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1 White Washed

The breakdowns in this song are really awesome. Listen to the beginning of the song. One of the best breakdowns I've heard.

It is there best song by far. Everything is great in it. The singing, drums and guitar great. Cannot fault this song.

The chorus just gets you so pumped. Amazing drums and the screams are just simply awesome. Love this song.

2 Mariana's Trench

Absolutely breath taking. Just the flow gives me chills, not to mention there are some awe inspiring lyrics. If you are one for symbolism, enjoy. And if not? Headbang to your heart's desire. Easily one of the most unique songs they have written thus far.

Best song hands down! It includes everything you look for in a metalcore song, a soft beginning, inspirational lyrics, breakdowns, sick drums, guitar, just everything about this song is amazing.

This is the best song had really good melodic instruments not like the bogus other stuff. Id say this is the only good song. The rest are bogus dum not good melodies and stealing stuff from texas in july

3 Composure

This is by far one of their better songs when it comes to making you move. From its rapid fire tempo changes to the lyrics it's nothing but kickass. Both breakdowns are nothing but amazing and have me bobbing my head to the tempo every time I hear it. I will say the same for both of the bridges and give this songs nothing but good fortune.

Simply amazing song really have a deep message and great combination of vocals, guitars and drums.

Yeah, it was a close call between Composure and Meridian. Pretty much all of their songs are great.

4 Meddler

The ending of this song is one of the single greatest moments in music I have ever listened to. The vocals, drums and guitars work perfectly together. The guitar melody that comes in over top the chugging gives me goosebumps every single time.

Well, white washed sounds great at first but as time goes by, it gets boring and boring. Meddler is more awesome .
And the dude who commented on composure, I don't think you play guitar.

Ok, meddler was one of the first songs I could listen to that I could chill while headbanging. Also, White Washed is trash, I'm sorry but it's true. Also, I really want to know why Crusades isn't on here.

5 Redemption
6 Meridian

All songs are really deep in meaning and are awesome, but this song by far really speaks to me. My favorite part is "The people who survive the sword will find favor in the desert.
I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt.
I am the painter making this mess a masterpiece.
I will rebuild you up again. "
Powerful stuff, powerful stuff

To me, this song is just amazing! I haven't finish listening to all of their stuff but I found a favorite here. All the instrumental part to me is just mind-blowing! I feel like I'm carried away by the lead guitar throught the song and that reaches its pinnacle right after Jake sings the last word. Absolutely amazing!

Ever wanted to hear what an angel of god sounds like? This is as close as it gets folks...

7 Empire

HOW IS THIS NOT #1? Let me tell you something, the album was yeah, one of their if not the most disappointing, but you can't discredit 1. THE SOLO (Brubakers most known one, his names introduced on stage every time to this song) 2. Breakdown with the final solo riff, first time I've heard that. 3. The singalong 4. The emotional but yet meaningful lyrics 5. Greiners carefully placed fills and finally 6. Dustins greatest bass slide if not the best slide of all time

Personally, I think the MIDI version of this song (off the deluxe album) should be up here too. But as for the song, the last half of the song is just perfect; soothing to listen to.

This is no doubt their best song. I bet you anything this will reach first place! Much better then white washed and meddler

8 The Seventh Trumpet

I like this song I love ABR. It the great song for 8.12 mn. I Listen every day before I'm working, it make me powerful! The Seventh Trumpet is the best of me. Amazing song, Good job jake, matt, jb, brent, and dustin.

9 Spirit Breaker

Why isn't this incredible song #1? I have no idea. Its simply amazing and incredible. The lyrics are so deep and have such meaning. It deals with, in my opinion, the struggles of depression. "staring at the walls to pass the time" are the first words and immediately make me want to lay my head back and let the song take me away. Agree or disagree, id encourage anyone looking for depth to listen.

How is this song not in the top 5 nevermind 1st?! I just can't stop listening like it describes everything I have, and some of my closest loved ones have been through, such perfection in one song. When the lyrics speak to you that's what makes a song awesome!

I just love this song so much. The inclusion of the violin was perfect. Not too little but just enough to add depth to the song.

10 Indonesia

This should be Top 5

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11 Ghosts

I really love the clean singing. August Burns Red and A Day To Remember are almost the only bands I listen to that didn't release a terrible album in last years, so this song just HAS to be awesome.

Brand new song but when I first heard it I loved it. It deserves to be higher on the list even though it's not as heavy as their other stuff. Not to mention it features jeremy McKinnon

12 Fault Line

I think that it is #28 because not many people have heard it. Everyone should take the time to listen to this song because it's amazing. It deserves to be in top ten!

"If I could do more I promise you I would but this is your time" the breakdown after gives me goosebumps.

Whisper your grief
Scream your sorrow
Proclaim your love
Just don't call me your hero.

Best new song! ABR forever!

13 Back Burner

In my opinion, this is ABR their greatest song. Just for the guitar I would set this track above all the others, can't get enough of this, it pushes me every time again!

Amazing song, Great Guitar from Jb Brubaker, solid drumming from matt griener, great lyrics. Overall a great August burns red song.

The breakdowns are HUGE. An absolute beast of a track.

14 A Shot Below the Belt

Well, in my opinion should be much higher, the behinning, the slow part, the mind blowing part after the slow passage makes it one of the best hardcore songs ever.

Oh the incredible riffs

15 Internal Cannon

The best from leveler. By the way, why aren't the leveler songs inside here? Songs like cutting the ties, pangea, boys of fall, empire, carp diem, and leveler aren't here!

This song is just SICK. By the way the dude who made this list a mofo. Put all leveler tracks here.

This is awesome! I can't believe it's so low down here
Come on people you don't have any taste putting it at 10

16 The Eleventh Hour

This song is so beastly and you could almost call it death metal haha

17 Identity

Absolutely amazing song.
Definitely must be in Top 10.

The guitar leads are so good.
I love the song!

A Grammy nomination.. that's enough to prove why this is the best of ABR's works..

18 The Frost

Quite simply, my favourite metalcore song ever (although Float isn't far behind). Brutal riffing but still melodic and epic. Under-rated song from an under-rated album.

19 Beauty In Tragedy

The only ABR song that can bring me to tears almost every time. This is a song about losing a loved one, carrying on their legacy, and joining them in heaven. Its, in my opinion, the pinnacle of their best and most coherent album. I'm positive there will never be another one as good as Rescue and Restore.

20 Invisible Enemy

Should be top 5 at least

21 Thirty and Seven
22 Salt & Light

Awesome background melody, heavy riffs, great screaming vocals by Jake, very meaningful lyrics and an ending that is simply off the hook.

It might not be the best ABR Song but it's definitely my favorite!

Best song from Leveler and one of their best ever. Should be top 10

23 Poor Millionaire
24 Ancestry
25 Bones
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