Best Drake Bell Songs

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1 I Know

Probably his best song, simply because he mixes all of his influences (including the Beatles) and his own style in just one almost 4:00 minute song, and also in the video. It's simply great.

I agree, it does include all of his musical influences mixed in one song. The musical arrangement is great, and the lyrics are great as well.

Best song really cool!

2 Hollywood Girl

Love this song so much!

3 Found a Way

This song is the theme song from the show drake and josh . Tis song is my all time favirite song and drake bell made this song made this awesome a big winner for me.

Very unique rock song, really fits his voice and I believe the fact that this song is in Drake & Josh brings it to number 1.

Over your shoulders you know that I told you I'll always be picking you up when you're down. So just turn around.

4 Fool the World
5 Makes Me Happy

Absoulutely love this song and this amazing song from drake bell and this song is my all time favorite one hundred percent .

This song should be at number 1 it's the best Drake Bell song ever.

I want the full album

6 Down We Fall

It's so soothing and melodious. A top 5 spot is a must for this song.

It has got the feel. Awesome.

Most awesome song ever.

7 Highway to Nowhere

This song is so amazing , drake bell made is this a wonderful favorite of mine and this song always makes my day.

This song has great melody and lyrics. It should be at least at top 10 songs..

This song is amazing, should've be at first!

8 You're Not Thinking

This should be the number one song
In this song Drake is talking about girls who don't think when there go after here.
Also the song always gives you a good feeling

It's amazing. I love it.

9 Bitchcraft

Normally I hate songs with bad words but this song is an exception because I love Drake Bell.

His best rockabilly song!

10 Terrific

You are probably not voting for this song because you have never heard it before. It does not belong here.

No comments! Really, okay, well, he deserves better than what he is getting.

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11 Circles

This song is my all time number one favorite song from the handsome drake bell . This song most definitely makes my day , drake bell really makes this song a big time winner for me. I really love this song very much

12 Somehow
13 Girl Next Door

Way underrated... Should be in top 5

14 Fallen for You
15 Golden Days
16 Our Love

Drake bell vote

17 Telegraph
18 It's Only Time
19 Don't Preach
20 You Want Me
21 On to You
22 It's Never Over
23 All the Days of My Life
24 Unbelievable
25 In the End
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