Top 10 Best Hilary Duff Songs

Whether you fell in love with her tunes as Lizzie McGuire or you're jamming to her later pop anthems, it's hard to deny the catchy allure of her music. The real question here is: what are the best Hilary Duff songs? Well, that's what we're about to find out!

The world of Hilary Duff's music is as diverse and dynamic as the artist herself. From her early pop hits to her matured sound, there's a song for every mood and every moment. Maybe it's her energetic dance tunes that get you moving or her heartfelt ballads that hit you right in the feels. There's a distinct quality to Hilary's music, a mix of infectious pop with relatable lyrics that speak directly to the listener.

You've probably got some personal favorites, those go-to tracks that never fail to make you sing along. But what about the rest of the Hilary Duff fan community? Just like you, they've been jamming to her discography, forming their own list of favorites. This is your chance to join the conversation.

You're invited to vote for the choices you think should hold the title of 'Best Hilary Duff Songs.' Remember, it's not just about commercial success or popular opinion. It's about those songs that speak to you on a personal level, the ones that have soundtracked your life in some way.

Maybe it's a track that resonated with you during a pivotal time in your life or a feel-good anthem that never fails to lift your spirits. Perhaps it's a lesser-known B-side that you feel deserves more recognition. Whatever your choices may be, they are valid, and they contribute to the diverse musical landscape that is Hilary Duff's discography.
The Top Ten
1 Stranger

That's the best song from my homegirl Hilary. You can see her passion and emotion in this one.

2 Come Clean

This song is my all-time favorite by Hilary Duff. It soothes me wherever I am. The first time I heard this song, I became a big fan of it.

It tells us that we should always have a dream and also the capability of achieving it. I recommend it to all Hilary fans. Way to go, Hilary!

3 Fly

This song never gets old. It's one of those songs that lifts my spirit! A true inspiration.

4 So Yesterday

Always going to be a good song, no doubt about it.

5 With Love

Love. This. Song. This song is wicked cool. I remember seeing the commercials on television for her perfume. Smelled awesome, by the way!

6 Wake Up

The first song I heard, the BEST one by Hilary EVER! This one just rocks me out wherever I am. Never forgotten!

Love her! Keep rocking us! Best one ever!

I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every single day. You are my favorite singer. Love you so much!

I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every single day. You're my favorite singer.

7 What Dreams Are Made Of

I listen to it every time! I love this song.

8 Someone's Watching Over Me

Superb! It's one of the best songs ever sung by Hilary Duff. It's magnificent and easy to learn.

We sung it in our school and we got a prize. Everybody told us it was simply excellent and awesome!

It's Hilary's best song. I really love the music and the lyrics. Hilary sings the song beautifully and it seems she's confident.

The song has a really great meaning.

I love this song so much. I first heard this song in the movie "Raise Your Voice."

9 Beat of My Heart
10 Why Not

This song is so upbeat, fun, and carefree. Ah, great lessons behind it at the same time.

The Contenders
11 Gypsy Woman
12 Our Lips are Sealed
13 I Am
14 Sparks
15 Holiday

Classy song. The best from "Best of Hilary Duff." The chorus is very good and anyone can automatically fall for it.

Hilary Duff rocks!

16 Tattoo
17 Reach Out

Reach out and touch me. It's all I want to say.

18 All About You
19 Burned
20 Hey Now
21 Dignity
22 Now You Know
23 Where Did I Go Right?
24 Underneath This Smile

I love her screaming. I don't know, just writing this while I'm listening.

25 Who's That Girl?
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