Top 10 Best Arcade Fire Songs

Fantastic indie rock band... what are their best songs?
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1 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

The first time I heard this I had to listen to it again right after to be sure I heard it correctly through the trance it put me in. By all logic this song should not work; its tempo fluctuates, its note precision is shoddy, but in the end that's the point. Raw emotion so powerful that it doesn't just interpret the music, it rewrites it. Definitely Arcade Fire's most impressive piece and deservedly at the top of this list. And I haven't even mentioned the lyrics or the live performances. I've never looked at music in the same way after this piece.

This song is the song that defined my teenage years. Coming from a family in emotional turmoil, I found comfort in this song. Reminds me of fighting for the one girl who made everything feel better - the one girl who didn't neglect me, and made me see in color. It also reminds me that one day, that girl and I will look back and wonder where the hurt even went. She makes me feel like the best girlfriend in the world.

this song is perfect from beginning to end. There is literally no part of this song that I think to myself "hmm coulda done without that..." The twinkling piano notes in the beginning, Win's quivering voice, the instrumental and emotional build up, the imagery...I could go on. Suffice it to say that this song is #1, not just in Arcade Fire's catalogue, but in the list of songs I've ever heard. No cap.

My favorite song of all time. No song can compare to the build and intensity of this song. Not only did they compose it so beautifully, but the message is so great too. A man who leaves his parents to be with girl and then realizes they have completely forgotten everything and don't know how to name their children and they realize they should not have neglected their parents. A song a hold strongly to heart. Truly sublime.

2 Wake Up

We can all agree that this music has the best change of tempo ever. Whenever they finish the line with "reaches and touches my hand" I can't contain myself, it's so much joy and I end up in tears every time. I wish everyone had the oportunity of hearing this tune live. Trust me, it's a life changer

I love arcade fire, probably one of the best indie bands around, they just provide something different and energetic but this was the first song I heard by them. it was in the trailer for where the wild things are and I bought the album (funeral) and all the others since. love it!

So huge sounding. Truly awesome chorus and the ending is just so soft and harmless and innocent but sad sounding in a way. It's so many emotions and that's why its number 1!

This song is so good... Easily the best Arcade Fire song and by far one of the best songs I've ever heard in my entire life.

3 Rebellion (Lies)

Unlike others songs from Arcade Fire, this song ends in sadness, a violin-whistling induced sadness and it's beautiful. Since the beginning of the song you are like taping your feet, finding freedom in its strong rhythm and then you end up singing this no-lyric kind of chorus and everyone around you is singing with you in a perfect connection with the band on the stage. There's no words to describe the feeling

One of my favourite Arcade Fire songs along with No Cars Go. I can't describe what I feel with this, it is a mix of feelings like happiness, sadness, when the piano gets in, then Win sings... It's something unique, every time I start to hear that bass line... It's one of the best things ever! It's so beautiful, yet sad... One of the best songs ever written and one of my favourites songs of all time. It's incredible

My favourite and the first I've listened from Arcade Fire. Funeral is such a great album, and Rebellion is the finest on it. I really love Tunnels and Wake Up, but this one just can't get out of my head.

My favourite of Arcade Fires! Such a beautiful and heady song! The piano and the violin make it ethereal, atmospheric... It's poetic and powerful at the same time. It gives the shivers!

4 The Suburbs

One of the coolest indie song of our time. The music catchy & pretty awesome. The lyrics are just brilliant.
They are one of my all time favorite indie band right after Arctic Monkeys.

I can't believe that this song isn't #1 great lyrics, great music, and the best music video I've ever seen probably. We Used to Wait and Ready to Start should be 2nd and 3rd as well.

This was the song that made me love arcade fire. It sets the tone for the perfect album that is 'the suburbs'and shows so much emotion. What more could you ask for in a song?

Good chord progression, lyrics, instrumentation, vocals, really good vibe. Really there are no faults with this song. It's fantastic.

5 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

This song is gorgeous. It's stunningly beautiful. From the heavy synths to Reginé's very high, almost shrill (which is not a bad thing) voice, it creates such an epic story. It almost feels as though her voice carries a panicky tone like she will be trapped inside the "sprawl" with no way to escape, but at the same time it's so anthemic that one can only derive a sense of hope. It's simple amazing.

Amazing. Best Arcade Fire song there is. This makes you, literally, in your dreams. It can make you in a happy mood for the rest of your awesome life.

All the songs are beyond amazing but I think this one shines the most of all of the songs and it is currently my favourite song at the moment. Love to ARCADE FIRE

I think this song is the greatest piece of art in the 21st century so far. I can't get enough of it.

6 Afterlife

In my dreams there is a club that exclusively plays sad bangers. This song would be at the top of that playlist. I have never cried AND danced harder than when I am listening to this song.

Every time I hear this song I like it more. I know for a fact it's the percussion, and I've memorized the symbol crashes by now, but man it's just bizarrely invigorating with every new listen. Especially at night.

Symbolically, this is the best Arcade Fire song. One of the best love songs ever written.

The last half of the song is a journey through the imagination and selfdiscovery of the afterdeath experience, best song ever!

7 Ready to Start

Still my favorite chord progression I've ever heard. The intro and the first few lines are permanently embedded in my head to the point where I subconsciously start dancing to it and singing it under my breath. It's infectious.

The best song from Arcade Fire, it defines me, and gave me a fealing of rebirth every time I listen it. I cried the first time I listened live, if the businessmen drink your blood, doesn't matter because... you're now ready to start...

For me it's the most emotional song ever. When I heard it live it was one of the best moments in my life. The climax is immense.

A thousand time better than wake up or any of their songs.

8 Intervention

Butler delivers and then some on this one. Towards the Middle of the song is really when it starts to get good then he just carri s the rest like no other arcade song. Similar if not better than Neighborhood#2.

This is one of the best song I've heard in my life. The instrumentation, the lyrics, the delivery are just perfect. It has so much meaning, politically and religiously speaking.

Simply fantastic.
Lyrics make this song the best.
My interpretation people committing so much time/energy to ones passion or work leads to collateral damage..

This music has so much meaning, I think we should all learn from the band's message in this song... a powerful chorus that make us better people, couldn't ask for more

9 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Tunnels and Wake Up are great songs, but nothing comes close to power out. You sing along to tunnels, you scream and punch through a wall to power out.

My word WHAT a band. Amazing song. This is my favourite, very closely followed by Rebellion. The rest is all amazing too.

Definitely their most high soaring, lively song. Fantastic energy in it and the lyrics are quite powerful.

Such a powerful song!

10 No Cars Go

I first heard this song from it's 2003 original version and I was amazed. When I heard it's re-recording for Neon Bible I thought to myself that Arcade Fire are just setting the bar so high. It's gonna be almost impossible to make music better than this guys, on the studio AND on the stage. 'Cause on the studio they make you believe in life itself yet they still manage to combine it with the other songs of the album and their meanings. On the stage they lead you to an imperial cavalcade of emotions and you find yourself bursting out in tears with it's amazing Outro

Strong contender for #1. I wish I could listen to this song for the first time again so that I can experience the second half of the song once more.

One of the very few songs that's never gonna bore me out. I really could listen to it a hundred times - it IS one of the best songs ever produced!

The outro is one of my favorite moments in musical history. The energy is awesome.

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11 Reflektor

I have a serious crush on this song. Arcade Fire is such a unique band, and every song they produce is a complete masterpiece. The band is made up of a lot of people, against the usual four or five members. I've noticed that most of their songs use the same song format, then they go on for a long time with amazing melodies and just pull you into their world. This song, Reflektor, is mysterious and almost creepy in a way, but it's super catchy and the kind of song you find yourself dancing to at your bedroom mirror. The singers have great voices, and I find it really cool that part of the song was sung in French. This song definitely deserves to be boosted up into the top five Arcade Fire songs!

Not only my favorite Arcade Fire song, this is one of the best rock songs ever, right up with some of Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. It's quite sticky but not in an annoying way, it's smooth and dark with intensity and a masterful composition. Miles ahead from other songs in my opinion.

Produced by James Murphy and featuring David Bowie, this song lives up to its expectations. One of the more dancier songs Arcade Fire has done, it is simply a masterpiece. You can't help but tap your foot.

When I first heard it live I heard the chorus and thought it was called "Sister Detective". Loved the title, now love the song.

12 Keep the Car Running

First song I ever heard from Arcade fire.
It still is undoubtedly the best one.

Great hook. Fun to sing along to.

13 Suburban War

The song has so much feeling and emotion. Should be much much higher. Having said that though all the above are awesome to. Haven't heard an arcade fire song that I don't like yet.

When the drums come in and Win sings "All my old friends, they don't know me now"... most emotional moment in an Arcade Fire song for me. Except maybe in My Body is a Cage

What an absolute masterpiece of a song. It's one of the few songs that has personally had an impact on me.

Best song ever

14 Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

I used to hate this song. I would skip it while listening to Funeral. But then I listened all the way through... and it hooked me. It features the best use of accordian (albeit some of the ONLY use of accordian) in any rock/indie/alternative song of recent years.

This is the best song, and it was this that first got me into Arcade Fire. My other faves are Rebellion (Lies), Sprawl II, Reflektor but the rest are equally great

Just began listening Arcade Fire, but this track really stood out on my first listen of Funeral, it is just so different.

Now the neighbors can dance! So underrated...

15 Everything Now
16 We Used to Wait

This was the first song I ever heard of their's and is still my favorite song by far after listening to all the songs. The interactive video is pretty original.

17 Haiti

Simply heartbreaking. Although it's not the only Arcade Fire song that mixes the lyrics from both French and English, Haiti's lyrics just flow in their own way and the language change seems to take place every time when it's more beautiful to say the particular line in the other language. Don't even get me started on the instrumental and the music video.

This song gets me emotional. Why is it not higher?

18 Crown of Love

This song is incredibly beautiful, the emotion you hear when Win sings "You gotta be the one, you gotta be the way, your name is the only word that I can say" is so epic. And I absolutely love the transition into the upbeat part!

It's a beautiful ballad from start to finish. It starts with a sadness like tune then as it is about to end, it burst with this contagious beat that you can't just help yourself but to dance to it.

Amazing! One of the best songs from the best album of the 21st century!

Such a beautiful song, the build-up gets me every time.

19 In the Backseat

Regine's hyper-emotional performance in addition to its hyper-emotional instrumental makes it their most sensitive and emotive song to date. My fave!

so much raw emotion in one song, I get goosebumps every time. A song that expands , reaches an emotional peak, and slowly reels back into itself only begging to be listened to again.

Perfect ending to funeral with Regine offering some amazing vocals.

This is my personal favourite Arcade Fire song, due to the fact that it's also the second best track with female vocals ever made, slightly behind Björk's Jóga. It also made me cry at the 4 minute mark on my first listen.

20 My Body is a Cage

This is definitely their best song. It's perfect. Constantly building throughout the song, raw emotion, great use of the organ and amazing drumming that keeps the song moving once the full sound comes in. Win is amazing in this song too. Lyrics are definitely their best as well. Need I say more?

So umm, did people just forget about this one? Did they not see it? Whatever the explanation, this deserves to be in the top 5.

21 Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)
22 Porno

Most underrated song from "Reflektor". Great lyrics, great chorus and an awesome outro!

Amazing beats and great lyrics!

23 Creature Comfort
24 We Exist

Lately I've become so addictive to this song... Music video is so damn good... It deserves a bit higher place in this list

This should in the top ten. The strings really bring the song to life.

25 It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

A really powerful, energetic and beautiful duet of Regine and Will, telling a story of two lovers losing each other. Deserves every listen!

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