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1 The Adventure

The beauty of this song (as is the case of many ava songs) is that every different person is able to relate their life in some way to the song. It helps great moments become perfect and reminds you when life isn't great that their is always hope. Love it!

When I heard the leak of this song...I knew this band would change my life...def forever top 1...I always remember a red summer sunset and warm weather at some festival and its not quite dark but the stars are apparent when I hear this song.. it played over the festival speakers in summer was awesome

2 Surrender

Greatest song on earth! Its absolutely amazing just like this band! I don't know why everyone gets such a boner for The Adventure, I don't think its very great! Not even CLOSE to as perfect as Surrender and many others by this perfect band! I will not Surrender! L ) V E

This song has picked me up and gotten me through hard times and makes me feel so empowered and happy. The lyrics, especially the "I, I will not surrender" parts are amazing, and so is the music video. Arguably the best AVA song out there

This song should be inplace of the adventure. The adventure is not so catchy but surrender is a extremely wonderful song. This is their number 1 song and there is no doubt about it.

3 Secret Crowds

This song starts out with interesting electronics and keyboarding, and when the fuzzy transmission-like voice of Tom comes in, you start to get an idea of what kind of song it is. And then... It explodes into power, sending you on a wonderful journey through creative, life-flowing verses, and an epic chorus... The most powerful I've ever heard.

Starting off with amazing electronics, this song feels like the complete experience. Its as if this song transcends the ordinary, and it escapes to something interstellar. Sung with so much passion and emotion, the power in Tom's voice will send you twirling through a whole lot of emotions culminating in the perfect ending.
Number 1. No brainer.

4 Call to Arms

This is one of those songs that you spend your time just enjoying the noises then begin to decipher the meaning of the lyrics and find how deep a meaning it has. Probably my favorite AVA song.

By far one of the most underrated AVA songs. This should definitely be in the top 5. Listening to this song makes me feel like I am in a dream. I recommend this song to any new AVA fan.

This is clearly Angels' best song. The upbeat, uplifting guitar with amazing lyrics make this song one to remember.

5 The War

This is an awesome song, the lyrics and the music mix and make unicorns. If you ever have a chance, listen to it.

This features one of the greatest guitar riffs ever created! Tom DeLonge is a genius!

6 Everything's Magic

Honestly, this song is perfect to me. Possibly my favorite song of all time. I wasn't quite sure about it until Tom started singing, and then I fell in love with this song.

How can you not like this song? This song hooked me and made me dive deep into AVA music. Upbeat, fun, rocking', catchy song.

This song is hands down amazing! This song makes me feel a way that I can't even explain! My favorite song! Everythings Magic!

7 Heaven

I can't even describe how this song makes me feel. When I listen to this song while driving down a long country road on a bright sunny day with my windows down, I truly do feel like I'm in heaven.

Top 5 song easy! It's hard for me to put into words how great this song is. Hear this track... you know... hear it, feel it. This song put AVA into the next level of favorite all time groups for me.

It makes me feel energetic and so natural when I listen to this song...last part "please stay don't go, I've got you now...are you curious! " is the most energetic part of the song...loved it (Y)

8 Young London

The song is beautiful. It starts out a tad slow, but it continuously builds and builds until it reaches it's amazing 30 second climax three minutes into the song.

This song sounds a lot like "natives" from blink 182 neighborhoods

9 Rite of Spring

The message behind this song is what makes the difference to most of the others. It got a very catchy and beautiful melody, too.
Number 1 in my opinion!

This song should hold a special place in everyones heart. It has the ability to touch everyone that listens to it. The song is just that emotional and definitely in my top three by AVA

Completely amazed by this song! Gives me chills every time I hear it!

10 The Flight of Apollo

Incredible from start to finish. You can argue this could be their best song. I won't argue that much with you. I love this song!

This song is absolutely amazing! But then again so is every AVA song so it is impossible to put them in order!

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11 Soul Survivor
12 Anxiety

Great song, I love the message of the song, it talks about the struggles of self-problems in humans. The instrumental is great and uplifting, as well as breathtaking, and it gives me good vibes. The guitar riff in the chorus is great as well. The lyrics are well written like always and poetic. Tom has a great voice like always, especially in the chorus.

Amazing song! Why wasn't this even on the list before? It deserves to be in the top 10 at the very least!

Amazing song! So uplifting and epic! Tom's voice sounds really amazing too.

13 Do It for Me Now

Sounds like it could be from a follow up to Blink's self-titles album. One of AVA's more tightly written and least self-indulgent songs. What results is an honest, well-crafted, balanced, emotional song. Easily my favorite AVA song

For me, by far the best AVA song.. The intro leads you amazing chorus and the songs lyrics keeps on crawling into you.. Really brilliant

14 Hallucinations

Hallucinations is an amazing song. It makes me feel lonely and happy at the same time. Listening to this song makes me want to explode because it's too good to be true I don't know I can't explain it this song is amazing enough said.

How could this song not be the first? You all must be having Hallucinations. The only people in their right minds here are those who voted for this one.
Just kidding.
But seriously, vote for this song

0%!? What the heck!? This should be in the top 3.

15 Love Like Rockets
16 Saturday Love

This song is literally the best ava song!

17 Shove

"Cause sometimes it comes with a shove
When you fall in love" badass lyrics.
I think you guys are missing out on a great song, plus on the end of the song you can hear Tom DeLonge's sister explain the true meaning and definition behind love.

18 Lifeline

Alright what the hell is wrong here, this is hands down one of the best Angels and Airwaves song, now why would it be on #22. Would've made sense if it was on at least #4

How is this 24th? This song is the reason I fell in love with AvA!

19 Valkyrie Missile

Another one of AVA's songs that puts my mind in another place, thinking, feeling, making me bounce my head and sing along. Top 10 song EASY! Amazing music.

The build up to the first verse, the chorus, the outro, everything is perfect.

This needs to be at least in the top ten, this song is amazing.

20 Good Day

Hardley underrated song. The melody and the lyrics create an amazing atmosphere. I think I like Today

"I should have turned back, I should have known better, than to walk away defeated" best lyrics

21 Epic Holiday

This song is my most favorite song in the world and I love the meaning behind it and if this were to get more praise I would be so grateful.

One of my favorite songs ever! Especially with Secret Crowds.

Amazing song! Top 10 easily. AVA has done it again!

22 Sirens

This song is apparently about, him watching his friends sister dancing naked in her room, with Tom outside looking through the window. Apparently he said, at one point she looked right in to his eyes but she couldn't see him because he was behind a bush. Yeah something along those lines, there's a YouTube video where he tells the story, it's funny laugh out loud. Otherwise this is an awesome song, it can be interpreted so many ways, it sounds really deep and full of meaning, but at the same time it's not depressing, which is nice. "Can't let go... "

23 Breathe

Quite sentimental, Imagine a rock band trying out a love Song...
I also admire the Indian feeling you get at the middle...
Great Love Song... Lyrics to Dream about...

Why is this 22nd, I think it should at least be in the top 10! Its such a simple song, but so beautiful

24 It Hurts
25 The Machine
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