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1 More Than a Feeling

This is my favorite song plus,this is my favorite band. I really like the electric guitar solo part. This is a powerful song. This song also reminds me of my auntie Nettie. She died when I was only four years old. The lyrics are very meaningful. And I totally think this is the best Boston song.

I see my Marianne walking line with so much feeling that it just delivers the punch and awesome guitar riffs and the whole song is just a soul song you can say, soul rock.

Best song ever written, I get goose bumps whenever I hear it. It really has great meaning and makes me feel great about life!

2 Peace of Mind

Personally I believe this song is the best Boston song because the guitar riffs and the singing together make this song beutiful, it also makes me feel the happier when listening to this song more than other Boston songs, I still love all of them but hands down this is my favorite.

Best opening lines of any of their great songs. One of the best rock bands of all time. From the rocking' songs like More than a Feeling & Foreplay/Long Time to the softer side classics like Amanda & Hollyann.

Not only is it the best boston song, but it is THE best song in the world. Although it is only about 10 seconds long, it has the greatest guitar solo in history. I get an orgasm whenever I hear it.

3 Foreplay / Long Time

For me this is the ultimate Boston song, incorporating everything great about the band. A lengthy instrumental highlighting Tom's keyboard skills, a "spacey" vibe that reflects the album art, impressive guitar soloing and distorted riffs combined with acoustic guitar, great lyrics that are relatable to anybody and Brad's incredible lead and backing vocals that are full of catchy and accessible melodies. The rhythm section is strong and punchy, with Sib playing great fills throughout and the bass driving the song forward the whole time. And when the song finishes, all you want to do is start it all over again. Even over More Than A Feeling, this is the greatest statement Boston ever made.

Being a Boston fan since they arrived in the seventies, I also think Foreplay/Longtime is only second behind More Than A Feeling. Peace Of Mind is a great song, but it's on down on my list, behind Rock and Roll Band and maybe Don't Look Back and Smokin.

4 Don't Look Back

It's a really awesome song that I first heard on the show supernatural.. Has really good vocals and the music is just amazing.. I especially liked the guitar riff in this...

I like Long Time, Don't Look Back, and More Than a Feeling all about the same. Favorites tunes of all time. This is a very positive and uplifting tune. Love it!

Still get goosebumps every time I listen to this heavenly track. Guitar is killer!

5 Smokin'

This should be number 1... Heard them this past weekend on their 40th Year Tour. Tom still kicking it on the organ. If they come to your area go seem them you will like them.

Best keyboarding solo of any song, and was on south park.

This definitely deserves a higher place on this list.

6 Rock and Roll Band

This is my third favorite song after more than a feeling and peace of mind. I like it a lot it's very good

7 Amanda

Amazing song! Love it! I can listen to this song again and again and not get bored! It should be number 3 just after More Than a Feeling and Peace of Mind!

Super - duper ballad.

Needs to be a top 5.

8 A Man I'll Never Be

Sexy guitar! I love boston and this should be in top 5. The song has so much meaning to it and the guitar will make your neck hairs shiver!

One of the only songs to give me goosebumps. A deep, meaningful song with absolutely incredible guitar work by Tom Scholz. Excellent

This song has such a complementary bass line to the awesome guitar work. Awesome song!

9 Hitch a Ride

My 10 year old son loves Boston and this is one of his favorite songs. And I will admit, here lately I have been more of a fan of this one. That, after being a long time fan since the seventies! Boson is timeless. Music this good never dies, and it's a shame there's not this type of caliber music in this day and age.

Amazing harmonies and guitar solos. I just heard it on my car radio and it sounded fresh and new. They just aren't writing or performing songs like these nowadays.

My Boston favorite. Best guitar solo ever. Great harmonies and build up.

10 Higher Power

This should be higher on the list. It's an epic song that you can really get into. And it's my personal favorite. This song deserves more credit.

It's Higher Power, by the way, and I feel that this song is very underrated.

Love this song please vote this song higher up the list great guitar bass drumming and singing

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11 Something About You

This song gets me pumped up the most out of any Boston song. Even the slow and quiet intro could get anybody interested in what this one has to offer. Would put this as number 3 if I made a top ten list, following "Peace of Mind" at 1 and then "Foreplay/Long Time" at 2.

This should definitely be top 10. You can feel the guitar, not just hear it. There is something about this song that makes it amazing. It's great. It's amazing. It's the best.

All of Boston's songs are great, but Something About You is by far, in my opinion, the best of them all to be cranked up loud,

12 Feelin' Satisfied

Absolutely powerful. The way the guitar builds up, especially at the end, combined with the lyrics makes this one of the best rock anthems you could ever hear.

Incredible guitar after the first chorus. Classic Boston.

How is this song not in the top 10!? It's just charged up! Love it!

13 Party

What? No one here likes to "Party? "

Party is the best!

14 Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Love this song its got 2be 2nd or 3rd of top ten Boston songs. Bring bck a lot of good memories Come giuys lets vote it up

15 We're Ready

Guitar solo...just too perfect. It's a shame this didn't rank higher; so much is missed. At the end the acoustic guitar fade-out always makes me sad for some reason, but in a good way!

16 Can'tcha Say (You Believe in Me) / Still in Love

The bridge of this song really does make you want to cry. Once you hear it, all of your past glorious moments just come flooding back to you, and then you fall in love with the song.

Can'tcha Say (You'll Vote for Me)/Still in Love with this Song!

Awesome song. Just great transitions

17 Livin' for You

I love this song. Reminds me of love for my own son. I wish Brad was sharing vocals, but a lot of meaning to this song.

18 To Be a Man
19 Cool the Engines

Why is this so low? This is a driving song that feels like listening to "Feelin Satisfied or "Rock and Roll Band". The whole song is exceptionally catchy. Top 3 on Third Stage for sure.

Driving song that is my fave from "Third Stage", should have ranked in the first 10!

On the Greatest Hits but not on this list...

20 Didn't Mean to Fall In Love
21 Hollyann

A very underrated masterpiece. A truly powerful and moving song with lyrics that can pierce one's soul when reflecting upon simpler times when a million hands gave the sign ✌️! For us timeless dreamers of another day, Hollyann is a reflection upon a quintessential utopia with a perfect girl that can only be captured in a song without degradation or disappointment that real life reveals. Hollyann will always be perfect to me, everyday and in every way.

This is an amazing song and in my opinion the greatest closer on any Boston album. This has everything great about Boston on it, and Brad's vocals combined with the vocal melody and the harmonised guitars is heavenly.

In my opinion tops Amanda in every way. Acoustic guitar riff is much better than simply strumming chords. The merge into electric gives me chills every time. Listen if you don't believe me. Very underrated song.

22 I Need Your Love
23 It's Easy
24 What's Your Name

I'll say this: it's a little poppy, but it drives a beautiful bargain. From the beautiful lyrics to the strong guitar bridge it surely is worth hearing.

25 I Had a Good Time

A great Boston tune, with a sad and contemporary feel, like the end of something good. The end of Delp's run with this legendary band.

As more people hear this song, it'll continue to move up the list which is incredible considering the iconic songs ahead of it.

Brad Delp's last really good Boston song.

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