Best Metallica Album Covers

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1 ...And Justice for All

So much thought went into making this cover. The statue of Lady Justice crumbling away, dollar bills spilling out of the scales makes this cover extremely symbolic, and I give it an extremely slight edge over Master of Puppets. Both great album covers, though.

The best but by the way, the cover of load isn't fire it's a mixture of cow blood and semen.

My friend and I LOVE this cover! We also like the songs on the cd too. I like... And Justice for all on it!

2 Master of Puppets

I have a massive poster of it, almost as big as my door, on my wall. It's awesome! And an awesome album, might I add...
The artwork is just really a cool concept, and looks cool

It's an epic album with an epic cover...
It rocks

3 Ride the Lightning

Metallica albums(in my opinion)

1. Ride the Lightning
2. Death magnetic
3. And justice for all
4. Kill em all
5. Master of puppets
6. The Black album
7. Load
8. St Anger
9. Reload

the covers

1. Ride the lightning
2. And Justice for all
3. Reload
4. Load
5. Master of Puppets
6. Death Magnetic
7. Kill em all
8. St Anger
9. Black album

A very smart art cover which displays the theme of the album; being all alone, surrounded by threats and danger with no-one to help you.

Fade To Black is just awesome, along with Ride The Lightning and For Whom The Bell Tolls. Simply just the best album in Metallica.

4 Kill 'Em All

I like the cover of Kill 'Em All because it is my favorite colors, (Red, black, and white) and by simply looking at the album cover and the title for a split second you can tell it is pure thrash metal. Also the blood puddle looks like a kid covering his mouth and saying "SHHH" or a kid picking his nose.

Its just real Metallica. That cover really describes early years of Metallica.


Didn't notice that, now I see it. Makes the album cover cooler to me.

5 Death Magnetic
6 Metallica (The Black Album)

A stunning mix of hard metal and rock. Showcases the brilliant musicianship of one of the best bands of all time.

I love minimalism, and I love this album. It looks really good, especially with "metallica" writed like cutted, is exactly like the music, dark and dense.

7 St. Anger

The artwork represents the concept of the album really well. The song St. Anger and the documentary Some Kind Of Monster tells what is the story behind making this album.

I love this cover. Angry, and mean.

8 Load

At first I didn't think that was a good mixture but visitor who said "The cover of Load shows sperm and blood. These are liquids of life. So this cover goes back to the roots of life and to the roots of Metal.
These roots are Blues and Hard Rock.
The Load cover makes a lot of sense", you made me appreciate the cover more.

The cover of Load shows sperm and blood. These are liquids of life. So this cover goes back to the roots of life and to the roots of Metal.
These roots are Blues and Hard Rock.
The Load cover makes a lot of sense

It's not fire, it's blood and jizz! It is actually a piece of "art" created by some weirdo dude.

9 Garage, Inc.
10 Hardwired...To Self-Destruct

The colors are perfect, they show a contained implosion and an array of faces that scream mental breakdown. As if multiple personalities are struggling to leave one mind so the fight leads ferocious mitosis. This describes the inner struggle of an ailing mind more than well. My favorite design on a shirt as it speaks to me.

-Awesome cover, and the fact that there's 3/4 variants of it is cool as well, I personally prefer the one to the left.

Some people here seem to think that this is a top list of the albums and not album covers

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11 S&M
12 Reload

Most of you don't know this, but this has "Piss and Blood" On the album cover. I just find this better then the "Semen and Blood".

13 Lulu
14 Some Kind of Monster
15 The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited

It the best album

16 Metal Up Your Ass

Legend has it, there will be metal up your arse after going to the toilet.

17 S&M2
18 Power Metal

Looks more like an Iron Maiden cover without the Eddie, and with a Metallica Logo.

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