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A list of the best songs by English prog rock/metal band Anathema.
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1 Untouchable, Pt. 2

I've listened to this band for 20 years now. And I seem to understand why other people may want the older songs like emotional winter or are you there. It is based on the time you felt strongly about the band. If that's the case, I'd go for Angelica... However it is worth seeing the transition here... Untouchable is a song about redemption... and it beautifully fits the time landscape of the band...

Unbelievable change of sound from a wonderful band; this comes from an old fan. this track is the best I've heard recently!

2 One Last Goodbye

You know when someone asks you what your favourite song in the world is and you have to think about it for a long time? For the past 14 years I don't have to think even for a second.

No song can come close to the emotions this song has. From the acoustic intro to the heart wrenching solo. This so is perfect. Oh and Vincent's vocals are just perfect.

Let's make this clear : this is the best song ever! And it's not the number one in this top 10?! No seriously, this song has one of the best lyrics ever made, a really nice music and guitar play, I highly recommend it as a true Anathema fan

3 Untouchable, PT 1

One thing I love about Anathema is that all of their albums I've listened to so far have the most amazing starts and well this song is no exception. Never get tired listening to this one...

The best love song I have ever heard.

This song touches you literally.

4 Flying

My first beloved Anathema song! It's great! Especially ending part

This is why I loved anathema in the first place! this song is a pure awesomeness

Watch the live version for an extended guitar solo that will send you "flying"

5 Lost Control

How much longer to I hit the ground...

Great song! You can feel all the pain!

You can feel sadness among the strong feelings in this song,its unique.!

6 Universal

The plovdiv version is incredible!

7 The Beginning and the End

One of the best songs I've ever heard. takes my breath away every time

8 Ariel

Soothing, beautiful and strong.

9 Temporary Peace

Anathema can't have a top ten sadly. Hardest task ever. I'd vote for this song because it is incredibly underrated and insanely beautiful.

Come on people, I don't understand why this song is not on the list, It clearly deserves to be number one. Followed by Lost control.

Man, this is easily the best from Anathema. come on people, stop voting untouchable...

10 Internal Landscapes

This song is really amazing! For sure it should be at least on the top five

The Contenders
11 Regret

So much love for this song, touching, emotional and intense as no others!

Anathema is my idol, and regret is a masterpiece!

I can't stop myself listening to Regret & The Lost Child. Wonderful Songs!

12 A Simple Mistake

This is without a doubt my favorite song by them, the incredibly beautiful and sad first half and the incredibly brutal yet full of hope second half. It's just perfect, and the production is top-notch! Love it :D

I expected this to be number one it moved me so deeply a favorite all time song. but the other songs above this number 10 are also awesome

This track has everything. Stunning performed live.

13 Angels Walk Among Us

Ville valo is not singing in this song right?!

14 The Storm Before the Calm

Seriously? Not even top 10? Every second of this song is unbelievably beautiful.

Honestly don't know how many times I've re-listened to this song!

Epic 'stormy' start, to fade out in an emotional grand finale! Love it!

15 Distant Satellites
16 The Lost Song, Part 2

Why is this song so under-rated?

17 Summer Night Horizon

Underappreciated, remarkable song.

18 Fragile Dreams

Best of anathema when it was actually a metal band, new songs suck hard.

The energy in this song is simply charismatic.

One of the best songs of Anathema.

19 Dreaming Light

In their recent Cathedral tour they did acoustic version with both Vince and Lee doing the vocals. They absolutely nailed it! Incredibly atmospheric.

Man I love this song. Can't decide between One Last Goodbye or Dreaming Light. One Last Goodbye is more from the heart but Dreaming Light gives me chills.

This Song has always the Power to let my Tears flow...

20 Don't Look Too Far
21 A Natural Disaster

My first choice will be one last goodbye, but number 2 is surely a natural disaster, interestingly and unexpectedly good duet with Lee Duglas, beautiful guitar and singing, melodic and very impressive with lyrics. These 2 songs (one last goodbye and natural disaster) are like a dialogue between a split up couple, I'd recommend you to listen them together in a row with lyrics in front of your eyes

Why this song is no:17? This song is my number 1 surely but at least should be in the top three in this list.

22 Deep

I think this is one of the best songs on this album... there comes a time when the melody takes it slow.. and it is as if the singer realises something and regrets it...

23 The Lost Song, Part 1

THE most well composed Anathema song in my opinion, highly expressive and guides tension in a brilliant manner. Tremendous talent these folks have, and musical intelligence

24 Angelica

Reminds me of the pain of losing the love of my life, a truly special song.

25 Anathema

A very obvious number 1 song and I agree, followed by A Simple Mistake, Fragile Dreams, Flying...

Really well built, greatest guitar solo... And not in a ''dude awesome riff'' way, but in a musical, compositional, expressive and highly emotional way

Seriously this song is amazing,
it contains all of their works emotions at once.

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