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The best songs ever written by the British rock group Genesis.
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1 Supper's Ready

"Supper's Ready" is divided into seven distinct sections, each with their own unique musical characteristics. This structure allows the band to explore a wide range of styles and emotions, making the song

Genesis was known for their incredible musicianship, and "Supper's Ready" is a prime example of their skills. The song features intricate guitar work, elaborate keyboard arrangements, and tight drumming that demonstrate the band's technical abilities. Tony Banks' keyboard playing, in particular, is a highlight of the song, as he seamlessly weaves together complex melodies and atmospheric textures.

"Supper's Ready" is a concept piece, telling a fantastical and apocalyptic story inspired by various religious and mythological themes. Peter Gabriel's evocative lyrics and theatrical vocal delivery bring the story to life, captivating the listener and drawing them into the narrative.

: The song's diverse musical sections allow for a wide range of emotions to be expressed, from the gentle beauty of "Lover's Leap" to the eerie darkness of "Apocalypse in 9/8." This emotional depth makes "Supper's Ready" a truly immersive and rewarding listening experience.

"Supper's Ready" is considered a defining moment in the history of progressive rock. The song's ambitious structure, intricate musicianship, and captivating storytelling set a high standard for the genre, influencing countless bands that followed in Genesis' footsteps.

Supper's Ready" was a staple of Genesis' live shows during the Peter Gabriel era, and the song's theatrical and dramatic nature made for a memorable and engaging stage performance. Gabriel's elaborate costumes, stage props, and expressive performance style brought the song's story to life, further solidifying its status as a classic Genesis track.

In conclusion, "Supper's Ready" is often considered the best Genesis song... more

2 Firth of Fifth

Firth of Fifth is the best Genesis song, in my opinion, just ahead of Supper's Ready, which is also fantastic. The song is a true masterpiece with its beautifully intricate piano opening, Gabriel's awesome singing and flute solo, Banks' powerful mellotron and organ exchange, and closing with one of the greatest and most powerful melodic guitar (violin-sounding) solos by Steve Hackett. Collins' drumming is beyond superb, and Rutherford's powerful bass lines and bass pedals are great as well. The lyrics, written by Tony Banks, are interesting too.

One of the greatest Progressive Rock songs ever, this song stands right up there with Epitaph and Starless by King Crimson, Heart of the Sunrise and Awaken by Yes, and Jacob's Ladder and Cygnus X-1 by Rush. An absolutely epic song from an epic album, Selling England by the Pound.

I actually think this one is the 2nd best Genesis song, but I voted for it because it was 4th on the list. This song showcases the whole band at their best, and everyone's playing complements each other. Tony Banks' keyboards, Rutherford & Collins' rhythm section, Steve Hackett's fantastic guitar solo, and Peter Gabriel's epic lyrics make me feel like I'm listening to something eternal and ancient.

3 The Musical Box

This is the perfect example of a song played instrumentally at its best. Great guitar work, great drums, and great keyboard playing. I'm just glad to see 'Invisible Touch' in the number one spot. Don't get me wrong, I like Phil Collins. He was a great drummer and even had great songs like 'Mama.' But they went from an excellent progressive rock band, in which you could hear their talent, to a bubblegum music band. Again, I have nothing against Phil Collins, but I feel like they betrayed the musical structure of the band once the brilliant Peter Gabriel left. The people who vote 'Invisible Touch' as their best song don't know the real Genesis.

I can't believe The Musical Box isn't a top 10 song. Both a band and crowd favorite, played at pretty much every Genesis show during the Peter Gabriel era, this is a great work of hard-soft, fast-slow dynamics. The layered 12-strings overlaid with the Gabriel-Collins counterpoint vocal duet that starts around 7:40 on the studio track is the best 60 seconds of music ever recorded by Genesis. This is a great song!

4 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

This is the definition of a perfect song. It's perfect. Despite being 8 minutes long (short for an epic), it's epic. The music is amazing, and Peter Gabriel's voice wonderfully drives you through the music. I love the part where it goes "The captain leads his dance right on through the night", and then when he says "dancing on with the moonlit knight, knights of the green shield stamp and shout", and the whole band kicks in and kicks ass.

Genesis did several masterworks that are more important and of more depth than Moonlit Knight, but this piece manages to include all of progressive rock's best characteristics within the minimum timeframe possible. It goes in all directions at once while maintaining full composure. Excellent!

Excellent song. Peter Gabriel's voice draws you right in, and it has a wonderful sound. I especially enjoy the part that goes, "There's a fat old lady outside the saloon." Majestic.

5 Land of Confusion

This song is very important to me because when my dad gave me his old case of CDs, the Genesis Greatest Hits one stood out the most. Growing up listening to songs like "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" and "Misunderstanding", I knew I needed to listen to more of their music. The first couple of tracks were nothing special to me, but "Land of Confusion" really stuck with me. Not to mention, the lyrics in this song are truly remarkable. I will never forget "The Man of Steel, the men of power, are losing control by the hour."

Genesis making a metal song... Mind blown! Honestly, this is probably just on the outside of my top 10 favorite Genesis songs, but I put it on here because it's so important. Look at all the bands that have covered this. This song was an inspiration to entire future genres of music.

It doesn't get any better than this! Mike Rutherford had the perfect riff and bass line when he composed this amazing rock anthem. Perfect - just perfect!

6 The Cinema Show

Genesis is MY FAVORITE BAND of all time! I am still hoping Phil is able to come back for one more tour with them. I got to see them on the MAMA TOUR, and they were fantastic. They had the best light show I have ever seen in concert. This is one of my favorite arrangements (The Cinema Show), along with countless others. You're just at peace listening to their music.

Incredibly atmospheric piece. The range of emotions conveyed by this single song is remarkable. This song, along with the brief Aisle of Plenty, offers a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic album.

Just loaded with great stuff. The "once a man, like the sea I raged" line is just wonderful singing. It's got great Tony Banks keyboard work, good 12-string stuff, and a great 7/8 part.

7 Invisible Touch

To be honest, Genesis' songs didn't really gain my interest that much so far. I thought Phil Collins wrote better songs during his solo career, and Peter Gabriel is okay but not quite as good as Collins, in my opinion. The only Genesis song that I actually like so far is this one.

Okay, to be honest, this is among one of my least favorite songs they've released. I've never been a fan of the pop sound, and to be frank, this is about as pop as the 20th century could get. Awful song. These comments saying it's their best honestly baffle me.

"I think 'Invisible Touch' was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums." - Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

8 Mama

Something I love about Genesis is their diverse sound. Listening to a Genesis mix will take you on a trip of drastically different sounding songs and drastically different genres, and I think Mama is the best example. Anytime this comes on randomly after Supper's Ready or Carpet Crawlers, it's hard to believe I'm listening to the same band. It's just so dark, heavy, and overflowing with atmosphere. Not to mention, the drumbeat halfway through inspired me to get my first job at 13 so I could save up for an electric drum set. It's that good!

Cut from the same cloth as Gabriel's work during this time and yet forward-looking - perhaps the closest Genesis would ever be to melding the past with the present. This is the song that is ground zero for Gabriel Vs. Collins - it's one of the very few tracks that both sides can agree on, and it is for that reason that it should be included. Now if only the rest of that album was this good...

9 Carpet Crawlers

And I think it's even better on the Live Across Europe album. Saw it live in Manchester where it ended the show, best song of the entire night. Awesome. Still second to Supper's Ready, though, my all-time favorite song.

With complete concentration, sing along to this while you read the lyrics. It will be very difficult to find anything better. If you are an old Genesis fan, you will appreciate this.

A perfect example of what Genesis can accomplish when they decide to take it slow and easy. Proof that everything Genesis did didn't have to be groundbreaking to be great or make you feel something.

10 The Knife

Come on, The Knife at 21?! This is the real Genesis. This song is so good. I love it so much. Invisible Touch is good, but it's not the real Genesis. The real one is with Peter Gabriel. Anyway, Phil Collins's drums on this song are awesome! Phil Collins was an excellent drummer. The guitar work on this song is also excellent, along with Peter Gabriel's vocals.

My vote goes to The Knife. While I like songs like Supper's Ready and The Musical Box a little better, this song was the sound that was to be 'Gabriel-Era Genesis.' It captured the Prog sound of Genesis.

Awesome song. Many Genesis fans call it their favorite. Maybe it's missing from the list because Collins wasn't with the band yet.

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11 Watcher of the Skies

I would put it number 3 after Supper's Ready and Firth of Fifth. The rhythm is so powerful, and it charges you more than any other song. The intro is just a masterpiece. Every time I listen to it, I just keep replaying.

Just listen and you'll understand exactly why this song should be on this list. In my opinion, it should be higher, at least near the top ten...

This song showcases the band's skill, demonstrating how they can play above and beyond most bands. (Listen to the Genesis live version.)

12 That's All

Genesis's eponymous 1983 album does have a ton of standout tracks, like this number that has a catchy piano rhythm, to boot. While it may not be as heavy as the other songs on the album, it's one that will definitely worm its way into your ears. Other standouts include "Home By the Sea" (the drum machines and synths on the second part are just awesome) and "Mama". It's a solid Genesis album, I might say. The worst song on the album? "Illegal Alien", for sure. Phil Collins doing a Hispanic accent is just painful to listen to.

I know a majority of the voters are fans of Peter Gabriel's Genesis, but Phil Collins' version has given us some great songs. Phil Collins is one of my favorite musicians, and Genesis is one of my favorite bands. Abacab, Genesis, Invisible Touch, and The Duke are extremely good and underrated albums.

Misunderstanding, That's All, In Too Deep, I Can't Dance, Follow You Follow Me... Seriously, I don't trust this list if most of these are not in the top 10.

13 The Return of the Giant Hogweed

Hogweed probably doesn't get consideration because the idea is a little silly, but all five band members are fantastic on this track, particularly Steve and Phil. This song always gets me moving and grooving! At least top 20 material.

This song got me into Genesis and needs to be higher than 21st.

14 Turn It On Again

This song fizzes with energy. It's a clever and unconventional song - the chorus is so catchy, yet it doesn't come in until the end of the third minute. And yet, the song is so convincingly played, they carry it off brilliantly.

Everything I said about Invisible Touch I could say again about this song. Nothing artistically or lyrically brilliant, but it's just such a great song that you can't help but love and appreciate it.

Why so low down? This is a brilliant song and should be at least number 2. We've got to make quality better...

15 In The Cage

This is probably the least mentioned song when people consider Genesis' greatest songs. However, it's the one song that sends a live crowd over the top when they play it. A song that bridges Gabriel and Collins era Genesis. Brilliant.

This song should be number 2. So Supper's Ready (Seconds Out version), The Cage, Cinema Show (Seconds Out version), Firth of Fifth, Musical Box, Carpet Crawlers, Moonlit Knight, Home by the Sea I & II, One for the Vine, Ripples, The Knife, Mad Man Moon.

One of the most intense songs I've ever listened to, thanks in great part to Mike Rutherford's bass playing, which is the highlight of the song for me.

16 Abacab

It's the best Genesis song. The most complete. It has a vocal part, excellent lyrics: Phil Collins does the main vocals and chorus. And an instrumental part with good battery, guitar, and organ.

Phil Collins's drumming is really good here. Rutherford on the keyboards is just outstanding. This song got me into early Genesis. This album is a must for anybody!

Fabulous, one of my definite favorites. Excellent keyboards, excellent vocals, etc. Wonderful stuff. Is it Rutherford on the keyboards? I thought it was Banks! Laugh out loud.

17 The Battle of Epping Forest

My personal top three are all ranked lower than 30th on this list. I guess I just have weird taste. I'm voting for this one because it's currently ranked the lowest of the three. I can understand why nobody would vote for it as their favorite. It's not as epic as Supper's Ready, not as dynamically varied as Firth of Fifth, not as sweeping and breathtaking as some moments on Wind & Wuthering, and especially not as catchy as Follow You, Follow Me or anything they did in the '80s. However, I think The Battle of Epping Forest represents the spirit of Gabriel-era Genesis better than any other single song. If I try to ignore my bias in favor of this song, I have to admit that it's kind of a caricature of Gabriel-era Genesis.

This song is probably lower on this list because, for a Genesis song, it is not as interesting as others on SEBTP, at least for most of it. What makes this song so worth it, however, are the last 45 seconds to a minute. The conclusion to this song is definitely one of the most mind-blowing of all Genesis's catalog, in my opinion second only to the ending of Supper's Ready. It raises goosebumps every time I hear it.

18 Home by the Sea

This is one of the best examples of Genesis being able to take a creepy, interesting idea and really do an incredible job of communicating and delivering it to the listener. It's impossible to listen to this song and not be affected by it or imagine yourself in the place of the main characters. The second, mostly instrumental part also helps it to stand out from the rest of the Genesis catalog. The ending leaves you with such a feeling of helplessness and despair.

I agree, this song should have been one of the songs used at the induction, not the rot dished up by Phish. Not only was his performance garbage, but his song choice (No Reply, what the!) didn't highlight the incredible band Genesis has been. This is the song that brings the crowd alive at live concerts, along with The Cage.

This is the song, aside from "In the Cage," that drives their concerts. This song got me into Genesis and Progressive Rock. It should have been played at their induction into the Hall of Fame instead of "No Reply."

19 Dance on a Volcano

Not just one of Genesis' greatest achievements, but one of the greatest moments in all of progressive rock, "A Trick of the Tail's" "Dance on a Volcano" is, without a doubt, the best single song the band produced with Collins at the microphone. Beyond its breathlessly exciting, whiplash-inducing 7/8 rhythmic structure and brilliant ensemble playing, this song features what are probably the best lyrics in any Genesis song. Sample verse: "The music's playing, the notes are right/Put your left foot first and move into the light/The edge of this hill is the edge of the world/And if you're going to cross/You better start doing it right."

Sure, the instrumental coda's riff seems to borrow from King Crimson's "Fracture," but probably unintentionally. I simply cannot think of a more exciting six minutes within the genre, and it still gets me worked up after literally hundreds of listens. Absolutely brilliant.

20 Ripples

This song is not usually my preferred style, but its beauty, intelligence, depth, stylishness, and range make it a truly fantastic piece that I never tire of, and I still get tingles after all these years.

Beautiful, beautiful song with thought-provoking lyrics. Love Steve's solo and how the other members, especially Tony, worked around it.

The most beautifully crafted Genesis song. Collins's vocal has never been better and is probably far more suited to the song than Gabriel's.

The band would have five more great years in them.

21 Follow You, Follow Me

This is such a great song and should be in any top 10 Genesis songs list. It's a different sort of love song, but that's what makes it so special. I never get tired of hearing it, and I think that's when you know you're listening to a truly wonderful song.

Surprised to see this top ten single from 1978. Only peaked at 26. This single showed how Genesis could mix their music. I think it should be in the Top Ten!

Come on, people, number 88? This is one of the most beautiful and sincere love songs ever and deserves more recognition.

22 Mad Man Moon

Number 36?! Haven't Genesis fans or voters here listened enough to this one?

Right, Supper's Ready, Firth of Fifth, Cinema Show (and a few more) could "compete" with Mad Man Moon in "quality", and maybe they could be somewhat more complete. But Mad Man Moon contains the essence of what distinguishes Genesis from all the rest, which is not measurable nor describable: *INTENSE BEAUTY*.

Especially the choruses in "... Just birds, could dwell so high..."

If I had to choose just one song in all the great music I've listened to (and it's very much, I assure you, including VdGG/PH, King Crimson, Yes, Classical...), it would be Mad Man Moon.

I thank God for allowing me to live in a time and on a planet where I've been able to listen to all this great music.

The piano work by Tony Banks alone should push this song up much higher than 36. Maybe the problem is that this song fits neither the classic Peter Gabriel era nor the Classic Phil Collins era. Having elements of both eras, it doesn't truly fit with the fan base of either. There truly are a lot of very great songs from all eras of Genesis, and my personal favorites would span the entire history of the band. Still, Mad Man Moon is my personal favorite because of the piano work.

23 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

Genesis's first hit came after I got my own place to live. Fantastic memories of a fantastic summer at age 19. I love this song! I have no idea what it's about, of course, but isn't that part of its charm?

Why is this song so low on the list? This is one of the best songs by Genesis by far! The chorus is epic!

The song is fantastic and the chorus is a real highlight for me... I can't stop listening to it. Genesis is never enough.

24 In Too Deep

Love this song. Personal.

25 The Fountain of Salmacis

How is Invisible Touch in the Top 10 and this only 49? Absolutely shameful! Maybe I love this song so much because I love Greek mythology, but it really sends shivers down my spine during the crescendo at the end. It creates an atmosphere and tells such a vivid story. What does Invisible Touch create? Nothing, that's what. Just trash.

I agree! A lot of songs listed higher than this one shouldn't be. It's not in the top 10 but definitely not that far off.

One of my favorites, such a creepy story and beautiful symphonic sound.

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