Top 10 Best Kate Beckinsale Movies

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1 Underworld

Kate beckinsale is my favorite female actor.. I've had a huge crush on her since I the first underworld. I never noticed who she was in all her other movies shes played (sorry kate but I only knew you from the underworld). But I can say this, even without me knowing I still thought she was gorgeous and still had a huge crush on her..

My most favorite actress looking very beautiful as a vampire especially in blue eyes...

Kate does a female Vampire's better than any other. She makes the movie happen.

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2 Underworld - Evolution

I like this movie and Kate Beckinsale is awesome in action and oh my god she got naked in this movie. I love her.

I love this movie and she got naked to... Oh god! And this is my favorite movie till know!

3 Van Helsing

A perfect portrayal of a brave and dazzling princess, she is the princess in the castle of everyone' dreams. Love you anna.

Wow kate is so cute and lovely gorgeous star. Especially I like the character of Anna

Love this movie

A very good movires made by a beautyful heroine.
I like movies and anna as a best characters. She is perfect heroine for all the movies.

4 Click

I'm not a Adam Sandler fan but Kate Beckinsale is so good ( and hot ) in this movie.

Can't remember how many times I've watched this movie.

Awesome and best

5 Underworld - Awakening

Nicc I am ranking this film 5 stars. So there is no connession that. Spessialy in this movie the kate seems too beautiful so I like this movie very much. We all love you kate.

6 Serendipity

I find this movie to be "One of the Best" Love stories ever brought to the silver screen. Being a guy I am extremely Romantic and this film will live on forever!

Definition of Love. I fell in love with Kate Beckinsale, can't stop thinking about her since I've watched the movie.

So cute.. I love to watch it every now and then..

I like her so much.

7 Underworld: Blood Wars
8 Pearl Harbor
9 The Aviator

She is a great versatile actress, very talented and dazzles any screen she appears on with her beautiful face and great smile.

10 Love and Friendship
The Contenders
11 Laurel Canyon

Great movie! Love Kate in bed with her boyfriends mother and boyfriend

12 Winged Creatures
13 Nothing But the Truth

Her Best Movie. She's so beautiful without make-up.

14 Vacancy

Actually not a bad movie. Very entertaining and real good acting of Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson. Would like to see a movie where their playing together again because I think there's a great stage Chemistry between this two.

15 Snow Angels

So sad story. The most beautiful waitress and mother in the world!

16 Brokedown Palace

Come on! This is one of her best movies.

17 Tiptoes
18 The Golden Bowl
19 The Last Days of Disco
20 Shooting Fish
21 Much Ado About Nothing
22 Whiteout
23 Uncovered

When she was not very known. But here she takes her clothes off.

24 Cold Comfort Farm
25 The Only Living Boy in New York
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