Top Ten Best Trailer Park Boys Characters

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1 Ricky

Doesn't care about anything & does whatever he has to do to make a living. Mangling up some of the English language is golden comedy!

Funny fast talker that's partially retarded.

Ricky is my favorite love how he is always so clueleas and makes up his own words. Bubbles gets on my nerves

The one with the biggest heart.

2 Bubbles

The heart of the group! He lives in a shed with his kitties and does crime only because he wants to help his friends ricky and julian. he's kind shy and wears glasses that make his eyes look huge

Bubbles is endearing and duly funny. The distortion of his glasses while no doubt hard on his eyes, makes him forever memorable.

Bubbles is for sure the funniest person in the group. Has his kitties and keeps the boys In line!

He is cool smart

3 Mr. Lahey

What a great character arc. Things happen to other characters but they're usually the same in all episodes, kanye had so many different characters that he plays throughout and that development is what makes him the best.

How can Lahey not be the best character? The boys are players on Lahey's stage, he IS the park.

Mr. Lahey is one of my favorite characters in the show. All he does is get drunk, and does rollplay with Randy Bobandy. He is the liquor!

Randy... I am the Liquor!

4 J-Roc

Stereotypical wannabe rapper who will do anything for fame even get locked up in prison. he constantly says : you know what I'm saying. And has so many funny catchphrases

5 Julian

The brains and the muscle of the group who always and I mean always has a glass of rum and coke in his hand. don't you dare call him patrick swayze or he will kick your ass! He maybe ain't the funniest but he is the king of the park and everybody respects him that's why he's the best

6 Randy

He can be a genuinely kind guy at times, I personally call him Cotten Candy Randy due to his love of food, his weight and the kindness that he has for Mr Lahey when they're not fighting.

Randy Bobandy has to be the greatest character in the show. He is partners with Jim Lahey, and does anything to earn his respect. He loves cheeseburgers and smokes a ton of weed

7 Ray

He is a classic. Loves his son and the booze equally. Takes everything in stride and never gets defeated even when his trailer is burned down and he is living in a dump buried in garbage

It's pretty obvious that "Way of The Road" and "Where In The F! @# Is Oscar Goldman? " are some of the top moments in the history of TPB... Ray is truly the pinnacle of the show, assisted by the cast's debauchery.

Ricky's father who's running a disability fraud and sits in a wheelchair living off a company he sued and all the money he spends is for drinking and gambling. he always gives ricky really dumb life lessons but ricky sees him as a genius

It's the way she goes. No need for an explanation

8 Cory and Trevor

Trevor is the dumbest on the show.

9 Philadelphia Collins

The Mustard Tiger wins it, bamm, I will give you green eggs and hammm. The time he burps mackeral over bubbles and fights ricky with a ladder will be seen as comedy gold! Yhy you looking at my gut fer?

10 Cyrus

Always in the middle of everything and is just so stupid. Super funny though

Best secondary character

The main competition for the boys. he always carries a gun and has the same tune playing in his car when he shows up. he has a bit of a rivalry with julian but hates the rest of the boys also. safety on his gun is always off!

I got work to do

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11 Sarah
12 Jacob Collins
13 Sam Losco

Lost his veterinarian license because of the boys so that's why he hates them. everyone calls him cavemen and he smells really bad. he eventually teams up with Cyrus to take the boys down

Absolutely hilarious. The boys just keep ruining his life and what Sam does after that never disappoints

"Sam, ya greasy caveman"

14 Snoop Dogg Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., (born October 20, 1971) known professionally as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper, actor, record producer, and television personality from Long Beach, California.
15 Candy
16 Lucy
17 Tyrone

No way tyrone in this

18 Conky
19 George Green
20 Donnie
21 Trinity
22 Barb Lahey
23 Sebastian Bach

Rockstar who's also a model train enthusiast who buys weed and hash oil form the boys

He loves model trains, puppets and likes buying weed and hash oil from the boys

24 Treena Lahey

The best of the bunch

25 Steve French

A huge adorable kitty.

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