Top 10 Bad Movies with Good Special Effects

Just because a movie is bad, it doesn't mean it can't look pretty. This list compiles the best examples of bad movies with excellent special effects (I know it's all subjective - just using examples commonly considered to be bad).
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1 Transformers: Age of Extinction Dives into the world of colossal alien machines, yet falls short in terms of cohesive storytelling. Despite the narrative drawbacks, it astounds with top-notch special effects, from dramatic transformations to explosive action sequences.

Apparently this would've been good if all there was to see wasn't 27 hours of seeing robots slamming each other.

2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spins a tangled web of multiple plot threads and character arcs that feel overextended. Still, the visual execution, notably the depiction of Electro's electrifying powers, showcases superb special effects.

I honestly liked this one quite a bit, and one aspect that really worked were the special effects.

I had to vote for this one, it's the best looking spiderman move... but also the worst overall spiderman movie

3 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Might not hit the mark when it comes to character development or dialogue, but the use of cutting-edge CGI, like the thrilling podrace or the detailed rendering of Gungan city, highlights its strengths.

One thing that gave critics reason to attack the prequel trilogy was actually how much effort was taken from the scripts and into the choreography.

I still like this movie more than Episodes II and III. I can't stand Hayden Christensen.

4 Pearl Harbor Was criticized for its historical inaccuracies and melodramatic love triangle, but the depiction of the infamous attack, with stunning visual effects and attention to detail, provides a visually impressive spectacle.
5 Wrath of the Titans Falters in its narrative, presenting a convoluted story with less-than-stellar performances. Despite this, it presents exceptional special effects, especially in the rendering of mythical creatures and epic battle scenes.
6 Sucker Punch May disappoint with its underdeveloped plot and excessive style-over-substance approach. Yet, its visually captivating sequences, including dream-like battle scenes and detailed fantastical landscapes, display remarkable special effects work.
7 I, Frankenstein Stumbles with its disjointed plot and lackluster dialogue but compensates with visually arresting action sequences and intricate character design, particularly the monstrous protagonist and the terrifying gargoyles.
8 Jupiter Ascending Suffers from a muddled plot and weak characterizations, yet the special effects that create its imaginative intergalactic vistas and high-stakes space chases are undeniably eye-catching.

Oh, yes indeed. I saw this one in theatres because I was bored. Let's just say the visuals were the only thing that kept me from being MORE bored during the movie.

I was really only there for those incredible special effects. But the plot for this was an enormous let-down.

9 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen May lack in story depth and character progression, but the spectacular transformation sequences and grand-scale battles, rendered with intricate special effects, make for an exciting visual experience.
10 Pompeii Does not shine in its formulaic storyline and two-dimensional characters. However, the climactic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, realized with state-of-the-art special effects, stands out for its harrowing realism.
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11 The Golden Compass Disappoints with its lackluster adaptation of the novel, but the depiction of mythical creatures, such as Iorek Byrnison, the armored bear, showcases fine special effects.
12 Eragon Fails to capture the spirit of the book, but the dragon Saphira, realized through excellent special effects, stands out.
13 Battleship Suffers from a clich├ęd script and one-dimensional characters, but the naval combat sequences, made with stunning special effects, are a feast for the eyes.

This truly is dreadful. You can tell all the cash was spent on CGI. I was hoping to see Rihanna get blown up, though.

14 Passengers Falls short in its ethical quandaries but delivers in visually stunning spaceship interiors and the perilous spacewalk scenes.
15 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Lacks a compelling narrative but offers eye-catching visuals, especially the grotesque witches and fantastical action sequences.
16 Man of Steel Reboots the Superman origin story but flounders in pacing and emotional depth. However, the visuals, particularly the Kryptonian technology and high-flying action scenes, are undeniably impressive.
17 Hollow Man Misses the mark with its hollow storyline, but the depiction of the invisible man and his interactions with the environment are visually striking.
18 Spiderman Homecoming Struggles with a predictable plot, but the high-quality VFX, especially in depicting Spidey's acrobatics and Vulture's high-tech gear, are commendable.

Most of the MCU movies are mediocre and repetitive and yet majority of these film have a 90%+ rating. So are you critics saying that these stupid superhero fantasies with zero plot, cheesy acting and awful comedies are on par with the best movies of all time? Critics have lost their credibility with ratings. They rate nonsensical high budget CGI cash grab movies with higher ratings than real art movies. What has happened to this generation. All they care to watch and know are about these dumbass fantasy movies. In every list these dumb superhero movies are voted in the top. I miss the good old days where film-making was an actual art. Nowadays people only care to produce stupid action cgi fantasies because of how much it is profitable for them and no matter how bad they are they will be still adored by the critics and audience. All now people care about is action and Effects and not story. Good movies are now almost gone.

19 Tomorrowland Falters in its overambitious storytelling, but the visual rendering of the futuristic city and its technologies is remarkable.

Effects look good, mediocre acting, boring plot, abysmal writing.

20 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Can feel tonally inconsistent, yet the candy wonderland realized through vibrant special effects is delightful.

Visually appealing, yet so tedious.

21 Spider-Man 3 Suffers from a bloated plot but features superb visual effects, including Sandman's transformation and symbiote Spider-Man.
22 Gravity May have its detractors for the scientific inaccuracies, but the high-stakes space disaster and beautiful visuals of Earth from space exhibit superb special effects.
23 Poseidon Doesn't quite make waves with its shallow characters and predictable plot, yet the capsizing sequence and underwater effects provide visually stunning moments.

I wouldn't exactly call this movie "bad" but it's definitely not good either. Cheesy acting, horrible dialogue and extremely over-the-top, but the special effects are some of the best I've seen in any disaster film.

24 Fantastic Four Struggles with a disjointed plot and underdeveloped characters, yet the visual effects depicting the team's superpowers, especially the Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic, are noteworthy.
25 Avengers: Age of Ultron Might not measure up to its predecessor, but the depiction of Ultron and the large-scale battle sequences showcase exceptional visual effects.
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