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Always makes us cheer...

Very good I think

2 Tokyo

Best song ever heard. So energetic, so awesome, so magical, don't have enough words to describe this beautiful song.

What makes this song more awesome is your voice. Yeah, go... Go Yui
Continue singing with all your heart. Give us other songs!

Awesome song, but I felt a lil bit sad whenever I heard to this song, reminding me to someone that I ever loved and still loving till now. I love your voice.. Feel like it brings me hope whenever I had problem, thanks YUI.

This is 1 of my favorite song for my guitar practice. Somehow I can feel this song by the way Yui san sang it.

3 Life

You have to read the lyric to fully appreciate this one. So settle, yet profound and deep, consider how young she was. This song reminded of the unfortunate truth in reality, where everyone do their best to not crack under pressure although things barely looking up...

The first Yui's song I listen... I will never forget the feeling when I listened to this song at the first time, like the wind blow, make me feel at ease even though I have no clue about Japanese language

It's one of best songs from YUI. Energetic song. Every time I listen it, I feel very spirit.

Yeahh... I can change my Life.

4 Again

This is probably YUI's best song. When I heard it for the first time in FMA: Brotherhood, I couldn't help but relate to it. The lyrics are so pure, and all the emotions are perfectly conveyed though them. They are so true and meaningful. And of course, the way YUI sings them is so awesome and unique. Truly her best.

Amazing song, it's the first song I heard from her because of Fma but still the best song she has (also made me get a huge crush on her before seeing who she was. when I saw her WOW is all I could say in awe of her beauty)

One of the best songs in the world! This song is the reason why I knew YUI and became my #1 idol in the whole world. She's the best.

5 Gloria

Make me get true spirit..!

6 Rolling Star

Though I don't understand Japanese but the moment I heard this Song... With such a beautiful and Frank voice... It already Stole my heart... Its been 2years and I still listen to this song like everyday... Keep it up YUI. : )

This song is boss, if you look at the "rolling star concert" live version on youtube you can see how much she gets into it. Dorodarake rolling STAR!

Best song ever! Sweet love is what I've dreamed of, a peaceful world with people devoid of voilence.

7 Fight

Ganbatte n__n I like this song... It may give you the power of going on!

8 Feel My Soul
9 Skyline

My blog is all about Skyline.. I don't know how to describe it, watching YUI performing Skyline in Taiyou no Uta. I just felt something. Something running through my spines listening to this song. It's the same with Tokyo.

Yes, I wish I can fly.

This should be in the top 10 awesome song...

10 Love & Truth

Beautiful song... this should be in the top 10

18? What, this sound makes my cry

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11 Summer Song

This song is really awesome, it has perfect tune and melody. Keep up the good work YUI! But to say the truth, I love every YUI song.

12 Hello

I like this the most... The meaning of those lyrics are funny. The music is catchy

One day, I'll make you go crazy for me. You smiling cute demon.

It makes me sing-along even if I don't understand (hihi..Filipino Citizen here)

13 Never Say Die

Good grief, she sounds so cool when she sings "Never Mind... Never say DIEE! "

14 Good-bye Days

This is the should be the best song. It has been in the chart for over 50 weeks, and has some catchy frase.

So deep song, I like that.

Best song of yui, I dot know I can't describe it with a words.
Every time when I listen to this song I feel sad and bring my memories back then with my x-girlfriend

15 I'll Be
16 Namidairo

I listen to this song every day... And its beautiful...

The melody is awesome

17 I Remember You

Come on! Yui lovers, you know this song should be in top 10.

18 Green Alive
19 You

Deep emotional, really recommended!

This song is amazing

21 Tomorrow's Way

This song is great! Especially the chorus... :3
Even if I didn't understand it, it makes me sad...


22 Crossroad
23 To Mother

Every time I listen to this gives me teary eyes...
It reminds me that I should live my life with my mother with no regrets while I still can.

24 Your Heaven
25 Daydreamer
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