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1 Like a Stone

Killer! I could for sure feel the pain of the lead vocalist.. Damn man.. Nice job! Especially the guitar bit at the very end is something supernatural and apart from the earthly pleasures... Even I listen to several songs altogether.. The pain in this song is chanceless.. Sizzling beats... Rocker! Killer! Insane..!

Something about this song just makes me feel so vulnerable. Probably because I know how much noise these guys can make as a group, and the fact that they don't have to make it in this song and it is their best by such a grand margin.

When I first heard this song I just let it repeating the song for 5-6times... I just got completely lost. The vocals are enchanting while the music was simple and perfect... definitely the best of audioslave

2 I Am the Highway

I love this one but I wish shadow on the son, and wide awake were higher, to many people voting what they heard on radio.

I used to think this song was over rated but it is actually one of the best songs of the 2000s in my opinion now chris Cornell's haunting vocals hook it up nice but probably the best bit is the really haunting intro.

This song is great. First song I ever heard by Audioslave and I haven't found a better one yet

3 Be Yourself

Such an amazing and moving song. Powerful lyrics, sang so well due to Chris' great and dynamic vocal range, Tom Morello blows me away with his solo, Brad's drumming is so powerful and tasteful, and Tim's bass line is so groovy and tasty. A true work of art.

Best of Audioslave, without a shot of a doubt! Motivating, Inspiring, Just gets your adrenaline going from any mood. Brilliant vocals, lyrics, beat, nothing bad to say about it. #1 Be yourself For the win. It just gets you going, makes us be ourselves

'Be Yourself' is Audioslave's best song!
'Like a Stone' does have some good bits, but the good bits in 'Be Yourself' far out way those of Like a stone.
When I ask people do they know Audioslave, the always say "Be Yourself is an Awesome song"

4 Show Me How to Live

Just because it's some boring slow emotional rock ballad doesn't make it the best song. Reading through this list and not seeing Show Me How To Live on the list means you people either live under a rock, or you're just deaf...

This is an awesome song! I love it. The Music itself is out of this world! I'm an Alter Bridge fan personally but this song really has a great sound to it and takes Chris Cornell to his best! Its one of my top 10 songs ever.

Probably one of their most unique songs. Grungy, distorted, and Chris' low, suave vocals in the beginning exploding into a screaming chorus. Perfect.

5 Shadow of the Sun

Audioslave's most underrated song, overshadowed by other great songs from their best album. Cornell's vocals are absolutely beautiful as he demonstrates his tremendous range and technique. Tom Morello's solo in the middle is too short. It sounds so amazing that I wish he could continue for minutes. Fortunately for live audiences, he did have time to show off his unique, elite musical interpretation skills on the electric guitar.
Not to mention, the deep lyrics:
"I can tell you why people go insane.
I can show you how you could do the same.
I can tell you why the end will never come.
I can tell you I'm a shadow on the sun. "

I believe this is Audioslave's most unique songs. The song begins with a hypnotizing guitar and vocal intro followed by a heavy chorus, psychedelic guitar solo, and then the song ends with a explosive heavy outro. Probably one of Audioslave's most heaviest riffs. This song was even in the movie Collateral starring Tom Cruise.

6 Cochise

Classic Rock guitar with massive drums and a stellar base undertone. Add meaningful lyrics belted out with passion; what more could you want? This is not only their best song to date; this is a classic rock ballad to rank in the top fifty all time.

Well never heard anything like this, the guitar intro sounds like a helicopter, that somehow dovetail the lyrics "go and save yourself", the band are here to save me from a suicide.

I'm a singer with a great range myself, but Chris set the bar so darn high with no crack and effortlessly! He was my all time best singer ever! A beautiful and powerful voice gone...

7 Gasoline

It's so hard to pick between Show Me How to Live and Gasoline, but I'm voting for this because it deserves to be higher on the list.

I love so many of Audioslave's songs, it was very hard to pick. However, I agreed with the previous comm enter, this song should be much higher.

Gives a royal blood vine

8 The Last Remaining Light

This song is memorizing and eerie, it is unfortunate that not many know of this song, and the sad part is the main tune is very similar to that of like a stone, which is on the top of this list

9 Bring Em Back Alive

Well... what ever you say you can't give it enough credit

Awesome Voice Awesome lyrics MAybe ne of the best scream-likes and solos ever Great riff Really must be higher than that I say...2 maybe its Rock For Crying out loud

One of my favourtie songs.
My second favourite band at the moment

10 What You Are

Love evyrthing by them, this one has the perfect blend of everything that made Audioslave one of the greatest rock bands to grace the earth!

This song gives me chills! Awesome message and riffs. Heavy man, real heavy man..

Are you kidding me? Guys this is one of the best songs made by audioslave from the self titled album

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11 Getaway Car

I think this is an unusual Audioslave song. In my opinion, is one of the smoothest songs of the first album and maybe from all Audioslave songs. I consider it as a power ballad or a very deep song, that starts as a sad song and gains power in the chorus. The solo is great, because it's different from other Morello's solos: instead of using effects, it just uses some delay or reverb and it has a bluesy style, like the song. I always get a particular feeling when listening the song, and I have to say that I'll never get tired of listening to it, I've loved it since the first time I heard it. I'ts gonna be always one of my favorite songs.

I was surprised to see this wasn't in their top 10 best songs! Definitely one of their most underrated songs. This song is different than their typical songs. Tom Morello introduces a bluesy undertone while Chris Cornell sings with such a strong passion. Gives me the chills every time I hear it.

12 Out of Exile

Amazing riff and great energy throughout! This definitely deserves the top ten.

Hands down, their best song. Followed by "Show Me How to Live", "Set it Off", and "Cochise".

Only Audislave song which is better than this one is Like a Stone, so I really don't see how this song is 18th.

13 Revelations

This really needs to be much more higher on the list. Awesome Song with great solos.

Sick song, good lyrics

Madden 07 on my Gameboy!

14 Doesn't Remind Me

There are NOT 8 Audioslave songs better than this. It's my #1, but objectively I can't see how this could be any lower than #3 or #4.

It gives me chills every time I hear it.
This is what everyone wants from a song.
Doesn't Remind Me and Black Hole Sun(Soundgarden) is the lifetime hits of Chris Cornell!

This song is absolutely incredible by itself. When heard as part of the music video, it's that much better.

15 #1 Zero

By far the best audioslave song. The lyrics are immensely spectacular

16 Moth

The riff to this song is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously, just go listen to this song right now. This is the works of Chris Cornell's vocals at his finest. This song deserves to be in the top 10.

Pure anger. Just like it should be.

Unique. Cornel all the way.

17 Set It Off

Is anyone actually listening to the songs? This is a must in the top 10!
It is very sad this band isn't together anymore

18 Yesterday to Tomorrow

#18? Why so low, this is a really damn good track. That melody where the guitar and Chris Cornell's voice blends together so well around the first bit when he does that sing-a-long is just awe-inspiring.

I love how it starts out with a great baseline, and then the lyrics just make me feel something. Of course, Morello also had an amazing solo. Rock On!

The chorus always gives me goosebumps.

19 Man or Animal

EPIC solo. All guitarists like me should recognize this as an amazing song. This is probably there most hard rock song ever!

20 Shape of Things to Come

I love many of audioslaves songs.. Different songs at different momentS.. At this moment I like this one the best

21 Original Fire

Strangely the first Audioslave song I heard. And it's great!

Not the best song. But its like cochise the rhythm maches the lyrics perfectly

This song got balls, power; it's a smash in your face.

22 Wide Awake

This is one of their best songs in my opinion. It starts off slow but the eventual climax is great epic and Chris Cornell's voice is really good at the end. This deserves to be so much higher

I can't believe this isn't higher up the list, no matter what new music you're discovering this track trumps it all, number one song since I was twelve love it!

This is definitely my favorite song by them. I love what this song is talking about.

23 Exploder
24 Broken City
25 Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
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