Top 10 Best Akcent Songs

Akcent is an iconic Romanian pop band that's been the soundtrack to so many memorable moments. Whether you were dancing the night away in a club, chilling with friends at a house party, or simply losing yourself in music in the comfort of your own room, Akcent's catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics have likely provided the perfect backdrop on many an occasion.

Akcent, with their unique blend of pop, dance, and electronica, has been enchanting listeners across the globe since the late '90s. Their songs are rich with emotion, often narrating stories of love, longing, and celebration. From the energetic beats of "That's My Name" to the heartfelt longing of "Stay With Me," their music is a rollercoaster of feelings that speaks to us on different levels.

These are songs that have crossed borders, brought people together, and sparked joy, whether on the dance floor or during a long drive. Akcent's music has this incredible ability to capture moments and emotions, turning them into melodic stories that stick with us long after the song has ended.
The Top Ten
1 That's My Name

Amazing song. It has great music, and the lyrics are fantastic. I love to hear this song. I can hear it 100 times and never get bored.

That's My Name is actually the song I fell in love with as soon as I heard it for the first time. The lyrics, the music, the feel... everything is beautiful and overwhelming.

When I listen to this song, it's like new energy has filled me.

2 My Passion

Awesome song. The music is too good. Thumbs up for this song. Loved it! It should be in the top 3.

This one deserves to be at the top, in my opinion.

This song is so catchy. I love this song too much.

3 King of Disco

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Akcent.

Akcent really is a king of disco. What a song!

It's got great vocals with an accent.

4 Jokero
5 Stay with Me

It is really a superb song with beautiful words as lyrics. I like it so much.

Probably his best song. I just love it!

6 Kylie

Every song here, at least the first 10, is absolutely amazing and deserves the #1 place. But this song is just special to me!

This is the best of Akcent. The haunting chords are too mesmerizing.

7 French Kiss
8 Ti-am Promis
9 I'm Sorry

My favorite song. I love this song by heart. This song deserves the 2nd position. This song is special.

10 Love Stoned

This song proved that Adi Sina is really an awesome singer.

Great song, Sir Akcent. I love you.

The music is amazing and nostalgic.

The Contenders
11 How Deep Is Your Love

What the hell? This is better than any other song.

12 Kamelia

Wonderful song. Adrian, I really love you. You are the best.

It gets me every time, and the rap snippet is awesome. The music is awesome. The lyrics are awesome.

13 Lovers Cry
14 My Habibi
15 Angels

I am really surprised to see this song at this rank. It was my first rank for a long time.

A great song with beats and vocals.

16 Feelings On Fire

This song is one of the best from Akcent and really deserves to be in the top 3!

17 Tears
18 Let's Talk About It
19 Delight
20 Happy People

Vote for it, guys! It deserves the top spot besides That's My Name!

21 I Turn Around the World
22 On and On

This must be among the top 5 songs! Love this song.

23 Stereo Love
24 Chimie Intre Noi
25 True Believer
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