Top Ten Albums Produced by Nigel Godrich

Nigel Godrich is one of the most notable record producers and engineers to emerge in the last 20 years. In the mid-1990s, Nigel worked as the house engineer at Rak Studios, where he became the primary engineer used by producer John Leckie. During this time, he worked with the members of Radiohead on their second album, The Bends, as an engineer. Encouraged by the success of the album, the band enlisted him to produce their third album, OK Computer. The album was a resounding critical and commercial success, and it opened up the door for him to become a successful producer and engineer, working on albums by REM, Paul McCartney, Pavement, Travis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Roger Waters, among many others. For this list, I am concentrating on albums that Nigel either produced or co-produced.
The Top Ten
1 Ok Computer - Radiohead

Nigel Godrich is most famous for his association with Radiohead. After he produced their song "Black Star" on The Bends, the band decided to choose him and not John Leckie to produce the third album OK Computer. The album was recorded at St. Catherine's Court, a mansion in England where the band spent time by themselves developing their songs. Nigel has worked with them on all of their subsequent albums.

2 Sea Change - Beck

Nigel worked with Beck for the first time in 1998 on the album Mutations. He also worked with Beck on this album and The Information from 2006.

3 Terror Twilight - Pavement

Created in 1999, this album turned out to be Pavement's last. Containing a more experimental, psychedelic style than their earlier work, Stephen Malkmus was unhappy with the finished product.

4 The Man Who - Travis

Nigel produced for Travis for the first time on this record. It was their commercial breakthrough, and Nigel would produce the next two Travis albums afterwards.

5 Chaos and Creation in the Backyard - Paul McCartney

For this album, Paul wanted to work with longtime Beatles producer George Martin. Unfortunately, in the late 90s, George had developed deafness in one ear, so George recommended that Paul work with Nigel Godrich.

6 Is This the Life We Really Want? - Roger Waters

Nigel and Roger had previously worked together on a live version of The Wall released in 2015. This album turned out to be Roger's first new material released in 25 years.

7 The Eraser - Thom Yorke

In addition to working with Radiohead, Nigel has produced all of Thom Yorke's solo albums except for the soundtrack Suspiria. Nigel is also a member of Atoms for Peace, a side project band that Thom founded in the mid-2000s to perform his solo material and create music with.

8 Regeneration - The Divine Comedy

Their seventh studio album, Regeneration, was the first Divine Comedy album released on Parlophone, the same record label that Radiohead were signed to at the time. This may explain why they were able to work with Nigel Godrich.

9 Turn Ons - The Hotrats

This band is actually a side project of two of the members of Supergrass. The band was formed as an outlet to do cover songs, similar to what David Bowie did with his album Pin Ups.

10 Pocket Symphony - AIR

This album was not the first time they had worked with Nigel. Nigel also produced the album Talkie Walkie and mixed the album City Reading.

The Contenders
11 Kid A - Radiohead
12 The Information - Beck
13 Mutations - Beck
14 Amnesiac - Radiohead
15 Talkie Walkie - Air
16 A Different Ship - Here We Go Magic
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