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1 Transylvania

This song it's the most perfect song ever, and its written by Dougie who is the cutest guy ever and he has a really nice voice and as well he is so lovely and I love him so much. By the way on this song he express so much things like love.

This is the best McFly song, especially because it's original and so different from all those same-y pre-packed bands like The Wanted or One Direction or JLS. They actually show their creativity (ADD IN BACH! ) and the video is hilarious.

Best ever there's never a moment I don't want to listen to this song! It makes me happy when I'm sad! And its great fun to sing along to with your friends! One of the best songs ever not just for mcfly!

2 Obviously

Hearts hearts hearts. Adorable song. I sway every time. And so true in my cases sometimes. Some crushes. Well now that I think I laugh. because eventually you realize as you go through the times of life that you have greater things to do than dating and so yeah. I have realized but haven't yet reached the point to put my doing great things to action. And one day I will. Wish me! :D I'm just still a very young teen. Early teens. Just a 15 year old here. Lovin' on this amazing band. Go McFly!

The melody is amaazing, I find hard to believe though that any of mcfly are out of somebody's league!

I love this song! The vocals are a dream! Amazing song!

3 Five Colours In Her Hair

I've known this song since I was little and I still love it to this day, this song is the best and I always listen to it! I'm seeing the live with Busted! MCBUSTED!

Love this song. So catchy! Should be higher up vote please people yea

Five colours in her hair U.S. version
This song describes my momento now, I love it

4 All About You

This song. Just so SO ADORABLE. Like damn! And Tom is such a romantic guy. And talented. And fabulous. And all of them are fabulous. My personal favorite though is tom though. Tom and Dougie are the most adorable members (me opinion). But then harry is all so cool and Dan with his sexy voice. They're amazing. And Tom is very inspirational I must say that. Love this band. So so much. Ya'll who love them are as fabulous as McFly and me! :P

The best song from Mcfly so far. The most romantic. One of their first but still so good. All the songs are great but after short thinking I casted my vote for All about U.

The song everyone knows the words too! One of the songs form my favourite mcfly album (wonderland) ! Can't fault it!

5 Star Girl

This song is my happy song. No matter what when I hear this song it instantly takes me to my happy place. Like I read on another comment, it just shows their whole personalitys and the video! Wow, it's perfect. I love this song so much, as I do with every single song by them! 5 colours, point of view, too close for comfort, don't know why,the heart never lies, the balled of Paul k, not alone, lies, walk in the sun etc..

They are and always will be my favourite band in the world!

Greatest song ever just so catchy and beautiful. They sing about stars and galaxies and space but really hidden underneath is all the emotions in love. The best Mcfly song ever but they all are really! Love you my gods xx

I love this song because it embodies McFly as a group. The happiness, the craziness, the loyalty to the fans, everything. Galaxy Defenders stay forever, thank you for everything, McFly

6 The Heart Never Lies

I love The Heart Never Lies! The lyrics are so deep and meaningful that it is hard not for it to be my favourite so of all time! Mcfly is my favourite band and many of their songs are my favourites, however, this is definitely one of the best!

I love mcfly to pieces, but the heart never lies has to be my all time favourite, it has so much meaning to it, well for me anyway. Love you guys, see you in april

This song is so cute! I love it, I have no idea why it's not in the top five, I'm in love witch this song, it's lyrics and it's music. Totally think it's super great

7 Party Girl

This song is awesome, easily their best song from the latest album, the rest don't even come close. Top 3 should include Party Girl, Obviously and 5 Colours In Her Hair. Vote!

Their most ROCKING song, they finally put some good use to their electric guitars, this song actually Rocks as well as being catchy. Great combination. Number 1.

8 Lies

This is my favourite song ever by them it so be higher up this song is so truthful and has helped me in some really hard times involving friends and others. Love it to much for it to be 8!

THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG! I love the beginning of the song with just the instruments. It's so catchy! I also love that they put a bass solo for Dougie. Overall its just an amazing song. Its catchy, awesome and just AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Its also very relatable, just like everysong on the album. You can relate to it.

Amazing song, love the solo from dougie at the end, love the song, really want this to be higher on the list.

9 Bubble Wrap

I love Bubble Wrap mainly because I feel like I can relate to it in so many ways. Mcfly is my favourite band and to be honest I don't necessarily have a favourite song, but Bubble Wrap definitely has to be one of their best songs.

This is my favourite ever McFly song. It's annoying that every other song on this list was released as a single, because their unreleased songs are their best ones, E.G. point of view, Too Close For Comfort, Walk In The Sun etc

To me, this is McFly's best ballad and a song 3 out of the four members (Danny, Tom, and Harry) said should have been on their greatest hits album even though it was never released as a single.

10 Love Is Easy

Okay, I really don't understand how this isn't in the top ten. This song is the best, guys! It's cute, it's about love, and it is so sweet. This one needs more votes, everyone. The video is adorable! The song is just beyond perfect. It's happy and cheerful, and it makes you feel high. You want to dance to the beat. It adds a skip to your step. You want to sing it, even though your voice is horrible. This one is just so underrated. Vote for this one; it will make you fall in love because love is easy. And if this is love... love is easy.

This song is definitely one of their cuter songs, its what helped me convince people to listen to mcfly. Also, the music video is adorable and I feel like it deserves a higher voting.

Can't believe its not in the top ten! One of their best songs! Love it!

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11 Not Alone

Love walk in the sun and no worries but this was the one that made me want to learn guitar all those years ago. incredible

12 That Girl

Its an amazing song with wonderful lyrics and The Vamps did a great cover with Carrie Hope Fletcher (Tom's sister) and Dougie.

I love this song so much and has a great music video!

13 Room on the 3rd Floor
14 Falling in Love
15 Umbrella

Umbrella (cover by McFly) is amazing! I like it better than the original and they put there own spin on it! I think the song's amazing and it deserves more credit then it gets and needs to be more well known!

16 Too Close for Comfort

This song is amazing! It has so much emotion. Without a doubt the best McFly song and it should WAY further up in the list!

This songs is so meaningful and has the best lyrics! Why is this not in the top 10? #Underrated.

Best song ever! I don't understand why it's number 25... This should definitely be in top 3.

17 Little Joanna

This song is so cute! And I love everything about this song!

18 Broccoli
19 Don't Know Why
20 Lonely
21 Love Is On the Radio

Mcfly songs from their 6th album...really awesome song and was the tune of the week when it got released so listen and vote for this

Its new, but its absolutely amazing. Sounds like Mcfly when they were at their best!

This song ALWAYS makes me happy. I love the use of the violin and harmonica!

22 One for the Radio

Anyone who likes this song ' high five! '

All their songs are amazing, but this is definitely one of the best

23 I'll Be Ok
24 Shine a Light

Have no other words for this. It's just plain AMAZING. Yeah, that pretty much sums up everything.

This song is one of my favourite, and quite modern if you're into pop too.

25 That's the Truth

Man, this should be on top, not just in the top tens but this song really desserves to be on top. Tom and danny has sung this song so nicely. People please vote for this and make it on top and if have not heard it hear it's sample or the whole song and please vote.

What?! This song should be on top. Guys please vote this song or you should hear it first.

What a phenomenal song! I have no words

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