Best Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs

Which Is The Best Song Of The Blues Legend. R.I.P To My Music Idol SRV. Best Song Of SRV ?
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1 Pride and Joy

He did some amazing Hendrix covers, but as far as an original, this song is my favorite - Blues on steroids!

One of Stevie's finest guitar solos. His energy and passion for the blues truly shines in this song! RIP SRV

The absolute best Stevie Ray song!

2 Texas Flood

My two favourites are at the top. While I love the happy lyrics and vocals of Pride and Joy, Texas Flood just tipped the balance (for today at least). I love that guitar!

I've been trying to play Stevie for 8 years now and kinda getting decent at it... it's a toss up between P ^^ J but I gotta pick Texas Flood... El Mocambo Texas Flood is the most magic ever caught on film... certainly for Stevie and the top ten of all time... As a matter of fact it was voted #6 on the all time live solo list...

This is one of his most iconic songs and is just catchy for the whole four minutes of its playtime. I would say this is his number one.

3 Lenny

Outstanding song! There's so much passion in the way that he plays Lenny. It sounds like no other song in the world. Check out the live at carnegie hall performance. It'll blow you away

One of the most beautiful instrumental ballads of all time...SRV's finest!

4 Life by the Drop

I listened to Stevie's album for years now but this song is my most favorite, it sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it... Always want to hear it, again and again...

5 Little Wing

This song is what got me into blues and blues rock. Absolutely mesmerizing guitar solo. Easily his best song

Even though it's a cover... it's so amazing

6 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

The only player who could play it at a fast pace and still sound amazing.

This dude by far one of the best players voodo Child was the best song ever.

7 Couldn't Stand the Weather

Couldn't Stand the Weather is my favorite song. It is just epic from the intro to the riff (that is a bitch to play), to, in my opinion, his greatest solo. It is just perfect.

An amazingly cool lick... I think this song is the best of Stevie. The change of the scale in the song makes it perfect.

This is the best song ever! The lick is amazing. Stevie was so creative with his composition!

8 Rude Mood
9 Cold Shot

Simple and true blues than Crossfire.

10 Crossfire

Save the strong, lose the weak
Never turning the other cheek!

Awesome song, hats off to my beloved Stevie!

Simply awesome! If you ever saw it performed live... You would understand#

Some of the best guitar work you will ever hear.

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11 Tin Pan Alley

This is true blues. Stevie shows the blues is about soul, passion, and pain in this one. His guitar speaks this to us as much as the lyrics do here.

Well, I had to choose...
It was difficult because I'd vote for them all but I chose this one
My favourite bluesman and guitar player

Great tension in the "mood". Clear sound, very juicy!

12 Tightrope

Clean riffs again, lyrics from his recovery uncover his soul with touching clarity. A tremendous album, unfortunately his last.

An underrated song for me, awesome solo, great tempo and lyrics make it a top 5 for me.

Some of the best guitar work and catchiest melodies I've ever heard.

13 Love Struck Baby
14 The Sky is Crying

All his songs are GREAT but I like "the sky is falling the most don't really know why but I could never get tired of listing it how every many times I heard it continously.

The greatest of all time. I love his music and miss the man. The sky is crying touches the soul.

A true individual. He wasn't like anyone and no one was like him. A true artist

15 Life Without You

Such a comforting song.

Obviously Pride And Joy is number one followed closely by Texas Flood, but this song needs to be in the top 10 as well.

I'd place classics like Pride and Joy, Texas Flood, and Lenny above this one, but jfc, this song is incredibly tasteful and moving.

A beautiful song that shows SRV also has a softer, more soothing style and depth to his music.

16 Mary Had a Little Lamb

Was always my favorite nursery rhyme, too...

17 Riviera Paradise

This should be higher up on the list. This song beautifully displays the true talent of SRV.

The best ever.
Blues in every note

18 Superstition
19 Change It

My top 10 (in no particular order): Change it, Pride and joy, Crossfire, Cold Shot, Couldn't stand the weather, Texas flood, Mary had a little lamb, Little wing, Voodoo Child, Tightrope

20 Scuttle Buttin'

Electrifying guitar work by SRV. I've listened to this short instrumental masterpiece hundreds of times since it was released,. It's absolutely sensational! Scuttle Buttin, Love Struck Baby and Couldn't Stand The Weather. SRV classics!

Awesome guitar riff played at lightning speed by SRV in just 2 minutes - Incredible! Top 3 Scuttle Buttin', Love Struck Baby & Couldn't Stand The Weather.

21 The House is Rockin'

This song rocks! Should be much higher.

22 Look at Little Sister
23 Telephone Song
24 Empty Arms
25 Say What!
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