Top 10 Most Beautiful Sounding Musical Instruments

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1 Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

The smart man's instrument. I selected it to learn but we moved to the Caribbean with no music school. I took it up at 23 but couldn't stand the screechy beginning. I prefer to listen to it. It looks so elegant too, compared to the primitive pounding of pianists.

The violin is the most complex instrument I've ever played. How do you bow with one hand and finger with the other? But the result is beautiful, once you get the hang of it. Especially with vibrato. If you're a focused, meticulous person, this instrument is for you.

2 Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

What is there to say? This instrument is like gold. Some of the best classical songs are made for just the piano. Listen to Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, and Bach, and you'll know what I mean. And the piano's repertoire does not end there. It is used often in modern music too.

It takes a whole orchestra to match the complexity of the music on the piano. It's not the sound itself that is great to me. It's the intricacy of every chord and arpeggio, tempo and dynamic, harmony and melody, and articulation found in every single piece written for the piano.

3 Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

Being very versatile, the cello can produce the high notes of the violin and the deep, resonating sounds unique to itself. I am shocked that the cello is in 5th place. Also, this is just my own opinion, but the cello is one of the most in-tune string instruments because of its larger strings.

Whenever I hear a violin, sometimes even at the college level, the cellos are mostly in tune, while the violins and violas are just out of tune. Also, just to point this out, the best classical solos, concertos, and looping creations use the cello.

The violin is the most widely known because it usually has the melody in classical pieces, but the best and most beautiful instrument is the cello. If you really want to see for yourself, look up Prelude to Bach's First Cello Suite. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the history of music. Listen and join the Cello Side.

4 Flute The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

The flute is so beautiful to listen to. I've been playing the acoustic guitar for three years, but I want to start playing the flute. The flute is also good for you. It improves your posture, breathing control, lung capacity, and more. Flute: 100/100!

Also, to all the boys and men out there, there is no shame in playing the flute! I'm a 12-year-old boy. I have a friend who plays the flute (she's a girl), and she says that the flute dominates the professional tier in her band. So, ladies and gentlemen, no matter what gender you are, if you want to play the flute, go for it!

Also, the flute is shockingly underrepresented and underestimated in society. Don't let that discourage you. We all need more flutes out there. Go for it!

5 Harp The harp is a stringed musical instrument that has a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard; the strings are plucked with the fingers.

The harp reminds me of rain in a way, and the way it can sound both like a rippling curtain of jade when strummed and like individual raindrops when plucked is beautiful. I remember the first live performance I saw on the harp still today: Debussy's Clair de Lune. The already lovely composition seems as if it was made for the harp, not the piano, as the stringed instrument brings out all the delicate yet heavy feelings in the song. As I listened, it almost felt as if the harpist was kneading my heartstrings as opposed to the instrument.

6 Guitar

Guitars are the most beautiful not only for their amazing sound and versatility but for the intimacy with them. You hold the guitar close to your body, almost like you're hugging it. You can feel the vibrations through your chest and body, and you don't get that with any other instruments. They're all away from the body.

The classical guitar not only has a sweet and soft sound to it, but it can also be played with thunderous blasts of the strumming fingers or very light strokes of the fingertips, thus giving it a vast range of expression. It is as versatile as an instrument gets.

7 Clarinet

The clarinet has a very velvety, warm, and smooth timbre. It is also abundantly expressive and super versatile. If you want a soothing, slow piece, play a smooth legato passage. Looking for something exciting and quick? Try a song with arpeggios and/or runs. Thanks to its agility, second only to the flute among woodwinds, the clarinet can play really fast. For jazz, just add vibrato to a song.

The clarinet is seriously underrated. In terms of difficulty, it would be medium - harder than any of the saxophones but easier than the oboe, and slightly easier than the flute. Out of all the woodwinds, I would say this instrument should be first on the beautiful sound list.

8 Saxophone The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

The saxophone is a very good-looking instrument. The sound it produces is outstanding. It can produce various timbres, from heavenly to a shrill alarm when needed.

No other instrument is as versatile. From haunting melodies to rock riffs, the tenor saxophone, in particular, is a fabulous-looking instrument.

I love the saxophone's sound and look. It's definitely at least one of my favorite instruments.

9 Viola

I play the violin, but I prefer the sound of violas. They have such a rich and beautiful sound that's not too high or too low. Violas are so underrated! Honestly, violas are actually my favorite string instrument. It's a shame that violas almost never get the melody. They deserve more moments to shine.

In fact, I'm currently learning the alto clef and planning to restring one of my old violins into a viola because I really want to learn this beautiful instrument. P.S. Listen to Dvorak String Quartet No. 12, and you will hear how beautiful this instrument sounds.

10 Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

I don't even play the trumpet myself (I play a few other instruments which are all higher up on this list), but when I hear a good trumpet solo in a band, I feel like I want to cry from how beautiful it sounds. The trumpet has such a bright, pure, beautiful sound when played right, and it's the only wind instrument I think I could listen to all day. It deserves to be higher than ninth place.

Trumpets are quite possibly one of the most versatile instruments of all time and can fit in with many different types of ensembles. I have a bias because I play this instrument, but I believe this is the most beautiful and angelic-sounding instrument of all time. However, I don't believe it to be the most harmonic or lyrical.

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11 French Horn

I'm a teen in a high school band who plays five instruments: piano, French horn, trumpet, saxophone, and baby tuba. Out of all five, the French horn is my absolute favorite. It is so mellifluous, and it creates its own uniqueness to where it pops out of a group of sounds.

These beautiful brass instruments may not be as common to play as the guitar or percussion, yet it deserves to be close to number one on the list in my opinion. Whoever learns this instrument is astounding because it is even known as one of the hardest instruments to master!

12 Electric Guitar The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable... read more

With how many effects and everything you can do on this instrument, it should be on top. The electric guitar can play everything from the heaviest of metal to the softest of beautiful music to chilling, atmospheric minor pieces. The electric guitar is my favorite by far.

This list is a bit senseless because every instrument has some great sounds depending on what kind of music you play. I think that for rock music, the electric guitar is the must-have instrument.

It depends on what kind of music you're playing. But most of the time, the electric guitar can evoke all kinds of emotions: angry, sad, happy.

13 Bagpipes Bagpipes are a wind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

How is this not higher up? Bagpipes are literally a weapon that has given so many soldiers morale throughout the years. It tops any instrument on this list!

Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes was amazing.

14 Bassoon

As soon as I heard the bassoon for the first time, I fell in love with its warm sound. The wide range of this oboe-adjacent woodwind only adds to its beautiful sound, invoking images of warm fireplaces and hearths of old.

Just listen to the bassoon in the Crops Failed track of The Martian movie or the Grizzly Hills track from World of Warcraft. It's the most beautiful instrument in the world, followed by the cello.

The bassoon sounds like a goose if played badly, but so beautiful when played well. (I can say that because I play it. Don't come at me.)

15 Drum

Percussion instruments are vital to any band as they help with rhythm, articulation, and tempo. A band without percussion is like a bird without wings.

Drums give so much value to the band. They set the mood, and sometimes you can feel your heart beating to the rhythm.

Just can't believe the drum is so low.

16 Trombone

Trombone at #17? Why? It's such a great instrument. There are so many good excerpts out there: Ride of the Valkyries, Bolero, Hungarian March, Fountains of Rome, or even Imperial March. There's such a wide variety of emotions that can be conveyed on the trombone.

Plus, who doesn't love a good glissando?

The trombone's beauty is underestimated. I have a trombonist (I think that's what you call them) in my band, and when she gets her solo, sometimes I miss my part listening to her. It has gotten me to want to learn how to play. Highly recommend, very pretty instrument.

17 Harpsichord

The harpsichord is probably the most beautiful instrument in existence, at least the most beautiful keyboard instrument. Pipe organs are angelic too! Every gentle pluck comes together to form complex, thoughtful music that reflects both the composer and the player.

Many people bash the harpsichord for the fact that it can only achieve one volume. However, is this truly a disadvantage? Perhaps the music of composers who can make emotionally active music on the harpsichord with this single volume would be better than the music of composers who rely on the tonal crutch of the piano. Not that the piano is bad or anything, but...

18 Oboe Oboes belong to the classification of double reed woodwind instruments. Oboes are usually made of wood, but there are also oboes made of synthetic materials.

I didn't know the oboe existed until I tried it out to figure out what instrument to play, and I was debating between that and a cello. But I listened to hundreds of oboe pieces and it's so beautiful and totally worth the difficulty.

The oboe is certainly very unique. Not everyone who hears it for the first time will like it, but it tends to grow on most people. It sounds very different, even for a woodwind. Unlike the string and brass sections, where the overall sound is uniform and very similar, the woodwind section features very different-sounding instruments.

The oboe is the hardest instrument to describe in words. It is the best woodwind instrument for solos due to its penetrating sound. Props to all the oboists for playing such a difficult and beautiful instrument.

19 Organ

The pipe organ is the most powerful and majestic instrument ever made. It can rival a symphony orchestra by playing the loudest and most powerful thundering musical notes, while at the same time, it can play the quietest and most gentle musical notes as well. The sounds offered on the organ are unlike those of any other instrument. You get the strings, clarinets, flutes, oboes, trumpets, and much more.

The pipe organ is a symphony all to itself. The most beautiful pipe organs are those in Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals that are over 100 years old, using the ancient gothic designs where insulation is minimal. This really allows the pipe organs to sing and show off the beautiful sounds they have to offer. Nothing beats a pipe organ. Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart thought so, and he called the pipe organ "The King of Instruments."

20 Bass Guitar

Bass lines are definitely the most underrated part of any piece. Being classically trained as a cellist and a rock bassist, I consider myself somewhat of an expert. Also, long live Lemmy! You will be missed.

Why is bass guitar so low? It's the best instrument ever and the best sounding.

21 Euphonium

Honestly, the best instrument ever. I have played the euphonium for five years now, and I'm starting to learn the piano. I'm 13. It is the most wonderful sound in the world. Come on, the name itself means beautiful sounding.

Please vote for the euphonium and show it the love it deserves. The violin is definitely not deserving of the top spot, although the euphonium is perfect for it. It is deep, mellow, soothing, beautiful, and calming, but it can also sound sinister, very dark, and grand. It harmonizes well with a band but is also a gorgeous instrument in a solo. It truly is an epic instrument, and it is extremely upsetting that it is overlooked and underrated. The euphonium really is deserving of number one.

22 Erhu

The erhu could be comparable to a violin and a cello mixed together, with similar methods of playing and holding. Except, an erhu gives off a traditional oriental feeling that no other instrument can compare to, and it has an exceptionally unique sound. It is used in nearly all of China's oriental and traditional music. The erhu, in the end, truly is a unique instrument to China's musical history.

Of all the instruments, I'd say the Erhu is the closest to the human voice, both in sound and expression. No other instrument can convey as much emotion or beauty.

23 Kazoo

The kazoo, while not traditional, is truly a more beautiful instrument than people give it credit for. I believe that, similar to the French horn, it takes a musician with a skillful ear to be able to demonstrate prowess on this wind instrument. The buzzy vibrations it creates are pure joy.

I think it's almost poetic how such a childhood-nostalgia-invoking instrument allows the player to use their personal skill and let their voice shine through. It's similar to how, as children, we are pure and untainted by the world, letting our true selves shine. I think the kazoo allows people to express themselves in that way.

24 Ukulele The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

The ukulele is easy to learn and sounds spectacular. It's better than a clarinet, better than a flute, better than a cello, and better than a violin. The ukulele should be on top, after the harp!

Ukuleles sound so amazing, and they are really easy to learn.

25 Sitar

The sitar is amazing and, in my opinion, much better than the guitar.

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