Top 10 Best Tamil Songs

Tamil cinema has gifted us with melodies that linger in our hearts and minds. From foot-tapping dance numbers to soul-stirring ballads, there's a Tamil song for every mood and occasion.

Have you got a favorite A.R. Rahman composition that sets your heart aflutter? Does a classic Ilaiyaraaja track bring back waves of nostalgia? Or maybe a recent hit has been playing on repeat?
The Top Ten
1 Nenjukkul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Aayiram

Awesome song I have ever heard. Surya rocks.

This song is a masterpiece of Tamil cinema. Surya hasn't had another rocking item like this one. He looks rocking, he acts rocking, and he is completely rocking.

I watch this song because I am the biggest fan of both it and Surya. Surya has put up and acted in some movies like Vaaranam Aayiram. Harris Jayaraj, waiting for more from you.

I think this is the world's best song. When I hear this song, my mind starts to fly to heaven and search for a bride there, just like my handsome Surya.

2 Ennavale Adi Ennavale - Kadhalan

MSV, Raja Sir, and Rahman Sir are the greatest composers ever, of all time.

The best song I've enjoyed in recent times. Keep it up, Mr. Rahman. Waiting for more.

I like this song very much. It's really touching.

3 Munbe Vaa - Sillunu Oru Kaadhal

Awesome song. Great composition, great vocals. Nice visuals as well.

This is one of the best songs ever in Tamil. This song never gets old. It's still my favorite.

The most romantic song in the world. I wish to sing this song to my loved ones.

4 Vaseegara - Bombay Jayashree

My favorite love song is dedicated only to both my hubby and me. All the words are especially meaningful in expressing my love to my one and only dear, loving husband.

Sensual lyrics and beautiful music. Great song.

Totally addicted to this song and lyrics. My ever favorite.

5 Anjali Anjali - Chitra, Sujatha & Mano

Best song ever by A.R. Rahman! This should have been in the first position! Pure magic.

6 Uyire Uyire - Bombay

Hearing this song, I get tears in my eyes as well as in my heart. It makes me feel the pain of real love. Ramesh, Coimbatore.

When I listen to this song, my mind becomes very relaxed, and I feel a sense of relief from my burdens.

7 Innum Konja Neram - Mariyaan

This song flows like poetry. It's the most heavenly romantic song with out-of-this-world vocals. Majestic.

This song pours out all the feelings of love from the heart. It's the best of all romantic songs and never becomes boring.

This song has very strong emotion. It's just one of those songs that leave a deep impression.

8 Anbe En Anbe - Dham Dhoom

I like this song very much. It's so interesting to hear.

Nice love feelings while hearing this song. I feel that she is near me too.

9 Narumugaye - Iruvar

Fantastic composition, as well as wonderful singing by Unni Krishnan. It's just soothing and simply outstanding!

I don't know how to express my feelings about this song. The lyrics in this song are amazing.

Nice song. Listen to Uthra Krishnan singing this song when she was five years old.

10 Nenjukkule - A. R. Rahman & Shakthisree Gopalan

Wow. This song is amazing. Her vocals are superb. I wish I could have a voice like hers, and the words have true meaning.

It should be first really, out of all these songs. But I think out of every Tamil song, Kaarthrunthai Anbe should be first. Varminee Ravindra.

This is a really heart-touching song. We should thank Mr. A.R. Rahman Sir for creating such a truly heart-touching song.

I like this song very much. A girl expresses her deep love through this song.

The Contenders
11 Kanmani - Guna

This is not just a song. It's a part of life.

12 Ennamo Edho - Ko

Best song ever I heard! My days don't go by without hearing it. It should be number one. Love you, Harris Jayaraj!

I watch this video again and again!

A new dimension. A new stairway to heaven.

13 Minsara Poove - Padaiyappa

Such a wonderful song. I like this song very much. Thanks to AR Rahman.

14 Unnodu Vaazha - Amarkalam

One of the best songs in Tamil cinema! Beautiful composition and soulful singing by Chithra Ma! I love this song.

My favorite song, which can never be beaten by any song in the world.

I like this song and dedicate it to my husband.

15 Vaanganna Vanakkanganna - Thalaivaa

What a song! Amazing voice, cute Thalapathy Anna. I am waiting for your upcoming songs.

Superb voice, I love your voice, VJ Anna.

This is a superb song. I love the lyrics very much, and I will never forget this song.

16 En Kadhal Solla - Paiyaa

Forever the best song in Tamil. How people understood about Ilayaraja in later years, the same will happen for Yuvan too. Maestro Yuvan.

I don't understand the Tamil language, but I love this song. It's really romantic.

I like this song and its music very much. Very romantic song.

17 Marudhani Marudhani - Sakkarakatti

Love this song! It's a great masterpiece from Rahman Sir.

Very emotional song. The music and vocals are superb.

Mind-blowing song. Hats off to Rahman Sir.

18 Kannazhaga - 3

Best love song in the world. Hats off to Dhanush.

My favorite song. I've heard it many times.

This is the best love song forever.

19 Google Google - Thuppakki

The song is great! It's entertaining! The combination of our Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Kajal Agarwal gives this song a new soul.

Awesome voice, Vijay Sir. Nice song.

This was one of the best rocking songs at the time of the Thuppakki movie release.

20 Unnai Kanathu Naan - Viswaroopam

Best song in this film. Best lines close to my heart. Kamal Sir's expression is beautiful.

Superb. Our cultural songs are well-preserved.

21 Engeyum Kaadhal - Aalaap Raju, Harris Jayaraj, Devan Ekambaram & Ranina Reddy

An awesome song by an awesome music director.

22 Po Nee Po - 3

It really pains for real lovers who got separated in their lives.

23 Mun Paniya - Surya

What a song! It's the all-time best song in my playlist.

This song exposes the desires I hide from my partner without knowing how to express them.

I love this song. Super, Surya Anna!

24 Nee Partha Parvai - Hey Ram

Kamal and Ashaji are just WOW! No one can come close to this song. Forever.

25 Thodu Vaanam - Anegan
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