Top 10 Best Kate Beckinsale Movies

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1 Underworld

Kate Beckinsale is my favorite female actor. I've had a huge crush on her since the first Underworld. I never noticed who she was in all her other movies she's played. Sorry Kate, but I only knew you from Underworld.

Even without knowing, I still thought she was gorgeous and still had a huge crush on her.

I love this movie a lot. This movie is a must-watch.

I love and enjoyed every series of it. Kate is an amazing actress.

She is a very good actress and a hot one too. By the way, this is the best film that she has produced.

2 Underworld - Evolution

The first thing is, I love Kate Beckinsale. She is my world-favorite actress. She is hot and sexy. I like her face and legs very much.

I have seen all of her movies. I am her biggest fan in the world. So take care and goodbye. "I love you very much."

This is my favorite Kate Beckinsale movie by far.

3 Van Helsing

Van Helsing is the best movie. In my list, it is number 1.

I like this movie. I've watched this movie about 100 times. I love all the stars of this movie.

A very good movie made by a beautiful heroine. I like movies and Anna as the best characters. She is the perfect heroine for all movies.

A perfect portrayal of a brave and dazzling princess. She is the princess in the castle of everyone's dreams. Love you, Anna.

4 Click

I'm not an Adam Sandler fan, but Kate Beckinsale is so good (and hot) in this movie.

I can't remember how many times I've watched this movie.

5 Underworld - Awakening

Nice, I am ranking this film 5 stars. So there is no question about that.

Especially in this movie, Kate looks too beautiful, so I like this movie very much. We all love you, Kate.

6 Serendipity

This movie made me cry. I hope that everyone on the globe sees it.

Miss Kate, I hope you will always be searching for faith in your life, because love and faith will never be separate.

I find this movie to be one of the best love stories ever brought to the silver screen. Being a guy, I am extremely romantic, and this film will live on forever!

I loved this movie, so thanks for making it.

I really enjoyed it, so thanks again. I am going to give it a 10/10. This movie was really excellent.

7 Underworld: Blood Wars
8 Pearl Harbor

This is the best movie in the world.

I like this movie. I've watched this movie about 100 times. I love all the stars of this movie.

This movie is amazing because the actors are the best.

This movie is in the top five best movies ever.

9 The Aviator

She is a great, versatile actress. She dazzles any screen she appears on with her beautiful face and great smile.

10 Love and Friendship
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11 Laurel Canyon

Great movie! Love Kate in bed with her boyfriend's mother and boyfriend.

12 Winged Creatures
13 Nothing But the Truth

Her best movie. She's so beautiful without makeup.

14 Vacancy

Actually, not a bad movie. Very entertaining, and the acting of Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson is really good. I would like to see a movie where they are playing together again because I think there's great stage chemistry between the two.

15 Snow Angels

Such a sad story. The most beautiful waitress and mother in the world!

16 Brokedown Palace

Come on! This is one of her best movies.

17 Tiptoes
18 The Golden Bowl
19 The Last Days of Disco
20 Shooting Fish
21 Much Ado About Nothing
22 Whiteout

I fell in love with Kate the first time I saw her, and then again in Underworld Evolution. Oh my God.

23 Uncovered

When she was not very known. But here she takes her clothes off.

24 Cold Comfort Farm
25 The Only Living Boy in New York
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