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1 Everytime We Touch

Every time We Touch is, by far, the best song I have ever heard from Cascada, and I think it's my favorite song of all times. Even though I have heard both versions, I Like the slow version the most, since I feel that the song is way more touching and has a lot of meaning. Also, the slow version Emphasizes Natalie's voice even more, I dedicated this song to my first, and only love in my life, after all, it's the perfect song.

There is a reason why 43% of people vote for this song, its simply because it is the best song out of all of theirs. Since they made this they just went downhill from there. Vote for this song it has to be over 50 per cent at the minimum!

2 What Hurts the Most

Amazing Song it shows how some people feel and what hurts the most which is so true in this song.!
And it shows that she was trying not to love him but she couldn't help who she fell for! And pretends not to be hurt but actually is. And to put a smile on her face to pretend not to be hurt to hide the pain.

Great Song! Personally I think she did very well considering it being Rascal Flatts song!

Simply best song I have ever heard!

3 Evacuate the Dancefloor

Evacuate The Dancefloor is a cool dance song that will make you dance like crazy! Every time We Touch is also a great dance song but its not as good as Evacuate The Dancefloor, it's a great return single by the band Cascada.

This is the best song I have heard of. This song makes you want to jump up and dance. I love cascada her music is so inspiring to all of us! She is awesome! Goo Cascada

A very good comeback by Cascada with a very good hit to rocket them back up in the popularity again.

4 Bad Boy

I adore this song! It gives you this feeling I don't know how but it does. You should try it out. It will be like the best song on your iPod touch iPhone and the rest. The lyrics are awesome! Every one will like it. Her voice is beautiful in this song. Badboy will be your favorite. Be my badboy be my man be my weekend lover just don't be my friend that's my favorite part! It might be your favorite part too.

Not many people have listened to this song when it came out. However, the people listening to it now have been giving remarkable comments. Who wouldn't? The excellent beats and the fantastic way of composing the beats just makes it powerful enough to be second best, right after every time We Touch.

5 Miracle

It's a beautiful song
When I hear it
It make me to dance all time
Please try this song!

6 Pyromania

"Pyromania" is a song performed by German Eurodance group Cascada, released as the first single from their fourth studio album, Original Me. It was co-written by Allan Eshuijs in collaboration with RedOne, Yann Peifer and Manuel Reuter of Cascada, who also produced the track. The song was premiered on February 12, 2010, and was first released on March 19, 2010 by Zooland Records. Composed as an electropop song, "Pyromania" features Natalie Horler singing the whole song with guest male vocals speaking the "pyro-pyro" hook. Lyrically, the song is a play on words. It talks about a love and obsession with fire.

7 Truly Madly Deeply

German Eurotrance group Cascada covered "Truly Madly Deeply" on the album every time We Touch and released it as the second single in the UK and Germany. Although the album version of the song is a ballad, there is also a trance version of the song more in keeping with their typical style, which is the main single version. Both versions are featured on the UK edition of the album. First released in the U.S. exclusively in the iTunes store on 27 February, the U.S. physical release was 13 March 2007.

This song is amazing and way better than all of their new songs. It is just better than every time We Touch because it is just more catchier and every time We Touch only has a good beat

8 Glorious

Now this is much better than the winning song Only Teardrops. Only Teardrops was the worst songs in Eurovision history. Cascada should have won!

They seriously need to come back with their next single!

9 A Neverending Dream
10 Runaway

This song is amazing! I love Cascada and Natalie's voice...

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11 Dangerous

This song has the best lyrics I've ever heard.
It also has one of the best melodies ever.
Simply a perfect song.

12 Run
13 Blink

The newest song from cascada. It's a great song, believe me.

14 Breathless

This is the best song from cascada that's on her album, evacuate the dancefloor. Who couldn't love the beat and the voice of Natalie makes it even better. Don't quit making songs cascada.

Great song. Everyday I love to listen to this song and I love it.

This is the best song ever! Love you cascada!

15 Madness
16 Who Do You Think You Are
17 Night Nurse

I love this song so much! Its different than all of her other songs but good different

18 Fever

Shows a lot of attitude in this song and the versus are good I just wish that the chorus was a little better. (by the way I thought Cascada was one person).

19 He's All That
20 Summer of Love

"Summer of Love" is a song performed by German dance recording trio Cascada, served as the lead single from their compilation album, Back On The Dancefloor, released on March 30, 2012 through Zooland Records in Germany, it peaked at #13, while it peaked at #7 in Austria, the songs highest peak.

Loves this song! Unfortunately,are you sure that this song copied some samples from Marina and the Diamonds's "Radioactive"? Sounds similar!

Just amazing! Makes every day feel like Summer!

21 Perfect Day
22 One More Night

How is this song not on th list?! It should be right after every time we touch! Catchy beat, and the words are touching!

It is the best song that actually describes your feelings.

23 Lonely
24 Sk8ter Boi
25 How Do You Do
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