Ugh.

12 Her Arrogance

She prioritises herself over everyone else and that is why she went Turbo.

13 Her interactions with the official Disney Princesses

To be fair, the Princesses themselves were out of character in this movie. Reduced to exactly how their detractors stereotype them, then going radfem like Vanellope.

Where she said she herself was a princess despite RENOUNCING that title at the end of the previous movie. Hey, anything to reduce the actual Princesses to woke radfems in head-to-toe Hot Topic amiright?

Vanellope meets self promotional figures who do nothing but advertise Disney.

14 The movie expects us to sympathize with her despite all the bad things she did
15 She abandoned the game she was in charge of

The game she *wanted* to be in charge of in the first movie, no less! Actually she just wanted to be part of, being in charge was just icing on the cake (no pun intended).

16 She'd rather live in a violent wasteland over a world literally made of candy
17 She Is Voiced By Sarah Silverman

One of the worst things about this character is that she is also voiced by SJW Sarah Silverman a person most people including me cannot STAND.

18 She messes with the program
19 She is a crybaby
20 She teased the sugar rush racers and made Taffyta cry
21 Is part of the reason that the entire internet is almost destroyed
22 The line between her and her voice actress is non-existent in Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet
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