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1 Hammer Smashed Face

The rhythmic start followed by the blast beats and gore just blows your head off. This song is awesome. Just think of the labour these guys have put up!

It would have been better if this song had any words.

The true definition of a high voltage song.

Excuse me, is Greg here?... Thank you!

2 Make Them Suffer

This is their best song... And I think most brutal. Hammer smashed face is great song too... But I can't understand lyrics which singed in song..

Pure Savagery. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty needs to be on this list though.

The first song I heard form Cannibal Corpse.

Best song of all time

3 I C** Blood

First death metal song that I ever liked was Evisceration plague and I thought that lyrics were too sick. Boy, I was wrong. by the way, instrumental is great.

I usually try to be open-minded when listening to extreme metal, but this song is I'm sorry, but it's trash. I can't find a single redeeming quality about it and those lyrics made me sick to the stomach. I can't believe this band has fans.

I love this song. It has great guitar work and Barnes growls were amazing. Should have a higher rating.

My favourite song along with Hammer Smashed Face But I gave this on the vote?

4 Stripped, Raped and Strangled

The best Corpse song! From the lyrics to the riffs to the transitions, it's their masterpiece! "She was so beautiful... I had to kill her! " "I come alive in the darkness! " Fantastic! Barnes at his finest!

The main riff is just so evil... The vocals, guitars, bass and drums... Just bloody awesome!

Best murder song in the world.

Really catchy and evil

5 Evisceration Plague

I don't understand why so many people think Hammer Smashed Face is the best song from Cannibal Corpse. The voice of Chris Barnes in that song is so quiet and lacks the power that George Fisher has.

This song is absolutely incredible, everything about it, the guitar riff, the drum beats. Even the lyrics are very clear and brutal. Love this song.

This song ain't so bad but still there are better songs in this album. for example priests of sodom and carrion sculpted entity

I love this song, got me into cannibal corpse man.

6 F***** With a Knife

From the Bleeding album of 1994, a staple of Cannibal, mainly for the title. It is however much much more, and demonstrates the evolution of the band. The Bleeding being the 4th album, demonstrates a much more refined quality sound that the first three. The riffing on this album and this song puts the first 3 albums into the "first three albums" category.

It has to be their best because if you hear his voice it sounds like he's about to die. It's so brutal

One of their best songs!

7 Meat Hook Sodomy
8 Pit of Zombies

This song epitomizes what cannibal corpse is all about. Great guitar work. Awesome Lyrics. Drums pounding away. You would have to try hard not to like this song.

Fantastic Song, really catchy beat, amazing guitar playing, intense druming, very good vocals, definitely one of cannibal corpse's best songs without a doubt.

The song was simply amazing, the lyrics were amazing, and the vocals were some of the best I've heard from Corpsegrinder (in my opinion).

9 Frantic Disembowelment

Their most technical song to date... But still fast and heavy. THE BEST!

I still think this is the most aggressive music I've heard until today.

So hard to play.

10 Necropedophile

This relates to my life in some many ways I used to have this as my ringtone at the tender age of 16 I was obsessd with the message in this song. One evening I sat down for dinner with my family when my phone rang from the room next door the room went silent my mam quickly admitted me to a mental health clinic as she was concerned for my little sister. #poetryinmotion

Their most underrated song. Necropedophile to me is everything death metal should be.

This song used to make my stomach turn. Then I grew a pair.

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11 Kill or Become

This new song is too brutal!

12 Sentenced to Burn
13 Addicted to Vaginal Skin

The main riff is the coolest ever! Tomb of the Mutilated is their best album. This is death metal!

14 A Skull Full of Maggots
15 No Remorse

Nice riff... Corpsegrinder have grinded it to the beats... Amazing rhythm all over

16 Devoured by Vermin

One of their best

17 The Cryptic Stench

The guitar work on this song is so beautiful pat kicks so much ass here

18 Scourge of Iron

So different than a lot of Cannibal's past work and I feel like that makes it stand out. It takes a break from the epic speed and craziness of their usual work. Instead they made a CRUSHING death groove of a song and it SLAYS! Should definitely be rated higher!

This song is definitely one of their best, even if it's a bit more recent. It has such a slow and heavy riff, it's one of their most brutal sounding songs.

THAT main riff! So brutal, groovy and gory.

Tell me this is a joke this song rated so less compared to other cannibal corpse songs

19 Disfigured

A straight forward song with amazing vocals. It stays loyal to the intro riff through the song.

20 Encased in Concrete
21 I Will Kill You
22 Demented Aggression

Fast and brutal... deserves top ten!

An Amazing brutal song!

23 Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
24 Beyond the Cemetery

That intro is one of the best death metal moments ever!

25 Priests of Sodom

Brutal death metal vocals here, and some seriously relentless technical guitarplaying, what more can you ask for?

Easily their best and most powerful song!

Best lyrics, riffs and solos.

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