Top 10 Best Female K-Pop Rappers From Groups

Let's set aside the popularity and focus on their rapping skills without their group... who the best?
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1 CL / Lee Chae Rin - 2NE1 CL, born Lee Chae-rin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and rapper. She gained international fame as the leader of the girl group 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. Known for her unique style and powerful vocals, CL has been an influential figure in K-pop and has also ventured into the American music... read more

I just saw her in the Seattle concert and her stage presence was the bomb! She just kept on jumping and singing and rapping for an hour and a half, only taking breaks to change or actually take a breath. Her rapping was actually live, so hmm... about 100% better than the SNSD girls who don't sing live. She's so pretty, and I don't know why people say she is so ugly. I personally think she is tied with Park Bom and Minzy in 2NE1. Sandara is always first for me. Her stage presence is amazing. I have to address this once more, and then she is amazing at rapping... Baddest Female sound familiar? Don't deny it... she's the best...

2 Miryo - Brown Eyed Girls

How is nasty CL and "I couldn't rap to save my life" Amber number one and number two? Obviously, queen Miryo should be number 1. I'm disgusted.

As for someone biased towards Amber and CL, even I'll say they are nowhere near Miryo. A true rapper can rap on the spot.

I mean, CL's got swag, but no female idol rapper can beat Miryo's flow. She's better than most male idol rappers as well.

3 Amber Josephine Liu - f(x)

I believe Amber is the best rapper out of the girl groups. It's unique and on beat, and she's actually rapping, not just speaking really fast. Look at her recent solo song "Shake That Brass." You'll see how good her rapping is, and she's improving more.

Another fact is that she actually passed her audition through singing, not rapping skills. But she was positioned as the rapper. She had a two-year trainee period, and her rapping skills are awesome. Maybe she had a hidden talent.

She's also multi-talented. She can not only rap but also sing, dance, play piano/guitar/drums, etc., write/compose music, plus her personality is really good - so down-to-earth. Yes, she is kind of tomboyish, but that's part of her charm (but she does have her girly and shy side too). F(x) is my favorite/only K-pop girl group I like because of their unique charm.


Her background as an underground rapper shows everything you need to see. I am not an EXID fan/stan, but I don't think there's anyone who can say bad things about LE's rapping skills. She is so damn good.

Being the "baddest" does not equate to being a great rapper and songwriter. LE has the complete package. She even made songs for other artists that became a hit. Just from her background in underground rap to her lyricist activities, LE is considered one of the top female rappers in K-pop.

Sexy yet fierce! This girl really knows how to rap. I don't understand how Bora is higher than LE. LE has her unique style, and her rapping is impressive. And I think that Bora sings, not raps.

5 Moonbyul - Mamamoo

Not only is she perfect at rapping, but she has a very stable singing voice too. She even writes her raps in every song of MAMAMOO, and I think she's very good at making raps whether it be a ballad song, hip hop, or any genre.

Her raps are always unique, and her voice is nice to listen to. Her rapping is not like common idol rapping (talking on beat..? For the lack of a better explanation). She's one of the best and deserves more recognition.

She deserves to be at the top. Her rap style is really unique, and she has an amazing stage presence, delivery, and flow! She's also the ultimate girl crush.

6 Yeon Soyeon - (G)I-DLE

Best female rapper in K-pop right now. Jennie and Lisa can't compare to her because she actually writes her raps, and they actually have more meaning and depth. She can beat both in a diss rap battle. She has swag and charisma.

Her name is Jeon Soyeon, and yes, she's the best rapper.

She actually puts emotion into her raps!

7 Kim Yubin - Wonder Girls

Eh hem! Are you kidding me? Out of this list, Yubin deserves to be AT LEAST in third! Tiffany Hwang definitely can't RAP!

All I know is Yubin is better than CL, and Tiffany can't rap. Tiffany is on the list because of her delusional fans.

Ugh. Why number 7 only? She's way better than Tiffany! Yubin even writes mostly her own rap parts.

8 Tiffany Hwang - Girls' Generation / SNSD Stephanie Young Hwang, known professionally as Tiffany, Tiffany Hwang or Tiffany Young, is an American singer.

Tiffany is indeed the best rapper in SNSD, not just in English but also Korean. Her husky voice really suits her rapping style, making the song more into the beat and beautiful to hear as well.

Tiffany can actually rap well. She has a nice voice that makes her rapping really good, not just in Korean but also in English. She is not just good at it, she can sing very well too.

Tiffany is the pseudo-rapper of the group, but she is an amazing rapper. She suits more in rapping style rather than a sweet voice.

9 Bora / Yoon Bo Ra - Sistar

I like the way Bora raps. It's fun and cheerful. It has a hip hop feel but not too much. She's not your typical rapper. She has her own style and trademark. Whenever you hear her rap, you know it's Bora.

I really love the way she raps. When I hear her rap, I feel like I want to be like her. Also, Bora has a unique skill in dancing, and that talent is what I also love about her.

I love her rap skills. She can also sing and dance, but I think her rapping is the best out of the three. She manages to be sexy and cute when she raps in "Gone Not Around Any Longer" and "Loving U".

10 Eunjung - T-ara

Beautiful, and in addition to singing high notes, is also an amazing rapper! Especially when she covered TOP's rap.

Eunjung is the best female rapper of all time.

Eunjung is better than Hwayoung.

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11 Yoon Mi-rae - The Movement

Tasha is by far the best female rapper in Korea because she's a true and great rapper in general. Put her together with her husband, Tiger JK, and with Bizzy, and you've got some incredible music. CL and Miryo are both great rappers, but Tasha seriously outshines them all.

I don't care if she's not a K-Pop idol. She can still kick all these silly little idols' asses regardless.

She's not a K-Pop idol, nor is she in a group. But if she were, oh yeah, number 1 no doubt.

12 Kwon Yuri - Girls' Generation / SNSD Kwon Yu-ri, better known by the mononym Yuri, is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.

Wow! Yuri should be ranked higher than Sooyoung. Haha. Not bashing Sooyoung, but her voice is just refreshing, unlike Yuri's. Yuri has a sexy voice, which is why she matches her rap.

Yuri is one of the best dancers in SNSD, next to Hyoyeon. But she can also rap because she has a deep, seductive voice that matches her rap style. Yuri is better than Sooyoung.

She raps well, good voice for rapping. Her voice doesn't really suit her well, but I like her smooth rapping.

13 SooYoung - Girls' Generation / SNSD Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group... read more

Yeah, she's definitely the best rapper in SNSD, followed by Hyoyeon and Yoona/Yuri. I don't know why Tiffany's so far up. I love her, but she's not good at all. Yoona's much better, and I'm not even a fan of Yoona. That being said, Tiffany couldn't even do Yoona's rap in IGAB. She's a singer, not a rapper.

Sooyoung is a good rapper! She has a sexy voice. I love it!

Sooyoung is one of the best rappers in SNSD.

14 Minzy - 2NE1

I think Minzy should be top 10, no lie. Like, I'm sorry, but there are some girls who can't rap well higher than Minzy. I swear some people are high on this list just because they're popular, not because of their skills.

Wow, this girl really is underrated. Better than all SNSD, T-ara, Kara, and 4Minute 'rappers' combined. Not hating, but let's be real.

15 Hyuna - 4Minute Kim Hyuna, better known by the mononym Hyuna, stylized as HyunA, is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and model.

Her performance of "Superstar" was amazing!

She's sexy, nice, and beautiful. What else do you want from her? Go 4NIAS!

She is my number one. Can't wait for her comeback on the 21st of August. Fighting! I love you, Hyuna.

16 Hwayoung - T-ARA

Her rap was honestly one of the most gripping, iconic, and overall best things that happened to T-ara. Good rapper. Truthfully, the only real one in her group. Main Rapper position and promotion were well deserved.

Best rapper! Hwayoung is amazing. I seriously miss her. Besides, she's one of the best-looking in the group. I wish she also got some singing parts, though.


She's one of the two best rappers in BLACKPINK. In my opinion, she's the best in BLACKPINK. We can describe her as the best female rapper that ever formed in YG after CL. She is popular for being a skilled rapper and an incredibly talented dancer.

Her rapping and dancing skills are no joke. When she starts rapping, it flows like water, and so do her dance moves. Also, she's so gorgeous, and she's the face of BLACKPINK. It's not a surprise as she's from YG, and she and Jennie are following their mom CL's footpath.

Lisa's rap flow is incredibly crazy. I mean, she's not the main rapper, but I think YG really did a good job by giving her this role. She's killing every bar she spits.

18 Jia / Meng Jia - Miss A

Miss A! The best of all!

Singing? Ha! Fei and Suzy are here, a great combination with their powerful vocals. Watch their song 'Blankly'. It will surely touch your heart and is full of emotions!

Dancing? Of course! The kkab queen, Min, is here. What can't she do?

Rapping? Tss, no need to worry. Jia is here! Pure Chinese, but when she raps, I assure you, she's impressive.

Acting? Hey, all of them can act! No need to question it! Miss A is the best! Incredible!

Jia can rap too! She's better than Tiffany!

Totally favorite rapper. Best ever!

19 Jennie - BLACKPINK

Jennie is the best rapper...

Expression: Jennie is an awesome rapper, and her expression is mind-blowing. She gives her best, and expression is the most important part of rap.

Charisma: Jennie is a charismatic rapper. Her charisma is on another level, and she is full of it. Charisma is a crucial part of rap.

Vocals: Jennie's vocals are literally fire. Her vocals are the strongest and most unique, specifically made for rapping. Her strong vocals give expression.

Feeling: Jennie always expresses her full feeling through her rap. Her body movements are unique, and her slow rap is on another level. Sometimes, she raps as smoothly as cool.

Pronunciation: She is one of the best main rappers. Her every pronunciation is unique, which is the best quality for a rapper. Her every pronunciation is awesome.

Fast rap: She is one of the fastest rappers. Her fast rap, especially with her vocals, is the most unique.

She deserves to be a main rapper. She is one of the best rappers I have ever seen.

20 Yoona - Girls' Generation / SNSD

Yoona's rapping is very great, cool, fierce, and very amazing. I love her rap. She is fantastic.

Yoona is multitalented, beautiful, and smart! She is my favorite rapper, dancer, singer, actress, model, and MC.

Yoona's rap is so cool. She's a very good rapper.

21 Hyomin - T-Ara
22 Hyoyeon - Girls' Generation / SNSD

I love Hyoyeon so much. She is my favorite member of SNSD. I don't think their songs would be complete without her unique voice and rapping skills. She is a great dancer, singer, rapper, and an all-around beautiful person.

She is really funny as well and so sweet to the people around her. Hyoyeon is one of the prettiest girls in K-pop, and I love her so much! Queen Hyo and SNSD fighting!

This poll isn't accurate. Hyoyeon is a better rapper compared to Yuri or Yoona. She has a big voice that makes her rap parts cool and amazing. She can easily rap the parts that are really fast. She has a nice voice too. She just doesn't show it much because dancing is her passion.

23 Zinger / Jung Hana - Secret

I think Hana (alias Zinger) must be in the top 3 because we can't even know how good a rapper she is! She's a queen, seriously. Her rap isn't a joke! She didn't show a lot of her skills now, but she's definitely one of the best 3 female rappers!

Amber, Hyuna, and Bora are a joke compared to Zinger/Hana.

A good rapper you all should listen to. I thought that her group was not a rapping group, but then I listened to Poison. I like her strong rapping.

I don't think many people realize Zinger's addicting rapping skills and her charming looks. She's almost perfect.

24 Yezi - Fiestar

Yezi is my favourite female rapper. Her English rapping is so good. She has speed and accuracy.

Yezi, in my opinion, is the best K-pop rapper ever. She can rap at 10x the speed of anyone else and can memorize verses on verses of English raps. Better watch out, Yezi is coming for everyone.

Yezi is the best rapper! She is better than CL and the others!

25 Shin Jimin - AOA

She's awesome. She can rap correctly even though she's sleeping.

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