Top 10 Best Alien Ant Farm Songs

As a highly influential and energetic rock band, Alien Ant Farm has been captivating listeners with their unique blend of alternative rock, punk, and nu-metal since their formation in 1996. With a career spanning over two decades, the California-based quartet has produced an impressive catalog of unforgettable tracks that have resonated with fans all over the world.

Led by the charismatic frontman Dryden Mitchell, Alien Ant Farm has not only showcased their incredible songwriting skills but also their ability to experiment with a diverse range of sounds and styles. In this list, let's explore the ten most exceptional Alien Ant Farm songs that have cemented their legacy as a truly groundbreaking act. From their chart-topping singles to their hidden gems, get ready to rediscover the brilliance of Alien Ant Farm as we embark on this electrifying countdown.
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1 Smooth Criminal

I'm totally in love with this song. Usually when you cover the king of pops song, it doesn't go well but this turned out better than the origanal. I dig the video, that kid in yellow can really dance and I want those steps that light up outside my house one day. But the best part was when he just put his finger on the mailbox and it lit up. Awesome way telling you you have mail. I dunno if its just me, (especially when he is wearing the blue) he looks like Sheldon Coopers evil brother laugh out loud

This is my number one song because of how great and rockfall it is and it is the only song alien ant farm is famous for.

2 Movies

Belongs in an oscar winning movie!

3 Attitude

Can't stop listening to this. Could perfectly be an Incubus song which is awesome.

4 Courage

Their best song! Amazing guitar and vocals! Lyrics really speak to you! Beat song in my opinion!

5 S.S. Recognize
6 Glow

How in the world is this not in the top ten!? Listen to this song people, it's brilliant!

7 Universe

Oh my god, this is one of the best songs I've ever heard. I can't even put my finger on what makes it so good, it's just pure eargasm.

Seriously how is this not in the top 5 at least?

Absolutely fantastic great vocals could do without the last 2 or 3 minutes though

8 Let Em Know
9 Never Meant
10 Wish

This song needs more attention, it's just as good (if not, better) than Smooth Criminal. Kind of a shame they're only known for Smooth Criminal even though the rest of the album is still fantastic.

One of the sickest songs I've heard.

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? So Cold
? Last dAntz
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11 These Days

THIS is their best song, why the heck is it down here!?

"These days are great, and so are you. Would you like to work with me, I'd love to work you." Great lyrics, awesome bass, drumming and vocals. Amazing song, extremely underrated. Vote!

How is this not in the top 5!? In my opinion this is their best song. Awesome lyrics, epic bass and nice vocals. Vote!

The bands songs from AAF are These Days, Movies, Spain In The Neck (from the greatest hits album), Smooth Criminal and Attitude. These should be in the top 5!

12 Flesh and Bone
13 Whisper
14 Sticks and Stones

It'll take more than sticks and stones to stop this song from being on my top 10!

15 Calico
16 Good (For a Woman)
17 Stranded
18 Our Time
19 Dirty Bomb

Best song from their new album. I'm so happy Alien Ant Farm has maintained their talent. Sad to see Ty leave but they still sound good. Hoping for at least one album in the future, and Always And Forever is very promising.

20 Crickets

Favorite song from "Up in the Attic"! It's very underrated and deserves so much more attention. It's an inspiring song that tells about a loving couple who hung out around a creek a long time ago. But, "years gone by and this creek's all dry"... Just like their old relationship he misses that dried up over time.

This is very relaxing and is their most underrated song from Up In The Attic. Listen to the sample and vote this song!

Glad this song is climbing the charts, it's Alien Ant Farm's best in my opinion!

21 Spain
22 Happy Death Day
23 Around the Block

How is this not higher!? Such a feel good tune. It's in my top 5.

24 Sarah Wynn
25 Crazy Love
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