Best Blindside Songs

A metal band with an incredibly distinct sound, and some amazing songs. Here are what I think are the best, over their 6 albums as well as their EP.
The Top Ten
1 Pitiful - Silence

Everyone knows this one, but there's a good reason for that. "Pitiful" is a good, old-fashioned rock and roll jam. This song comes across strongly on the CD and is one of Blindside's most anticipated songs for their shows. One listen is all that's needed to sell this song.

2 Silence - Silence
3 Sleepwalking - Silence
4 All of Us - About a Burning Fire

As I said before, Blindside's strength is their ability to be evocative, and "All of Us" is certainly that. With a great ascending chorus melody, this song even got a little radio play. This is the kind of song that makes you feel like your soul was just ripped open for the world to see.

5 When I Remember - The Great Depression

It's hard to top "Pitiful," but I've got to give "When I Remember" the number one spot. The lyrics match the music perfectly, and you can feel Christian's passion coming out as he sings this one. As I said, The Great Depression was a masterpiece, and this is the song that, by far, got the most airtime in my life.

6 Time Will Change Your Heart - Silence
7 King of the Closet - A Thought Crushed My Mind

Relentless! This song starts out hard and fast and never lets up, with a hook that everyone remembers. This is an older Blindside song, yet very few of their later (and really very good!) works were able to surpass this thrasher. This is Blindside to a tee.

8 Ask Me Now - The Great Depression

The Great Depression is, in my opinion, Blindside's masterpiece, and "Ask Me Now" is definitive of that album. With a nearly spoken verse and a passionate chorus, this song deviates from the band's wheelhouse and breaks new ground in a stellar fashion.

9 Midnight - Silence

This is one of those obscure tracks deep in the album, but the quick tempo of the verses blended with the mesmerizing chorus makes for an excellent song that was really a peek into Blindside's future direction, vis-a-vis The Great Depression.

10 About a Burning Fire - About a Burning Fire

This was the climax of the album that solidified Blindside's legacy. I remember listening to this CD, anticipating the last song, which is just a powerful, loud song with a cool second movement that continues the emotion found on the rest of the album.

The Contenders
11 Bloodstained Hollywood Ending - With Shivering Hearts We Wait

After a five-year hiatus, Blindside returned with a new album and a return to the styles of Burning Fire and Silence. Bloodstained Hollywood Ending has another great hook and lets Christian show off the way he effortlessly shifts between singing and screaming.

12 Roads - About a Burning Fire

After listening to their first two albums, a song like "Roads" is a bit of a surprise, but what makes Blindside so great is their ability to write evocative music, fast or slow. This is a song that stands out on a standout album, which certainly earns it a place on this list.

13 Die Buying - About a Burning Fire

The opening riff sold me the first time I heard it, and the lyrics stand out as very interesting. There are several hooks to draw you into a song like this, from the great chorus to the variation in the verses to the sprinkling of Christian's distinctive scream.

14 Our Love Saves Us

Amazing song. Love the lyrics as well as the music. Great song.

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