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The singer-songwriter who brought about a revolution in Bengali rock with his philosophical and poetic lyrics and wonderful compositions. Many of his compositions have become anthems throughout Bengal among people of all ages, due to the simplicity and poetic feel of the emotions he expresses though his rock. It is a hard job selecting the best of his, since his compositions have both lyrics and music as factors. All the non- film songs in the list are from his first album "Dubine Chokh Rakhbo Na"
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1 Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard, and I'm really obsessed by this wonderful song! I admit I'm a great fan of the greatest singer Anupam Roy. Other songs, excluding 'Amake amar moto thakte dao', are also awesome and fabulous. It's no exaggeration to say that I daresay I haven't seen another singer as Anupam Roy.

"Let me live my life in my own way"... The simplicity and universality of this song from the film "Autograph" (2010) was what made him reach so many hearts. This can be called the Bengali youth anthem of the decade

This song is so beautiful. Every moment when I listen this song I can feel it so much. I think may be this song has been created only for me...
I can't explain my feelings. Really this is the great song.

I haven't been too much into Bengali songs given my limited knowledge with the language but this one doesn't need you to know the language. Just awesome.

2 Ekbar Bol

I think this song dedicate to all the people feel alone... I love this.

One of the best by Anupam... His voice is very soulful and magical... This song is soothing like none other...

We all are alone in this crowded city-- a universal truth yet hard to accept.

I love this song. Anupam you your song and your smile is very sweet.

3 Benche Thakar Gaan

Heart touching song... I like this song so much

One should live against all odds hence-- benche thakar gaan!

Oh my god. The feels. This song is a masterpiece. I love it!

I'm just touched with this song.

4 Ami Ajkal Bhalo Achi

A soulful song! With the passage of time we learn to fit in this society and make our living worthwhile.

I love this song... Really heart touching song

5 Ekhon Onek Raat

Best thing of this song is its lyric it simply awesome and anupam sir you as always fantastic.

Life inspiring... and sometimes nostalgic

Specially I like him & his all of songs... This is the best one... Well done. Farabi, Bangladesh

Out and out A Love Song- fabulous!

6 Ure Jaak

The song has a soothing lullaby effect-- fantastic!

7 Second Sex

The very song has a social commentary- good job!

This was one of the best

8 Bariye Dao

About relations by blood... A roller coaster ride of emotions. A music that plunges you into a kind of ecstatic realization. A lyrics that promises... With admirable simplicity.

It seems as if Anupam is asking me to hold his feels like heaven!

I also extend my hands towards poor and helpless of the society.

This song is just awesome..

9 Ei Srabon
10 Tistaan 2

I love this song very much, thanks sir for gifted us such as good song. I wish you will gift us many songs like that. You are really encouraged all the singers of our future.

If you are missing those awesome Britpop or pop rock creations of the Oasis era when music and lyrics were at its best, Tistaan 2 would be a recommendation. A distinct influence of Bengali singer- songwriters like Anjan Dutta and Rupam Islam. Anupam is complete and he rocks

A heart- rending song, I can relate myself with it!

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11 Phanka Frame

Haven't heard something so good in a while.
It speaks to the heart in its own way. That's how Bengali songs should be.

It is really an epic song...

12 Jani Dekha Hobe

Awesome fusion of " jo vaada kiya" with really touching music! Soothing music.. Anytime hear for long drives

13 Govire Jaao

It is raly one of the best songs I ever heard. Thank you for create and sing this song.

Love this song like anything...

A very passionate song!

Your voice are so nice

14 Classroom

I like the songs

15 Jawl Phoring

Mon jay kara composition...

One of from you... anupam the

16 Amar Mawte Tor Moton Keu Nei

"My Opinion" is the best song I've ever heard, I think it'll be the best Anupam Roy song. Heart touching and so romantic. LOVE IT

Superb song... Best of luck Anupam Roy

Just love this song nothing else.

17 Bandhu Kokhono Hoy Na Pura No

It's the best friendship song out there...I am pleased with this...

His voice is really nice

I like anupam all songs...

18 Odbhoot Mugdhota

Complains about the superficial urban conceptions of love... Preaches the ecstasy and true admiration. And with a feel- good music, with a wonderful pre- chorus, and an awesome song video, certainly a romantic realization.

19 Bijli Baati

It makes you fall in love with Anupam immediately, both as a songwriter as well as a singer and a composer. A beautiful feel good tune, gets embedded in your heart forever... Similar (not exactly) psychadalic rock. And the lyrics is sickeningly meaningful. Can keep you thinking for hours.

The tune of this song is superb!

20 Namte Namte
21 Dersho Bochor Ageo Ami

This song pierced through my heart and stuck to my soul from the very 1st time I heard...

It's a awesome song

22 Ei Meghla Dine Akla

Awesome song with so touching music. Just love it.

23 Boba Tunnel
24 Aloshyo
25 Ke Tumi Shibaji
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