Top 10 Songs with the Best Jimmy Page Solos

As the lead guitarist of one of the greatest rock bands ever, Jimmy Page did some great solos! What of them are the best?
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1 Stairway to Heaven

Achilles Last Stand has the hardest solo, but the best is this one. I don't get how Jimmy Page said he has better solos than this... may not be the hardest, but it's the most wonderful and the best for sure. One of the best of all time.

It's hard to pick just oneā€¦ Page is the best!

2 Since I've Been Loving You

Hypnotic solo(s)... quiet, gut-wrenching emotion building to a searing climax, perfectly complementing Plant's vocals. The studio version had me completely riveted the first time I heard it, so inventive. Stairway is the best single solo, but the combined impact of the solos here is devastating.

The Song Remains the Same live intro of this song is one of the most blistering yet melodic guitar solos I've ever heard. Simply incredible.

Incredibly full of emotion and impossible to replicate by other guitarists.

3 Dazed and Confused

For me, it's just about tied with "Since I've Been Loving You." The solo in that one is definitely more emotional, but I think I favor this one because of the live versions, how they just keep jamming away for so long. I'm really into those lengthy improvisations.

Still, I have to give credit to "Since I've Been Loving You" because of its deep emotions.

This should be in 3rd place. Stairway to Heaven is 1st, then Since I've Been Loving You is 2nd and Dazed and Confused 3rd. Listening to it now, every solo he plays is amazing. Best riffs in music EVER.

4 Heartbreaker

I learned to play the Stairway to Heaven solo about a year into playing guitar. 30+ years later, and I still can't come close to pulling off Heartbreaker. I wonder if the people who voted for Stairway even play guitar.

Hands (Jimmy Page's) down. 2 mins in. It's just him. Led Zep is hard to top because of deep talent at every position. Combine those talents for some truly dynamic sounds. But when your solo is in fact SOLO, you're just a freak.

5 Achilles Last Stand

Not as popular of an album, but, in my opinion, by far Page's best solo. Page really owned every guitarist ever with this one!

6 White Summer / Black Mountain Side

This song is filled with sweetness!

7 Whole Lotta Love

I was going to vote for Stairway to Heaven, but this is only at 6, and it's a little disappointing.

8 In My Time of Dying
9 Ten Years Gone
10 Good Times Bad Times
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11 The Ocean
12 No Quarter

This solo sounds so psychedelic, and right after John Paul Jones' keyboard solo, it made it sound even better. My favorite solo of all time maybe, but it's definitely up there with All Along the Watchtower, Johnny B. Goode, Another Brick in the Wall, We Used to Know, Fade to Black. But No Quarter probably takes the cake.

13 Black Dog
14 Communication Breakdown
15 The Rover
16 Nobody's Fault But Mine
17 Rock And Roll
18 Immigrant Song
19 The Lemon Song

This solo is so crazy. I think it needs more recognition, though.

20 Tangerine
21 I'm Gonna Crawl
22 Take Me for a Little While

When two legends get together, you can't go wrong! And Jimmy Page totally nailed it... Awesome intro and incredible solo!

23 The Song Remains The Same
24 Over the Hills and Far Away
25 Hurdy Gurdy Man

Yup, that's Jimmy up front on lead, during his studio musician days.

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