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Crush 40 is a severely underrated band, so I put together this list.
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1 Live & Learn

It's basically their ultimate song, featured on "Sonic Adventure 2" and their title album. It's one of the most uplifting songs ever, and some of Johnny's best vocal output is on this song (for the band, at the least). It's the best song to ever be featured in a video game: No doubt. It also has Jun's best solo after Open Your Heart.

Too hard for me to choose, its between live and learn, I am all of me, and open your heart

2 Open Your Heart

This is one of their most important songs, because it defines the sound of Crush 40, being the first song recorded. Sonic Adventure is one of the greatest games in Sonic's history and this song is a gateway (literally) to Jun's ability as a sound engineer. It also has Jun's best ever solo.

First impressions mean a lot. And this song was an excellent way to make an impact. Personally my favorite due to Jun Senoue's guitar playing, not John Gioielli's best vocal work in my opinion but it's definitely up there

3 I Am... All of Me

Ultimate heavy metal song. I heard it and I thought I was listening to Axel Rudi Pell. Too amazing, and shows Crush 40's versatility. Jun is amazing on lead.

This is just the best song ever! However they is a lost track what crush 40 wrote called broken and I love that even more its sad!

"This song is amazing! I love it! I almost listen to it every single day.

4 What I’m Made Of...

Best song in Sonic Heroes, which already had a nice soundtrack to begin with! It suits the whole final battle and plot of the game. I felt so excited to finally hear this gem in action during the game itself! Makes a frustrating and rather boring boss battle ten times better.

The ultimate fighting song. Great vocals on Johnny's part, especially since the songs Crush 40 was making became more metal oriented at this point. Shows that Johnny is one of the best metal singers ever.

If I had a theme song, this would be it. What I'm Made Of totally fits the whole feel of the final battle in Sonic Heroes, and it brings out Johnny's vocals really well.
Best. Song. Ever.

5 Never Turn Back
6 Knight of the Wind

How in the world has nobody suggested this song yet?!?! This song from Sonic & the Black Knight should be recognized as much as Open Your Heart or Live and Learn. The Celtic theme that Jun Senoue was trying to convey with this song is incredibly represented. Throw in some of Johnny Gioeli's strongest vocals and a incredibly catchy "Whoa-oh-oh..." intro that can be sung along to, and you have one kickass song! Even if you don't like Black Knight, at least the game gave us an absolutely incredible song from an amazing band.

7 Live Life

Wow, a Crush 40 song actually got me teary eyed!

I just love this song it got me teary first time listening to it

8 His World

This song is a Zebra Head cover, but still, Crush 40 made it their own (who the heck is Zebra head? ). One of the bands most iconic songs.

This song ultimately proves why Sonic songs are better than Mario songs. Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you.

Zebrahead's Matty Lewis does the best version of His World, but no one seems to notice.

9 Sonic Heroes

Personally I feel that this song's really underrated.

While some of the lyrics have this narm charm behind it's still one of my personal favourite Sonic songs along with What I'm made of, Live and Learn and Open your heart.

10 Sonic Boom
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11 All Hail Shadow

Wow. I just voted this song and it went up 3 spaces.

All hail shadow the ultimate lord and savior.

Thank you, Crush 40, for telling people to hail me!

12 I Belong With You
13 Green Light Ride
14 Fight the Knight

One of the best things about Sonic and the Black Knight! Good vocals, good sound, good lyrics, great execution. Awesome song in an okay game!

One of those songs that you can listen to over and over again and not get sick of it! It suits Sonic and the Black Knight really well!

15 Song of Hope

Finally, Jun and Johnny break away from the games with an EP, and this song is just brilliant. Perfect for those hurting, especially after the Japan tsunami. Amazing solo.

16 Un-gravitify
17 Escape from the City

Umm... this isn't Crush 40. I can see why you put this on the list though, as Jun Senoue composed it.

Fantastic way to start off Sonic Adventure 2 and extremely upbeat my favourite Crush 40 song by far

18 Watch Me Fly...

Thrill of the Feel is an underrated album, and watch me fly has some of Johnny's highest vocals in the bands history, and for once it's not about Sonic. Despite being a softer song, Jun created yet another memorable riff that sets the mood for the song.

Super underrated and honestly a good song for folk that are tuned to Crush 40's normal tone

19 Is It You

It's one of the crush 40 songs that got me a bit teary from listening to it the first time

20 Sonic Youth

Too bad this band is in the shadow of a video game character. But this song is still amazing.

21 Free

The lyrics are kinda stupid, but it has one of the most well performed choruses out of all of their songs.

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22 Seven Rings In Hand

Such a high energy tune! My favorite sonic game theme. Ironic, considering the original source.

23 Revvin' Up

This is one of the other songs that really defines the band, being one if their oldest songs. It's probably better than Open Your Heart in terms of showing what the band is really about. Amazing. The lyrics also go so well with the typecast songs (the Crush 40 songs that are in Sonic's shadow).

24 Into the Wind

Very uplifting song, even for one inspired by racing.

25 2 Nights 2 Remember

This is probably my favorite non-Sonic song.

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