Top 10 Best Bangladeshi Guitarists

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1 Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal (Warfaze)

Kamal Bhai has already become the Picasso of guitar. Besides, he's a great composer and thoughtful lyricist too. Few guitarists compose and write songs for bands. Above all, he's a very down-to-earth man who doesn't brag about the fact that hard rock and metal music came through his thought and trial in Bangladesh.

The most influential and important guitarist in Bangladesh. Not only is he a good guitarist, but also a good teacher. He has taught guitar to many metal guitarists who are now playing in their own bands. Plus, he was one of the earliest guitarists to introduce many metal genres to this country. This guy has speed.

2 Ayub Bacchu (LRB)

Ayub Bacchu is a versatile guitar player. He showed his playing strength in both electric and acoustic guitar. Very few guitarists from Bangladesh can do this.

Ayub Bacchu is equally good at concerts and live shows, able to elevate any performance with his guitar. He can easily adapt to playing alongside any instrument.

While he may not be known for metal songs, I believe he can easily blend into mainstream music. His band, LRB, may not have released many successful tracks recently, but they have some evergreen tracks from their past records. With his guitar skills and vocal abilities, he is a gifted musician.


3 Ershad (Artcell)

Nothing to say about this living legend. He's extremely talented guitarist. His solos are really beautiful. Cant even find any words to express about his guitar playing skills and his talent..

Ershad, a skillful and dedicated guitarist, has helped make the Bangladeshi band ARTCELL one of the most famous bands in Bangladesh. He has contributed to the improvement of rock music in Bangladesh. His extraordinary ability to play the guitar is an inspiration to all young guitarists in Bangladesh.

4 Oni Hasan (Warfaze) Oni Hasan (born 1 August 1985) is a renown celebrity, guitarist and composer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is best known as the lead guitarist and composer of the famous Bangladeshi heavy metal, hard rock band Warfaze from late 2006 to January 2015. Oni hasan was also the lead guitarist/composer of a popular... read more

Oni Hasan is both a talented lead and rhythm guitarist. I particularly love his riffs with Warfaze. Kamal is a legendary lead guitarist in Bangladesh, unmatched by others including Ayub Bachchu or Ershad. However, when it comes to rhythm guitar, I have always admired Oni Hasan's riffs. He is truly a genius.

He started his guitar career at 17 or 18 years old and joined Warfaze when he was about 22 or 23.

By far the best guitarist of all time in Bangladesh. His exceptional and profound music sense is reflected in his compositions, such as The Himalayas Is Where My Heart Rests and Shrine. Great riffs, clean picking, and smooth but lightning-fast guitar playing abilities make him a superstar in the metal and rock genres in Bangladesh.

5 Shishir (Aurthohin)

The only guitarist in Bangladesh doing guitar and keys combo in concerts and managing concerts all alone.

By far the best of the current crop, both technically and musically.

By far the best! I've never seen any BD guitarist doing guitar and keys combo at the same time. Just AMAZING!

6 Lincoln (Artcell)

His plucking is awesome. He is the best technical guitarist in Bangladesh.

I love him for his outstanding creativity. His talent is god-gifted. Awesome, really awesome.

His plucking theme is really great. He is the greatest acoustic guitarist in Bangladesh, even better than Komol and Bacchu.

7 Maher Khan (Nemesis)

One of the best guitarists one could ever listen to. This guy has the groove and the technique for creating awesome solos. The sound he has been producing for Nemesis is simply fabulous. Great going, Maher Khan.

He should be on top. His anthem-like songs are what have been given to Bangladesh's music industry, which has evolved drastically since then. And not to mention Nemesis as a band.

One of the greatest guitarists to me in the history of Bangladeshi rock music. He had a unique style that would surely hypnotize you. He left music for the path of Allah.

8 Emon

Emon Bhai is one of the finest guitarists in the Bangla music fraternity. Unlike many guitarists who have a specific style, Emon Bhai is known for his diverse patterns and arrangements. His playing incorporates elements of East-West music, classical, Indian classical, and folk music. This diversity is his greatest strength.

I am confident that he will soon be recognized as a legend by the entire world.

With all due respect to other great guitarists, I must say Emon is the most versatile and talented guitarist in Bangladesh. He is the only guitarist who can play both classical and western genres with the same accuracy. He is also skilled in other string instruments. His knowledge of classical music is unparalleled among his peers.

9 Sazzad Arefeen (De-illumination)

For me, Sazzad Arefeen is the most talented guitarist in Bangladesh. Awesome guitarist. Loved the way he plays his guitar.

Sazzad Arefeen is a distinctly creative guitarist in today's music world. Music is a language, and he successfully expresses feelings through his music like no other.

Compositions like "Amar Drishti Te Bangladesh" and "Badol Din Er Gan" are really touching compared to other guitarists in Bangladesh. Personally, I love his works.

The man who inspired me to play guitar. I have huge respect for this person.

10 Russel Ali (King Me, Ex-Warfaze) Russell Ali started his career as the lead guitarist and keyboard player of the popular rock band Warfaze in Bangladesh. Russell Ali left the band at this stage to start a music career in the United States.

I am one of the most fortunate to have worked with Russell Ali for 5 years. He is unique and a maestro at what he plays. Talent is a dime a dozen, but geniuses are rare. He is extremely gifted and hardworking. Every note he plays is pure music, and he is excellent in both guitar and keyboard.

Russell Ali is the best. Still, I don't want to compare any guitarist as they all have different genres and tastes in music. All of them are good.

I wish this guy was higher than Ayub Bacchu. He is in second place because people know him, but this guy has better speed.

The Contenders
11 Samir Hafiz (Power Surge)

Samir vai is simply awesome. A very talented guitarist in the metal music scene in BD.

12 Imran (Rockstrata)

Listen to the two RockStrata albums, and you'll know what Imran can play. He is awesome.

Imran Vai is the best lead guitarist in BD. He showed his talent in ROCKSTRATA's first title album "Rockstrata" and the second album "Notun Shader Khojey," which is called the album of history in BD.

13 Mushfiqur Rahman (Deadlock)
14 Miler M. Alam (TML, Venomous)

One of the best guitarists I've ever seen and had the honor to play drums with. God bless, bro. Carry on. We want more new creations from you. Keep rocking.

A good guitarist should have a good soul, and Miler has this indeed.

Miler is a good combination of metal and melody. Good wishes.

15 Saadi Muktafi

He is the Shred-Lord of Bangladesh, raising many young talented musicians and helping them constantly. Without his help, young musicians would face many problems, which could have a bad impact on Bangladesh's music.

He has created different Facebook groups like Guitarist Community of Bangladesh, Secondhand and New Musical Instruments, and other trading places. Through these groups, musicians are getting much-needed facilities that no other musician could provide. He deserves to be in the top 8.

Not all great players are great teachers, but Saadi Muktafi proves that wrong! He is probably the best teacher in Bangladesh right now.

He has tremendous speed with pinpoint accuracy and a strong background in jazz and blues. This helps him come up with the craziest melodies that can trigger eargasms. Most importantly, as skilled as he is, he is probably the most humble guitarist you would expect to find, which is pretty awesome!

He should be higher up on the list.


16 Jahan (Black)

He is a cool guitarist with some extraordinary capability of doing something different from other guitarists in Bangladesh. He can be the best. He can be in the top 5. But I think he is lazy.

He introduced an alternative guitar sound in Bangladesh. In the first two albums of Black, he made himself iconic. There's a lot to say about him. He is different from others on the whole list.

17 Julius JS

Julius JS is an awesome guitarist from Chittagong. He started playing guitar at the age of 16 and has played with almost every band in Chittagong, including Attain, Liners, Decent, Flames, Spark, ATR, Out of Control, Adekha, and Nexus. In 2010, his solo album 'Tomake' was released.

He has a lot of fans in Chittagong for his awesome guitar playing. He has composed songs for various artists and bands, including 'Manush Dibosh' for the SlowGun band. Recently, he performed a studio live concert on RTV with his band SlowGun.

Brother Julius... He plays awesome with the guitar. Wishing him the top ten.

18 Hamim Ahmed (Miles)

Hamin Bhai is simply awesome. He has inspired many guitarists in the country. Certainly, he is one of the best in Bangladesh, if not the best.

We are really lucky to have Hamin Vai for his legendary tunes and sophisticated sounding style. I learned a lot from your philosophy in music.

He plays very well. His note choice and skill are better than AB's.

19 Abdullah Al Masud (LRB)

The best guitarist I have ever seen.

20 Iqbal Asif Jewel (Miles)

I'll not say that he is the best guitarist in Bangladesh, but he is one of the four best guitarists in BD. He is the only guitarist who dared to release an instrumental album where he shows what a great guitar genius he is.

This guy is one of the hidden, unrecognized gems of Bangladesh. Listen to his Fusion City instrumental. Unbelievable melodious playing.

21 Fuad Ibn Rabbi

Fuad was the first to do rock and classical fusion. His grasp on the guitar is amazing. His knowledge of East and West is beyond any of the guitarists I know (Till Emon). He truly is a genius.

He has some genius music sense.

One of the most talented and skillful musicians of Bangladesh.

22 Sumon (Aurthohin) Saidus Salehin Khaled (Sumon), is a bass player, singer, songwriter, composer, music producer from Bangladesh and the vocalist and bassist for the rock band Aurthohin. He is known as "Bassbaba" (Father of Bass) among his fans and audiences for his bass guitar playing.

I have seen many bass guitarists, but he is among the best of them all. He is the best-ever bass guitarist in Bangladesh. He is a living legend. Long live Bassbaba.

Yes, he can play guitar. He can also play keyboards, bass, and sing. But he shouldn't be so high on the list because this is a list of the best Bangladeshi guitarists, not bassists. We all know that Komol and Shishir did most of the guitar work for Aurthohin.

He can play guitar with his teeth, and it's pretty nice. He is a rock star. I like him a lot!

23 Shukhon (Shohortoli / Cynosure)

Shukhon is a great guitarist in Bangladesh. Although new to the musical world, he is very intelligent. I love his performance very much. I think everyone will feel a deep fantasy in their hearts by enjoying his style of playing the guitar.

You must vote for him. I think he will be the best performer in this competition. I wish him good luck.

.. Jalal (Jewel) >. 01680133661.

Many people can vote for the top famous artists, but I would like to vote for Shukhon bro. He is just great!

He is my guru.

I have never seen anyone as talented as him. He is gifted. Allah will bless him.

24 James (Nagarbaul)

James's guitar playing stands out to me for its perfection in both blues and lead. He has a signature tune and seems born to lead, not follow. I would like to express my gratitude to this great, greater, and greatest blues master of Bangladesh. No one can match him or take his place. He truly is a guru.

You are the best vocalist and guitarist. People are crazy about you! An asset for our Bangladesh. Take care. Allah bless you.

Blues master in Bangladesh. Super rocking also. And awesome classical also. Rhythmic. Mind-blowing.

25 Tanvir Tori

Tanvir Tori was peerless, mixing psychedelic rock, R&B, gypsy jazz, flamenco, and Indian raga techniques. That polyglot mastery earned him huge respect from jazz and rock peers alike. Jeff Beck called him "the best guitarist alive."

A true gentleman and an awesome guitarist. When he is in the mood, he creates some unparalleled solos. Technically so sound that one can only imagine playing like him. He is himself a guitar.

Really, he is awesome. His personality is mind-blowing. Such a great man. He is not only a guitarist. He can play various types of instruments. I just love this person and his creative musical sense.

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