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1 This Calling

This was the first song I heard by All that remains. I remember thinking these guys are insane. I just listened to the other songs on this list and they don't come close! The lyrics are amazing the drums are incredible, the guitar solos are awesome as well. This is a favorite song of mine for sure!

The chorus is what makes this song beautiful. The beginning is a little bit rough but the lyrics make the song. Different tones of screaming plus smooth guitar licks make this song number one. FYI: this was the first song I heard that got me into this band.

Awesome song. This was the first song that I heard from this band. Soulful yet powerful
Especially the screaming part in the beginning
Everything else was excellent; riffing, distortion, drums, vocals everything

2 Two Weeks

Absolutely love it. This is the first song I listened to by All That Remains, and it really got me into them. It came on Pandora and I was like " WHAT IS THIS." This is by far their best song!

This song has so much meaning to it! I cried so much listening to it because I realized the lyrics became truer and truer throughout the song. This is the song and band that made me love screamo music

Best song by them. It's a little oldd and right now I like Hold On more, but it's still their best by far. I mean the vocals/lyrics, guitar, drums, everything is just so damn good.

3 Six

Purely an awesome angry and emotional representation of what this band is. Awesome lyrics and instrumental and I nearly passed out listening to the solo the first time. Raw and powerful to the max.

Really really good song! The intro is crazy and the riffs are really catchy. I also like how the solo changes from clean to distortion.

This song just has the emotion of a intense breakup that really makes up the screaming. Also I like the calm part near the end, this song should be number one

4 Not Alone

So hell ya. This song, this calling and Six are a solid three punch combination that will make you happy you chose them. If you like cleaner songs you can check out the newer stuff they put out, but these songs are what you want to listen to.

I listened to this song and instantly I was in love with this band. It was the first song I heard by them, but I knew that if they were to make something as good as this, then they would have to be amazing.

I'm not alone
With the touch of your hand
I am whole again

Best song ever. Awesome lead. The lyrics are simply exceptional.

5 The Waiting One

This is a great song! It has a really nice chord progression and is a really smooth and soft song! It really brings out what all that remains can do with there sound other then being heavy all the time. Definitely one to listen to

Great, great ballad. Just shows how musically talented these guys are. Most of the time I want to bang my head, but every now and then, a song like this can stop you in your tracks. Great writing and music

A very atmosphere ballad, If you are depressed listen to this song!

6 Chiron

I am so darn happy that this is the top 5 list. The guitar sound from oli Herbert was perfect. Same with everybody. Sorry I only no oli Herbert. Great song guys!

Great song, first song by All That Remains I heard, I recommend everyone listening to this song.

WE ARE MADE powerful!

It says it right there, just listen

Honestly the best solo I've heard. Oli Herbert gives the great John petrucci a run for his money! Great work done on this song.

7 The Air that I Breathe

How is this song only number 8? I have over 1,000 songs in my music library, ranging from rock to heavy metal, and this song wasn't the first I heard of the band or anything, but it is EASILY MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME! Absolutely blood-pumping all-out non-stop action-packed song full of perfect riffs accompanied by incredible percussion and, as always, flawless vocals. LISTEN TO IT. LOVE IT. REPEAT.

I'm not a fan of this band. This is truly one song that I actually enjoy. I prefer Slipknot though, aha.

The guitar solo left every single strand of hair in my body standing!

8 The Last Time

Great song, I'm not really a fan of All That Remains, but I think their great and I love this new song. It's got a very melodic sound with the perfect balance of screaming and singing.

This is my favorite song by them... it was the first song I heard by them and it still remains my favorite. I think EVERYBODY should listen to and love this song!

It's my favourite... maybe because is the first song I've heard by this band. "Two weeks" and "hold on" are great too, but this one will always be my number 1.

9 What If I Was Nothing

I haven't listen to any of their other songs, but this song caught my ear within the first 10 seconds!

I don't know how this is not higher. Not a huge fan of the band yet, but a great song.

Great song with good melody. Should be in the top 10.

10 Whispers (I Hear Your)

It's by far my most favorite song! The chorus is one of the best one's I've ever heard! Vote people, vote!

Unabelievable chorus... I don't get tired of it. I think this should at least be top ten. Thumbs up here!

Sad but I love it

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11 Hold On

Definitely deserves to be put on here. One of their newest songs they made and expanding on their clean lyrics. This song is pure harmony. No doubt about it. Not as great as "Two Weeks" but it definitely a noteable song to mention.

Deserves to be put on here. I personally think it should be first. It has a great beat and the vocals are clean.

My favorite is actually keepers of fellow man but I don't see it on here. Hold on is a close second.

12 Won't Go Quietly
13 Forever in Your Hands

Why is this song not higher on the list? This is one of their best songs! I love the slower parts that he sings. It's a beautiful song! Vote it up guys! Jeez.

14 Become the Catalyst

Should be #1 if not #2...

15 Keepers of Fellow Man
16 Before the Damned
17 Faithless
18 Empty Inside

This song is kickass from beginning to end. I love the screaming on the chorus, it's like full of pain. Definitely one of my favorite songs by All That Remains!

Awesome vocals and the solo just epic, highly underrated.

Massively underrated track, how good is this album!

19 For We are Many

Defy! We heed the call
Defy! Strengthen us all
Defy! For we are many
Rising against you

Chorus is comprised of sheer epicness

#33 /: no ways. This is the the song that got me into ATR. Amazing mix of screaming & it's so powerful. Everyone who's scrolling down this should go listen to this song again. Should be near the top

20 The Thunder Rolls
21 This Probably Won't End Well
22 For Salvation
23 Some of the People, All of the Time
24 A War You Cannot Win

How is this song so down here at 33? I honestly thought it would be in the top ten at least

This song is fantastic. It has driving guitar, catchy vocals, great drums

Very underrated, it got a strong message. Definitely one of my favourites by ATR.

25 Shading
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