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1 The Show Goes On

This song is very touching enough to know what situation he's in. The lyrics are just amazing instead of talking about drugs alcohol etc. Definitely one of my favorites!

Hell yeah!
Lupe is a rapper who GETS IT
Otherwise which rich ass star cares about stuff like this.

Lasers may not be the best album, but The Show Goes On is definitely the best Lupe Fiasco song.

2 Words I Never Said

This is a song that made Lupe shine, too be honest. As we all know, Lupe has gone through tough stuff because of the LASERS album. He didn't agree with the songs his record label were shoving down his throat. So he retaliated with songs like Words I Never Said.

This song is the best and meaningful song of Lupe. It talks about real issues that has to be adressed especially the corrupt American government. But then again Lupe is always rapping about real life :)

The song is just... It leaves me speechless, every single line is phenomenal. Enough said.

3 Hip-Hop Saved My Life

I really enjoy this song. At first I liked Hi-Definition, but now I like this one better. The flow is so great, and the music itself is awesome. Also, low on cuss words. Definitely Lupe's best.

I've never heard a song with such a constant flow. People need to support music like this more so we can better music!

4 Kick, Push

The fact that The Show Goes On, a pop rap song Lupe despised and only wrote bc Atlantic demanded a made for radio pop hit, is #1 shows most people on this site are only going by what they heard as kids on the radio; Lasers was not a project Lupe was proud of and was a catalyst for him getting out of major label control and going his own way. Show Goes On, while catchy, does not hold a great place in his legacy.

Just listen to the lyrics, this is a great song. You can listen to it in any mood, just a fantastic story and it is so well rapped and written. Lupe is just one of the greatest rappers ever. I wish he released more material.

5 Superstar

This song is simply amazing. The chorus is well sung, and Lupe finishes it with his mad lyric writing. It is coolio! Nice...

Lyrically and instrumental-wise one of lupe fiasco's best tracks. This should at least be number 2 after the coolest

The most in depth track of Lupe's lyrically. Should be number 1 just because of that.

6 Dumb It Down

This song is one of the most complex lyrical metaphorical songs you'll ever hear. My second favourite hip-hop song of all time.

7 Put You on Game
8 The Instrumental

This is the best most raw shot at how kids are raised today. And how the media brain washes people

This song is so dark and introspective. It's just intense I don't know how else to describe it

This song has the touch of Mike Shinoda in production don't forget, it gives the song a totally different atmosphere and makes it unique

9 Mural

A mural is a collection of pictures drawn and meshed together to form a greater picture depicting the feelings and characteristics of the artist or community creating it. This is exactly what this song is, a mural of Lupe Fiasco. Absolutely Brilliant. Lupe might not be the most attractive rapper out there, but he's definitely the greatest lyricist, and this song proves it.

Personally, I think it's one of the best rap songs ever written. With all of the intense wordplay, symbolism, and imagery he put into this track, I'm shocked that it didn't get more attention. It's definitely the most impressive rap song I've ever heard. I really don't see any rapper topping this track lyrically, even Lupe himself.
Oh, and the beat is fantastic too in my opinion.

10 Little Weapon

Way too low, this song is very powerful and has a great snare drum in the background.

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11 Hurt Me Soul

Top 3 for sure! This song is what all rap should be, he keeps it so real, like he raps about real life. He's the best lyricist alive in my opinion I don't care what anyone says.

If you take the time to listen and decipher the lyrics in this song you'll fall in love

One of my favorite parts of any Lupe song is here

"I had a ghetto boy bop, a Jay-Z boycott

Cause he said that he never prayed to God, he prayed to Gotti I'm thinking "golly, God, guard me from the ungodly"

This is one of the greatest songs ever

Amazing story, fantastic lyrics, great beat and a hook that leaves you wanting and craving more. The man is a genius and this song best showcases how he wants to be different to other mainstream rappers.

The opening tells it all:
I ain't tryin to be the greatest,
I used to hate hip-hop,
Because the women degraded.

12 I'm Beamin'
13 Daydreamin'

15.. Wow one of his best songs. Epic chorus, beat, lyrics.. What he did with the body parts is amazing.. But I guess most people didn't catch that.

Amazing song. It all flows together really well in a way where you can just close your eyes and enjoy.

The best part about this song is the amazing mixing between the blue classics and the rap music...

14 Battle Scars

Why is this song not in at least the top 5?
Honestly battle scars is one of Lupe Fiasco's most beautiful songs. First time I heard it I got chills. And Guy Sebastian didn't disappoint either. Great song

It's a classic song! Guy does his job... Love portrayed in means of war.. Splendid lyrics, splendid voice and awesome music. This song will keep you glued to the speakers.

Just like when I first heard show goes on, when I heard this I thought this is special. It deserves 2nd spot after show goes on. This is real meaningful rap.

15 Till I Get There

Should be number 2, one of the best. The three increasingly positive verses and the uplifting chorus make this one a winner.

This song gets me up in the morning... So positive! Just a great song to listen to when someone is in a bad mood

16 The Cool

This is by far and away Lupes most creative, most complex, and best song. I guess it isn't number one on anyone's list because it takes an deep, thoughtful mind to pick up what he is putting down on this song. You may think you know what he is talking about, but you really don't. It took me years to finally understand the complex nature of the song. So complex that this song is the end of the Album titled "The Cool" In which the song "The Cool" off of Food and Liquor is used to tell a story in the album "The Cool" His best work by far and it isn't even close.

17 The Coolest

Easily one of, if not the best, his best songs. The first verse is one the greatest verses ever written by any human being; let alone a rapper. The fact that The Show Goes On is above this is ridiculous.

Best lyrics ever. One of the best hip hop songs of all time.

The first verse...greatest of all time

18 Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)

Got me through my rough times! Best Lupe song for sure!

19 Streets on Fire
20 American Terrorist

I love this song I know it almost completely by heart! I think its under rated and people might nor appreciate the message but its phenomenal

Listen to this song one time and you'll learn more about American History than you did throughout all of High School.

Just listen. That's all I can say

21 Prisoner 1 & 2

What can I say, Lupe shows the most artistic way to handle a touchy social issue here. The contrasting first and second verses idea is just genius

This one is my favourite. Chopper is second for me and Battle Scars third. Lupe for life!

Probably the best song on Tetsuo and Youth. There is no holding back on this song.

22 Paris, Tokyo

This should definitely be in the top 10. Just listen to the lyrics. I would love to spit such a song to my girl

23 Shining Down

One of his best definetily... Amazing chorus and very catchy lyrics... I din know how come it is so down... Please vote it up... Definitely top three...

This can't be way down in no. 28!
One of his best songs ever, pity no one's heard it much

Amazing song, should be top 5 at least.

24 Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)

A smooth song with a good flow not to mention lyrical genius one of his best. Although I do have to say to many in the top ten from lasers not his best album

It's got catchy flow (goes without saying, it's Lupe) and says something meaningful like it ain't no thing.

"Rich man, poor man, we all gotta pay because freedom ain't free 'specially round my way"

25 The Emperor's Soundtrack
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