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1 Enema Of The State

To all the people who say that people who like enema of the State the best are posers ill share you my top ten. 1.First Date 2.Adams Song 3. Dumpweed 4. The Rock Show 5. Josie 6. What's my age again 7.Dammit 8. Carousel 9. Anthem Part two 10. All the small things
The amazing thing about enema is keeping the punk sound but polishing it and advancing the songs musically whilst sacrificing some releatability. Although dude ranch is the funniest and most relatable album musically it's outgunned by most of the others.

Dude come on. How can you start with Dumpweed and not be at the top. This contains all types of songs here. You have "Adams Song" for the low and "all the small things" for highs. They have great deep cuts like "Mutt", "Aliens Exist" and the speed demon "The Party Song"!

This is what I actually call pop punk. This is their second best album, only behind TOYPAJ. Mark and Tom both have great songs in this album and one of their most iconic songs are in this album.

2 Blink 182

This album is one of my all time favorites. Also, blink-182 is one of my favorite bands, I love most of their music and this album is their pinnacle! They experimented a lot and had great success, in "Feelin' This" there is a lot of overlapping vocal parts and different sound effects and a synthesizer used. "I Miss You" is this dark and beautiful love song and "Go" is a short, fast-paced, punk-rock jam and that shows a little but of the variation on this album.

This album flows so beautifully and has so many great songs. This was also a big turning point in terms of maturity where a deeper emotional side of Tom and Mark are mentioned throughout the tracks.

This album is an absolute MASTERPIECE... do you hear me? MASTERPIECE. This is the very first album I have listened through all the way without skipping ANY of the songs. Plus, this album shows a fantastic mature side of Blink 182 while remaining pop punk. With an opener like Feeling This, you know the album is going to be good. I miss you is one of the greatest songs ever written (their best in my opinion). Down is the perfect mix of maturity and punk on this album. All of this features an interesting mix of the cure and Blink, while I'm lost without you delivers a somber, slightly depressing, yet quality ending to the album. This is probably my favorite album ever, and it is worth ten times the money I paid for it

3 Take off your Pants and Jacket

Listen to the songs after the hits... After stay together for the kids you might think oh I don't know any of these.. But they are great! It is better than enema all the way thru (enema does have the better top 3 songs) but this has first date, rock show, stay together for the kids, anthem part II, but listen to every single song. You will like every one. Reckless abandon and roller coaster are my two favorites

This album has a song for everything you're going through as a teenager. Being hurt, shut down, going to a party, meeting a girl, going through a family divorce, being isolated or lonely. You name it, this album has it.

I like this album a lot. The production is top notch, and its less childish than Enema of the State which doesn't really do much for me. I like Dude Ranch a lot, but this album is fantastic for more introspective moods.

4 Dude Ranch

Alright so I haven't listened to blink in about one year, so I figured that I would try to see if their music still held up. I popped in my dude ranch CD and it still rules! The most punk rock energy and had better songs that Cheshire Cat (although they are both great). But if someone told me blink isn't relevant I would direct them to this record

Severely Undderrated. It's not an album (Aside from Dammit & Josie) where you can pick it up and get attached to the songs straight away. They take a while but when they do you will understand the masterpiece that is this album. Definitely took the longest to get into but is definitely the best.

A good album. I still think Take Off Your Pants And Jacket is better but no way is Enema of The State better than this. I have one word for all those who hate this album, Pathetic... (I'm saying that as if Pathetic is a good song not that the album is pathetic)

5 Cheshire Cat

I'll be honest, I never cared for this one. Too many filler tracks. At this point in their career, they had simple melodies, but haven't fully found their identity yet. And for some reason, I liked Buddha more.

Perfect skate punk masterpiece. This and Dude Ranch are the best Blink albums before they went down the more commercial pop punk route.

Amazing masterpiech, from toast and bananas to wasting time some classics on here and I can't emphasize this more, listen to this full album. if we were including demos I wouldve voted for buddha but I don't know, still goooddd

6 Neighborhoods

To be honest, I really like this album. It is undoubtedly a different sound than before, but it isn't like they aren't the same band anymore. While songs like "Up All Night" and "Ghost on the Dancefloor" bring a new sound to the band, others like "Heart's All Gone" and "MH 4.18.2011" sound much like their earlier songs. Even if She Falls may very well be the best song ever written, and overall, it's just a great album from a great band who have finally come back and saved music from (c) rap and pop

Up All Night is amazing and hard, I like how Blink 182 matured in this album, I actually like it better than California due to the interesting maturity of this. This album proves that Blink-182 can play harder rock. Tom has awesome vocals by the way, but one con in this album is that Mark barely sings, I think he needs more songs because he has a good voice too.

I listened to all of their Albums, and I can without a doubt say, that I think that this one is the best one. Maybe it is because I grew along with this band, but I think the arrangement and the way that they deliver the sound has never been better on any of the other ones. I just love it!

7 California

In my opinion, this is my least favorite Blink-182 album. Matt is a good musician, but he is just not suited to be in the band. I have to admit, I like Bored To Death, that is a good song. But their lyrics aren't as good anymore, and Mark doesn't sound as good as he used to be. Matt sounds too much like Mark, so there is nothing really interesting, I have to admit, I like his guitar riffs. But I don't get how this got good reviews, this is actually my least favorite Blink-182 album. The band is really not as good without Tom, the one who started the band, and his voice is part of what made Blink iconic, I loved hearing it, and he always plays those catchy, loud guitar riffs with those amazingly written lyrics. But I support the fact that he needs to do what he wants to do.

California? I didn't like it. Some songs were quite good (I actually like Bored to death, Misery, Bottom of the Ocean and others) but I have to admit that blink lost their sound. The lyrics are different, they aren't as good anymore. Mark have difficulty, Travis is slowly taking a different path (traps') and Skiba is not the genius that every one believes. Instead, he's quite overrated. The sad truth is that blink's music miss Tom. Because, we all know, blink are not the same without him. Mark, Tom and Travis: THEY are the real blink.

8 Buddha

This is the most punk rock, skate punk Blink-182 album in my opinion. I love the skating vibes in this album and the rawness of it.

Listen to 21 days and all their "demos" of chesire cat songs. Worth listening to all the way!

That carousel bass intro... Damn really sets the mood for the whole album

9 Dogs Eating Dogs

Sound of this EP was direction a wanted from blink to hear after Neighborhoods. Yes I like Enema and TOYPAJ thats why I like California a lot even without Tom, but DOD was something I was exiting about.

An absolutely amazing EP. Blink's usual sound aside, songs like Dogs Eating Dogs and Disaster are absolute tunes. Disaster especially is a phenomenal song.

I feel like this EP is extremely under rated. It may not have the punky-sound from their earlier albums but it's still great! Not a single bad song.

10 The Mark Tom and Travis Show

This album is just hilarious.
"When I was in 5th grade, I found out that my dad's wiener was bigger than mine, and, still is.

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11 Greatest Hits

All of my favorites, I like how (my favorite blink song) Dammit and Josie sound remastered, and how Whats My Age Again, All the Small Things, my other favorite Adam's Song, Down, and Always don't have the connections on them.

I agree with the top comment.

This is the best album,
Because it has all the best
Blink songs in it.

You gotta love it.

Has all the best of blink-182, more of a compilation album then actual album but has all the best of the pop rock band

12 Nine

Best Blink Album without Tom, I think. That Matt sing at No Heart to Speak Of really make me choose this album really hard to forget. He scream like Tom singing at Stay Together For the Kids. Really great song. I was think Matt can't do better before. But now this "No Heart To Speak Of" realized me. Thanks to Matt Skiba for the song. He really still, one from Blink 182.

I love the new album. Yes, Tom isn't there, but the lyrics are so meaningful, especially for a Blink album. After hearing some of the singles, I really thought it was gonna suck, but it looks like that's what they had in mind. The album is Blink 182's sound but modernized. No, it's certainly no Enema of the State, but still worth your time.

Best Blink-182 album. I said it.

13 They Came to Conquer Uranus
14 Flyswatter

Such a great demo

15 Icon
16 One More Time…
17 Short Bus
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