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linkin park is a band with great and meaningful lyrics. most of their admirers admire their lyrics too. so here is the list about the best linkin park lines. choose your favourite
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1 God bless us everyone We're a broken people living under loaded gun And it can't be outfought It can't be outdone It can't be outmatched It can't be outrun

Linkin Park is still one of the most creative and musical bands ever. I think their lyrics in Hands Held High should be at the top of this list.

Do you see the soldiers out today?
Brush the dust from bulletproof vests away.
It's ironic, at times like these you would pray,
But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday.

I love this. I don't know why, but I have a habit of making a song my favorite and then listening to it until I start hating it. This is the only song that I don't change no matter how many times I listen to it. I just love it that much.

2 I don't want to be the one The battles always choose 'Cause inside I realize That I'm the one confused
3 Everything you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break

This song's lyrics are weak, but Hybrid Theory is infinitely better than Meteora. Forgotten is probably the only non-angsty nu-metal LP song. Plus, the rapping on Hybrid Theory is technically better than Meteora's laughable monotone rhyme schemes.

No question. The Catalyst has crap, weak lyrics for little girls. This should be top of the list.

4 I'm swimming in the smoke Of bridges I have burned So don't apologize I'm losing what I don't deserve

As someone pointed out already, in terms of music composition, A Thousand Suns may not be on par with other LP albums, but its lyrics are far more meaningful. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Burning in the Skies was the first LP song I ever listened to, and it still remains one of my favorites.

The lyrics of Burning in the Skies are amazing. They mean a lot to me, and I don't know how or why. Nearly every song from A Thousand Suns has meaningful lyrics, unlike the rest of Linkin Park's albums.

5 Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real
6 And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grace, and the sun will set for you

The mixing and the singing work so well together. The lyrics are just awesome. The guitar solo sounds so cool. In short, the perfect song.

This song is so amazing, and it is a good song for grieving.

7 What do I do to ignore them behind me? Do I follow my instincts blindly? Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams? And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening? Do I sit here and try to stand it? Or do I try to catch them red-handed? Do I trust some and

Just so relatable. Honestly, Linkin Park is one of the best bands out there. Even though Chester died, he helped lots of people.

Amazing song. It surely did help me through my second year in junior high school.

8 I want to be in another place I hate when you say you don't understand I want to be in the energy, not with the enemy A place for my head
9 It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back. It's like a whirlwind inside of my head. It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within. It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin
10 The hardest part of ending is starting again

The depth of this lyric is the best! Just read it once. You'll know the value.

What song is this? I really like these lyrics.

This lyric is my life motto now.

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11 When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.
12 It starts with One thing I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme To explain in due time All I know

As a teenager suffering from depression, the Meteora album has the most meaningful lyrics to me. And I like In the End, too...

I had to fall to
Lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

In the End has easily the most recognizable Linkin Park lyrics of all time. There is no question that these are the greatest Linkin Park lyrics and possibly even the greatest lyrics in the history of music.

13 I'm tired of being what you want me to be Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
14 I can't fall back, I came too far. Hold myself up, and love my scars.

Best quote ever. Getting this tattooed.

15 My brother had a book he would hold with pride, a little red cover with a broken spine, on the back he handwrote a quote inside, when the rich wage war it's the poor who die.

This is pretty much the softest rap song I have ever heard. In it, I hear the sadness and resignation of those caught between fronts, often helpless children. The song carries a powerful message that resonates through its soft yet forceful lyrics, the simplicity of the tune, and its impact on the listener. I always get the chills.

These few lines, for me, are undoubtedly the pinnacle of Mike Shinoda's songwriting. The lines in themselves convey the theme that is reverberating through the whole song.

16 Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do.
17 Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back and never moving forward so there'd never be a past.
18 Sometimes solutions aren't so simple, sometimes goodbye's the only way.
19 The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday, with shadows floating over, the scars begin to fade. We said it was forever, but then it slipped away, standing at the end of the final masquerade.

Why is this so far from the top 10? If you concentrate, the song "Final Masquerade" has the best and most beautiful lyrics ever by Linkin Park.

Seriously, the lyrics are awesome.

20 I can't feel the way I did before) (Don't turn your back on me) (I won't be ignored) (Time won't heal this damage anymore) (Don't turn your back on me) (I won't be ignored)
21 Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose.
22 Risk something, take back what's yours Say something that you know they might attack you for 'Cause I'm sick of being treated like I had before Like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for
23 I'm strong on the surface. Not all the way through. I've never been perfect. But neither have you.
24 So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean, Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes, Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between, Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this New Divide

An inexplicable feeling overcomes me every time I listen to this song.

25 ...but in the end, it doesn't even matter.
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