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1 Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Perfect. Billy Corgan crafts a masterpiece while trying to keep everything relatively simple. No intricate drum fills, no show-off riffs, and a rather simple guitar solo. Just a rocking beat and badass lyrics about pure frustration to make the most awesome song ever!

Yes! The classic post-modern disillusionment anthem. I have never heard a chorus with better lines than this.

My second choice is Soma, and third is Drown.

Although I love Tonight, Tonight and Zero, I would have to say that Bullet with Butterfly Wings truly is their greatest song.

2 1979

Nostalgia at its best. 1979 is the single most beautiful and catchy song ever written by Corgan. Almost everything is perfect about this song. By almost, I mean that it is a little too short, so I often find myself playing it 2 or 3 times in a row without actually getting enough of it.

This song is certainly not characteristic of The Smashing Pumpkins, who usually have a rougher edge to their songs, but it is undeniably the greatest one they've ever written. People will listen to 1979 in 2079 or 2979, and it will still feel as fresh as it did upon its release over 20 years ago.

3 Mayonaise

There is no way to describe the utter beauty this song has. "1979" may be the most "successful" of the songs of SP, but musically speaking, this song is more well-crafted, simple but amazingly beautiful.

By far the best Smashing Pumpkins song. It's such a raw and emotional song that conveys such a feeling over you. The beginning is absolutely amazing as well. It starts off with an acoustic guitar solo kind of thing, and then a huge wall of distortion and guitar comes in. It's beautiful.

Everything that Billy's feeling when singing this, you can feel as well. A captivating and beautifully deep song.

4 Today

It's just an AMAZING song! They made a great first impression on me with this one. I also love the sinfully simple music video, which is great.

This song, in my opinion, is the diamond in the rough of the '90s.

This song is so amazing! It means a lot because it was the first song I learned on the guitar. Once I got it down, I had a magical feeling like no other.

It means a lot, and it's a great song.

This was their first commercial success and definitely the best song from Siamese Dream! I love the Smashing Pumpkins, and they are one of the reasons why I miss the '90s.

5 Tonight, Tonight

Say what you want - if you don't agree that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever, you're not my friend anymore! The impressive intro takes you to another music dimension. Don't you just feel happy by listening to it?

"That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain... believe in me, as I believe in you, tonight." Soul-filling, life-changing, dream... I'm out of adjectives. The Pumpkins made the best music to ever grace this earth. And this is their masterpiece along with "1979."

I never liked 1979, but that's beside the point. This song is easily one of the most well-composed on this list. Billy's lyrics are given such power by the music, which is extremely powerful on its own.

6 Disarm

What the hell? Why is this not number one? I mean, this song is 500 times better than even 1979, and that's saying something. I could listen to this song non-stop for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.

This song is just a drug. I need it, and I need it every minute. 1979 may be their flagship song (which isn't number one either for some odd damn reason). Instead, Bullet with Butterfly Wings is, which, compared to 1979, Today, and this song, sucks some major crap. It's still good though, not saying it's bad.

Tonight, Tonight is my number one, but this is just so criminally low that I had to vote for it instead. How can you argue with anything in Disarm? One of the most beautiful songs ever committed to tape, and that's no exaggeration, methinks. The string section, Corgan's vocals, the acoustic guitar... Everything just comes together perfectly.

7 Cherub Rock

The first Smashing Pumpkins song I've ever heard, my mind was blown away the first time I heard that heart-throbbing riff in the chorus. The fuzzy, uplifting, grunge sound of this song marks a new beginning in music at that time. What a song to open such a magnificent album. "Cherub Rock" is hands down their best song.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is a great album and all, but I can't believe there's so much favoritism towards it over Siamese Dream. This was inarguably Corgan and company's greatest and most unique achievement, and Cherub Rock, though perhaps not as varied as some of the other tracks on the album, was a perfect opener.

8 Zero

Number 7? Really, what's the matter with you guys? Zero is everything Smashing Pumpkins is about. Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness, and cleanliness is godliness, and God is empty, just like me.

The intensity and anger make this song great. Beautiful guitar.

9 Soma

The most beautiful and haunting song I have ever heard. There's a beautiful guitar riff that starts from the very beginning. The Cure previously had my favorite guitar riff with their beautiful "The Forest." "Soma" blows that song out of the water.

Introspective lyrics refer to loneliness and a lack of connection to those you wish so greatly to connect to. In this case, Corgan and his ex-wife. These struggles eventually lead the writer to conclude that those bonds will never occur, and he therefore puts those desires and/or relationships to rest, which is what he means by sleep. He says not to wait for him, and I believe that he is letting his ex know that he will not be back. For her to wait for him to come back is to waste time.

While these desires are being pushed out of his consciousness due to emotional repression, they are still in his subconscious, showing up in dreams, as his soul desires to connect. Ironically, the album is titled "Siamese Dream." The lyrics fit the song's riff and vibe. I personally relate to this song very much. I have been searching for a song like this, and I happened to find it on my birthday. My playlist is at last complete. This is SP at their finest, folks. Give it a listen.

10 Rhinoceros

So underrated... but the tune is just something that can be stuck in your head all day. It's beautiful and needs to be up higher!

The bass in the intro and the breakdown after the bridge are so good.

She knows, she knows, she knows. Love this song.

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11 Geek U.S.A.

This song is just perfection. Every single instrument makes you go, Holy Crap! The quiet parts are nice, and they make the heavy parts that much better. It's hard to find a song with amazing bass, but this is it, the best bass I've ever heard in a song, period. The drums are also kick-ass, and the guitar is awesome. Vocals are the weakest part, but not to say they are bad at all.

It's like two songs in one, the beginning being a hard rock song and the ending being an epic climax to the song. My number one.

A fast, energy-filled psychedelic punk song with well-written lyrics and even better-written guitar parts and drums.

12 Hummer

This song is epic, with a great intro into a very hard-rocking part of the song, then ending with a soft finish. Very unique in its structure with great guitar and drums. This is my favorite Pumpkins song after all these years.

In my opinion, this has got to be in the top 5. Billy Corgan has said this song was about his life, and I believe it should be higher. What a great song.

I can relate to it also.

One of the greatest "classic format" rock songs ever. Seriously. Great open, blows you away in the middle, tight end. Three minutes long. Perfect!

13 Drown

It's not in the top 10 because it was on the "Singles" soundtrack, so it's not "pure" or some such. I love this song and can still listen to it over and over, 20 years after I first heard it.

Too low on this list. I absolutely love Today, Zero, Disarm, and Cherub Rock, but this one should be higher (like 6th or 7th place).

One of their best. The overplayed radio hits need to get out of the top 10!

14 Thru the Eyes of Ruby

So underrated that it's criminal. This song has everything you want in a song. It summarizes the boldness and musical ambition of Mellon Collie perfectly.

Simply the definition of perfection.

15 X.Y.U.

The only other song I can think of that hits as hard as this is Hole's I Think That I Would Die. Pure rage packaged into seven minutes.

Amazing song. One of the best Smashing Pumpkins songs ever.

This song is the reason you should never piss off Billy Corgan

16 Stand Inside Your Love

Legit, the best song I've ever heard. Period. The most underrated and overlooked album ever and their second best.

True, it deserves a much higher place. This is such a beautiful song. Personally, it's my number one.

Definitely deserves to be higher. Such a great song about love.

17 Bodies

Hard to decide a favorite... but I had to vote for Bodies; it deserves much better than 39th. It's not a single, so it's really just a hidden gem for all the real fans.

Bodies is a close second for me. Jimmy just drives this song from start to finish in a way that only he can.

Honestly, I prefer "Bullets...", but I voted for "Bodies" because it was too good to be this low!

18 Muzzle

Best song ever written by Billy. It should be in the top ten! This song reflects his pain, his poetry, and his vision of the world!

Brilliant lyrics. Ahead of his time. Top 3 for me.

19 Siva

This song shows exactly the unbelievable talent of Billy Corgan. Pure epicness. That riff I will never forget.

What? One of the best songs, absolutely.

20 Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

Porcelina and Soma... two disarming songs that, for me, represent the finest of the Smashing Pumpkins.

When this song comes on, I want nothing to disturb the experience of the journey it takes me on.

Honestly breathtaking. The top 10 combined aren't anything compared to this masterpiece, in my opinion.

21 Bury Me

Gish is one of the best albums ever made. Every song on it is Hall of Fame material.

22 Ava Adore

This song deserves at least one comment, no? What a fantastic start, what a great rhythm! One of my favorite songs ever made!

If you don't think this is their best song, you are *not* really a Smashing Pumpkins fan! This is their best song ever made. Period. No discussion possible!

The beat is very awesome. It's like a cyber-swamp fantasy ambiance.

23 Perfect

I think the music fits the lyrics perfectly.

24 Galapogos

How is this 18th on the list? Has to be at least in the top 10. One of their best songs hands down.

While Mayonaise is my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song, this definitely needs to be higher. One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

25 Quiet

That incredible solo! That riff! The screaming vocals live! It made me pick up the guitar back in the day and made me a definite Pumpkins fan. One of their best, albeit on their out-of-this-world album Siamese Dream, it isn't easy to call it their absolute best.

If you love this, check out the Vieuphoria live video on YouTube of Quiet!

Pumpkins has a lot of badass riffs, but this probably takes the cake.

You gotta love that bass. Best Pumpkins song ever!

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