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1 Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts

Who would've ever known that all Cudi had to do was link up with Kanye in order to make an amazing project? Cudi is simply at his strongest and coldest both lyrically and vocally on this album, and I love how Kanye shows his appreciation to Cudi's psychedelic production style here. There's seriously not a single bad song on this album. It's so damn good. I never would've thought that Ye and Cudi would make such a great team, but here they are.

Who knew that Cudi was gonna make a perfect album? If I was told that in 2015 I would've laughed and called it 'horses***' due to his disastrous 'Speeding Bullet' album.

Most people think Kanye West is just a meh guy these days with not much to look at but he also proved them wrong. He's a genius, in everything. The production, verses, lyrics, everything is fantastic here.

I can't say no more here, this is perfection. 11/10

Without a doubt the greatest album of 2018.
1st listen: this is weird
2nd listen: ah, I kind of get it
3rd listen: that's it! I'm buying it now
4th listen: best cd purchase ever

Kanye's musical genius and KiD CuDi's amazing vocals work amazingly here.

2 Firepower - Judas Priest

WHAT Lightning Strike is #1 song while THIS HERE at NUMBER THREE? Don't be kidding it's JUDAS PRIEST modern music sucks these legends keep rocking upvote them please

Being sarcastic of course, there is no reason a rehash of a 40-year old hard rock (!) band's old work should be considered the best album of a year in the 21st century or even one of the best

Best album to come out in YEARS! Fantastic odyssey from the pioneers of metal!

I really liked this album. Especially Lightning Strike and Sea of Red.

Long live rock and metal, even if it's not in the mainstream. (Popularly =/= Rate)

3 Ta13oo - Denzel Curry

Best on this entire list and definitely of the year. No bad song in the entire thing. This guy's best in the game he's lyrical, smart, not corporate, and never desperate for attention. And unlike Eminem, as much as I love him, he didn't Bonn other rappers in the game for attention, but instead Denzel didn't say names, and just mentioned that people go the corporate directions of rapping about drugs lean and money and all that. And how he's never gonna do that. This guy is among the best I've ever heard, and he will probably be just as strong next year

This is Denzel at his best. His executions are amazing here. Not really a fan of dark music but this is a helluva good listen. 10/10

Such a great album. Probably one of the best rap albums of the 2010's.

Very underrated, album has a ton of variety and the couple of features are good

4 You Won't Get What You Want - Daughters

This album is BRUTAL. This album is NOISY. This album is HEAVY. This is what people listen to when they wanna tear down the drywall in their bedroom. This is what it sounds like in the mind of a psychopathic madman chasing after you in a dark swamp with a rusty meat cleaver. This is the album that we definitely needed this year, maybe the whole decade! This dropped at the perfect time in the mood for the Halloween spirit; everyone on this site should be listening to this.

Listening to this is like watching a serial killer slowly dismember his latest victim.

So, how many extra snob points do I get for listening to this before Fantano reviewed it?

Some good modern Industrial Rock.It's also kinda Noise Rock too.

5 Trench - Twenty One Pilots

I was extremely worried about this album. TØP hadn't made a bad album, and I was worried that this would be the exception. I loved the singles, but what if they were the olnly good ones. I was relatively new at the time, so I was excited but afraid that it would flop and wouldn't be very good. Boy was, I wrong, this might be their best yet, and maybe even one of my favorite albums of all time. They nailed everything, the production, the atmosphere, the lyrics, the mood, the passion, everything is there. This album sounds fantastic, it's different, but it still sounds like Twenty One Pilots, none of the songs sound like they don't belong. Jumpsuit is the perfect opener, this is how an album should open, with a bang, and explosion of sound that you don't forget. This is followed by Levitate, and it transitions into Levitate PERFECTLY. The lyrics are complicated, but not confusing, it is a oerfect metaphor for leaving things behind (in Tyler's case, his christianity). It revolves around ...more

I've listened to it enough times to declare it as my favorite album. Their previous records might have more classics than Trench, but this one is the most consistently good album they've ever made.

After getting a record player for my birthday, I would just like to say that this album is the first album I've bought a vinyl copy of. I know I've said it before, but I love it.

This album was absolutely amazing, they worked so long and hard on it.. I think it deserves more recognition.

6 Vector - Haken

The only problem with this album is it's to short well at lest for Haken. Other then that it's easily the best album of the year.

7 Twin Fantasy - Car Seat Headrest

Gotta love it when an album makes you want to smile, cry, jump, and embarrass yourself by singing along, and often all at the same time. In all honesty, few albums have made me feel as deeply as Twin Fantasy. The bitterness and hurt on the original is replaced with newfound wisdom and perspective, replacing heartbreak and spite, with reflection and forgiveness. It's beautiful to see an aspiring musician's vision fully realized, especially when we get to go along that journey with him, at least in a musical sense, and that's what makes Twin Fantasy such an experience.

8 Kamikaze - Eminem

I wish I could go back to Aug 31st and wake up to this surprise again. This is early 2000's anger, meets MMLP2 lyricism, meets modern production. Love it!

This was the saving grace of the genre in total. Only one bad song in this entire album which is Nice Guy and a part of that is the screching feature in this song. With a perfect ending to D12, lobs at mumble rap, eminems personal life, and in general, whole new types of beats, this album is f I r e.

Have people forgotten stepping stones! That's my favorite track.

Easily the best album of the year.

9 Here Come the Aliens - Kim Wilde
10 Liberation - Christina Aguilera

This should have been the follow up to "Back to Basics", then her discography would have been perfect.

It just have to be the 1

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11 Wide Awake! - Parquet Courts

Everyone can stand this, everyone.
It's not metal, it's rock. And it's rock that's a lot more appropriatley appealing.

12 Beerbongs & Bentleys - Post Malone

Half of the year is almost over... so far it's a very close race between this and Kim Wilde's record which one is my favorite of the year. This album is diverse in musical influences, it bends the conventional idea of genres and mixes various styles so fluently and harmonic that it really gets the absolute maximum out of modern pop music.

I also reviewed the album in a post.

My love for Post Malone tells me to put this album here!

I give it a 4/5, Post Malone is pretty good in my opinion.

Best trap album by miles. 8/10

13 Post Traumatic - Mike Shinoda

He dedicated it for Chester. Where are the LP fans at?

I fall in love this album.

14 Little Dark Age - MGMT

Honestly, this equals MGMT's best works. It's at the level of Congratulations. The difference between the two albums is that you could do acid and listen to congratulations and zone out with surreal feelings. But with this album, while you're on acid, there's a flurry of real life emotions going on through your head. From suicidal thoughts to relationships that didn't work out to does to friendship. This album has a great amount of emotional content in it. Definitely my favourite of 2018.

15 Daytona - Pusha T

I've been waiting for another Pusha T album for a while since his release of Darkest Before Dawn, and unfortunately it didn't turn out to be the sequel like we were promised, but I am completely satisfied with the fact that Pusha still brings his snarling vibe and Kanye brings his flawless production.

Sheesh, flawless raps from pusha + production from ye? Can't go wrong!

16 Compro - Skee Mask
17 Always Ascending - Franz Ferdinand
18 Loved - Ken Mode
19 Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino - Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys have always changed for each album, but I wasn't expecting this. They toned way down on the guitars and instead mostly relied on pianos and synthesizers to create this glam/lounge-like sound. This album can basically be described as David Bowie meets Elton John.

I get why people might not like it but just remember, AM have always been experimental and in my opinion this album is brilliant.

It's a hard album to get into. I never could imagine Arctic Monkeys going in this direction. Either way fantastic album.

One of the only albums this year I actually liked. Looking further into AM.

20 Safe in the Hands of Love - Yves Tumor
21 Ye - Kanye West

I have a question: how did it become a thing since last year that American hip hop or hip hop crossover albums are that short? XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Kanye West, Pusha T,... they all released studio albums lasting for just over 20 minutes. For mixtapes or EPs that's an okay length, but from full studio albums I'd expect at least something around 40 minutes (35-45 minutes) on average, and everything that's longer is just awesome - I wanna get something for my money. I also dislike the lack of physical releases from many US hip hop artists.

22 Ember - Breaking Benjamin

My favourite from this year...

23 Black Panther: The Album - Various Artists
24 Diluvium - Obscura

"It is ironic that a band named OBSCURA has made everything so clear." (YouTube comment).
I couldn't agree more. Incredible album. Another masterpiece by the masters of prog/tech death metal.

25 Year of the Snitch - Death Grips
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