Top 10 Reasons Why Rock and Roll Is Not Satanic

Are you people getting so sick and tired of that old rumor of rock being the devil's music? It's a stupid rumor that needs to die now. Rock Music is not an excuse to be satanic. A music genre is not an excuse to be satanic. Screaming, loud drums, and loud guitar playing does NOT equal to satanism! In fact, there's a lot of rock bands that soften up the vocals and instrumentals. Heck there's even Christian Rock. I'm not joking, it exists.

Do you people seriously think that artists like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Ke$ha are good role models for your kids? Do you actually believe that Nicki Minaj is the most appropriate artist for your children because of what ABC Nightline said? And because of those two little girls singing Super Bass on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

My whole point is that we should stop viewing rock and heavy metal as both a dangerous influence on society and a tool of Satan because a music genre is not an excuse to be violent or satanic. I'm not saying that rock is better than all music genres nor do I think that way. I'm not really much of a rock fan myself (although I do like some bands like Pink Floyd and Florence and the Machine. And I like some metal bands like Within Temptation and Korn), but I never for a second thought that rock (and metal) was satanic. So that's why I'm helping all of you rock fans out there spread the word that rock is not the devil's music. Whenever you hear anybody say rock and roll is the devil's music, show them this list (and other lists like this on this website). Keep spreading the word. Keep letting people know that rock and metal are both not satanic. Don't let rock and roll die.
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1 Rock can Actually Prevent Suicide

There are so many rock bands that are out there that create music to help prevent suicide for example my chemical romance.

I agree because there are so many bands out there that help prevent suicide like my chemical romance and black veil brides

2 Screaming, Loud Drums, and Loud Guitar Playing Does Not Equal to Satanism

Loud and heavy music =/= Satanism. They are just loud. I can understand you if you don't like this genre but calling it devil is just plain stupid. If it's too loud, just turn down the volume.

I've always wondered who in this sane world would consider it a "logical reason" to say that loud guitar and drums is equal to Satanism. It's just so stupid.

To some people, loud music is equal to satanism which is pretty ridiculous. It bugs me that people hate rock music for that reason. At least use valid points and don't call it satanic when you don't like it. Also, you can turn down the volume if a song is too loud for you lol

3 Rock Does Not Make you Depressed

There have been countless times when rock and roll has pulled me out of a rut. Most recently, it was David Bowie.

Most people don't see rock and roll as satanic nowadays. However, many view metal as "devil-worship". Some of it is, but not all.

4 Most Rock Songs have Positive Messages
5 Rock Plays a Big Part in Music
6 Most Rock Bands Claim they Do Not Worship Satan, Nor do They Condone Satanism in Their Fans
7 Rock Talks about More Meaningful Topics Most of the Time
8 There Is Christian Rock
9 Most Rock Musicians are Christian

Did you know that Dave Mustaine and Tom Araya are both Christians. And they both sing/shout in two of the best thrash bands.

I'd dispute this. Most rock musicians are agnostics or atheists.

10 A Few Rock Songs Actually Depict Satan As a Deceiver and Evil Entity
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11 Negative Emotions Can Be Vented through Dark Music

Marilyn Manson has said his music was not intended to cause feeling of suicide or violence, but to help people work through those feelings!

12 It Can Be a Warning Against Satanism

Unless the band is truly satanic and says they worship him you have to consider the fact that non satanic bands with "satanic" lyrics in their songs could be more of a warning against Satanism. Take disturbed's Inside The Fire. The song is about a man being tempted to commit suicide by the devil to be with his girlfriend again. It has "satanic" lyrics but David Draiman the lead singer called the song a warning against suicide and that he went through that temptation and pulled through it.

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