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1 Killer

Absolutely the pinacle of his career from start to finish on this album. The songwriting and muscianship exceed anything on any other album, with Welcome To My Nightmare (recorded with a different band) a close second (but not quite as exceptional as this masterpiece).

Love it to death is a close second but this is the definitive Alice Cooper album Great songs , rocks hard alice never sounded better Is there a better guitar track than Halo of Flies? One of the best rock records of all time.

My all time favourite album. In the days of vinyl, I used to collect 2-3 copies of all Alice's albums and over all the years 1969-present, Killer remains the king of the crop. Awesome cover, awesome songlist. Love it (to death).

2 Billion Dollar Babies

This is the best album. Elected, Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr Nice Guy and Generation Landslide are just some of the amazing songs from this album. I don't know what it is but I get a sort of... Vibe whenever I hear this album, that all the other great Alice albums just don't do quite as much. It pains me to see Hey Stoopid higher than this and a lot of other great Alice albums. I mean Hey Stoopid? Feed my Frankenstein and Loves a loaded gun aside but what's so special about the overall album? If it were my way, Hey Stoopid would be off this list, and The Last Temptation would be somewhere up here, as that is a VERY underrated album, with solid songwriting and strong lyrical themes - unlike Hey Stoopid in my personal opinion. But Billion Dollar Babies is the best.

3 Welcome to My Nightmare

One of his best, indeed. Many great songs including Devils's Food, The Black Widow, Some Folks, Welcome to My Nightmare, Cold Ethyl and Only Women Bleed. All great hits! It also has a special guest-Vincent Price.

A great work of art, highlighting Alice's musical skill and his way of getting across a story, in this case about a tapestry of nightmares almost haunting the subject, named Steven, to death.

A chilling narrative of an album, really lets you take a look through Alice Cooper's eyes. Undeniably his best work.

4 Love It to Death

First appearance of Bob Ezrin to produce, a real change from the first two experimental albums (Pretties For You, Easy Action-released under Zappa encouragement). First insight into a more structured song style, and the Alice Cooper image (on album, at least) to come. A great album. Contains hit "I'm Eighteen" and my favourites "Ballad of Dwight Fry" and "Black Juju". Well worth a listen, enjoy it all. Robert from Oz.

Alice Cooper's finest work. The good classic songs like "I'm Eighteen" "Is It My Body" "Long Way To Go" and "Caught In A Dream". The sinister and amazing art of "Black Juju". The greatest triangle of "Hallowed Be My Name" "Second Coming" and "Ballad Of Dwight Fry". And the good ol' ending with "Sun Arise".

5 School's Out

A great album, covers many styles. The first real "tip of the hat" to theatrical music to be incorporated in later albums (West Side Story references, etc.). "School's Out" is the obvious classic, but the whole album hangs together well when listened to as a whole piece. Do yourself a favour and give it a few listens. I could say this about all the early stuff, from "Love It To Death" to "Muscle of Love". (Yes, even Muscle of Love! ). Cheers, Robert from Oz.

Top notch songs, killer musicianship, Alice had perfected his awesome rock vocalist growl, and Bob Ezrin's gold-standard production had auditory depth and created a sonic ambience like you are there. Plus, the title song is now part of our cultural fabric. In short, you don't listen to this album, you experience it!

6 Trash

Another classic album by Mr. Alice Cooper. It's got many great hits on it. What's also great- he does Only My Heart Talking' with Steven Tyler, who is also a great singer and songwriter. I Love Alice!

7 Hey Stoopid

Not as good as "Billion Dollar Babies" (number 1 for me) and "Killer" but definitelly deserves respect.
Fact, it's not like early cooper's works, it's not revolutionary, it's simply filled with songs which can be pleasantly listen. However it does have some Cooper spirit. "Feed My Frankenstein" is my favourite. Others such as "Love is a Loaded Gun", "Might as well Be on Mars", "Hey Stoopid" and "Hurricane Years" are also awesome as Alice Cooper songs, despite their radio-friendliness.

Simply awesome! This is the most underrated album on the planet. Good Songs: ALL! But these my favorites: hey Stoopid, Loves a Loaded Gun, Snakebite, I Die For you.

8 Brutal Planet

What can I say, pure hard rock. It's just great from start to finish. Alice Cooper is fantastic on this album. It should be at least top 5.

I love this album because this album is dark and explains what is wrong with this world!

Best 3 songs: Pick up the Bones, Brutal Planet (obviously) and Gimme

Great from start to finish! Definitely one of his best! 10 stars!

9 From The Inside

From the Inside contains some of Alice's best lyrics.

The album that started him plus it is a hard album to find I love every song on this album

10 Muscle of Love

A criminally underrated album by The Alice Cooper Band (or what was left of it). The last offering by the early band, very varied in it's offerings, but well worth a listen. It seems like Alice was getting the band to stretch it's horizons, and further experiment. Most tracks work, some fall a little flat. Guest artists are listed again, to add to the mix of styles. A real grab bag of goodies. Not my most favourite Alice album, but surrender to it, it's a grower, and will reward repeated listenings. Cheers Robert from Oz.

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11 Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

I'm a huge Cooper fan and I've been religiously listening to his music for well over two decades, and I have every one of his albums and if I were to rate his top 10 albums from best to least favorite (I would say worst but he has no bad album), I would get into detail proving this list but I don't have time so here goes 1. Raise Your Fist and Yell 2. Hey Stoopid 3. Constictor 4. My Last Temptation 5. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 6. Trash 7. Welcome To My Nightmare 8. Scool's Out 9. Brutal Planet and 10. The Eye's of Alice Cooper.

Just a great album, from the opener to the end.

12 Dada

Came to this one late in the piece (2014). I had stopped listening to Alice Cooper's later recordings (after mid/late 70s) years ago. I had heard some of the 80s and 90s offerings, but they weren't pushing any buttons with me. Never was into the hair metal or big dumb stuff. I saw this recommended in a really good review on a site, and thought I'd get the CD to see if it cut it (all my other Alice stuff is on vinyl LP from back in the day...). After a few listens, what a pleasant surprise! Some of the old talent and fire was peeking through! It wasn't just a tired, cynical old rocker going through the motions. Need a few more listens, but it's growing on me. Cheers, Robert from Oz.

13 Raise Your Fist and Yell

I'm a huge Cooper fan and I have every album he's released (yes even the the), but what I can't understand for the life of is why Killer is #1 on this so called list. Like I said I enjoy all of his albums but for Raise Your Fist and Yell to be #1 is laughable considering this is probably his best album, every song is fun and some are extremely powerful like Time to Kill, Prince of Darkness and Roses on White Lace, not to mention I never tire of this record no matter how much I listen to it. I guess you can say it's like fine wine, it only gets better with time. Other great albums is Hey Stoopid, Constrictor, and Alice Cooper Goes to Hell.

14 Detroit Stories
15 The Last Temptation

This is a very well-written album. Many thought provoking tracks that ponder the question of good and evil. Read the comic books by Neil Gaiman along with listening to this album. Alice really put a lot of effort into this project. Chris Cornell makes an appearance on the album which is fun. It is all here though: ballads, fast tracks, dirges, metal etc. If you are an Alice Cooper die hard you will LOVE this album; however, if you are looking to relive Billion Dollar Babies era Alice, this is not what you are looking for.

16 Dragontown

Really an amazing album. One of the best with Trash, Brutal Planet and killer.

This album to is one of my favourites songs such as
Sex, death and money
Sister Sara and
I am the sentinel

17 Constrictor

Best song: He's Back. Don't have the album, but I still know a lot of songs on it and I love the album.

Thrill My Gorilla, Life and Death of the Party are pretty good too but He's Back is the best song in the album

Features great songs like he's back and teenage frankenstein

18 Paranormal

I think Paranormal is like a mix of Alice cooper old and new, some of the songs like Paranoiac Personality and The sound of A, I think is Alice at his best. This is close to a top 5 Alice cooper Album and I think over time it will stand out to be one of his best

I think his older stuff is better, but this isn't bad. Paranoiac Personality is the best song on this album.

19 Welcome 2 My Nightmare

No comments on this yet! Why? Absolutely brilliant, tongue in cheek fun from start to finish! Must understand welcome to my nightmare first though! Awesome

20 Flush the Fashion

Every song is solid on this FUN album. Very much a punk... new wave thing, but it rocks! Should get more attention than it does for sure.

21 Pretties for You

My good friend Alan knew I liked Zappa's early stuff and let me check out this lp back in '69. One listen and I was hooked. (Remember this was 1969! ) One can tell all the Zappa added odd things, however, the music itself was truly exploratory (asnd kick ass live). Not only that, they used to perform at UB in Buffalo, NY(The Fillmore Room). Everybody would leave as soon as they started to play and me and my buddies sometimes watched 1 - 2 hours shows all by ourselves. I got to see all the early stuff. What a riot it was...! This and Easy Action made my Classic Ipod in 2009 right off the get-go.
Jim 'Big V'
PS RIP Gary Sperrazza! I truly loved you as a friend.

22 Alice Does Alice
23 Easy Action

This and Pretties For You are very underrated. Easy Action is the better of the two with great bass-lines from Dennis Dunaway. Mr. and Misdemeanor and Return of the Spiders are the first songs to feature Alice's gritty vocals.

I'd say it's a little bit better than his first album. Because it has a little more tune, and at least it's listenable

24 Lace and Whiskey

This is below Easy Action? Don't you ever listen to You and Me, Damned if You Do, King of the Silver Screen, I Never Wrote Those Songs or Road Rats? Get out of the list.

25 Along Came a Spider

I really think this should be at least higher even though I'm a huge A. C fan. The album is awesome and 11 great songs (2 bonus tracks for the deuluxe edition) Songs such as: I know where you live, vengeance is mine, maybe wake the dead, definitely catch me if you can, in touch with your feminem side, wrapped in silk, I'm hungry, shadow of yourself and I'll still be there (Uh these are the songs that I listen to recently) I do like other Alice cooper albums like Trash (That's a excellent one :) Welcome to my nightmare etc.

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