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1 One More Time

I remember hearing this when I was 8 years old. It made me look at life and music in a new light. The beat is so catchy, and 13 years later, it's still alive! This song beats all other Daft Punk songs, hands down.

Catchy, bouncy, happy - you name it, this song has everything, except for depression. With a stunning video clip to accompany it, this is without a doubt their best song.

Such a catchy song with amazing sound input. The video was amazing as well, and the song can fall into many categories. It can be played almost anywhere, like pop stations, dances, clubs, anywhere.

2 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

When my cousin first made me listen to a sample of this, I exclaimed, Dude! What the hell..? Daft Punk? I knew only the hit One More Time by then. As I progressively listened to this song, I got it.

Its lyrics and beats show that this song doesn't take itself seriously, not because of being overly repetitive, but rather because it is repetitively original as it goes! Thumbs up!

A whole lot more upbeat and fast than the original, this one is mashed up with Around the World to fill in the background sound that the original has.

Who else agrees with me that the Interstella version, along with the movie, is the best version? Trust me, you haven't heard the beauty of Discovery until you've watched the movie with friends at night!

3 Get Lucky

Get Lucky seems to be a certain comeback to the music that Daft Punk was influenced by and grew up with from the late-70s and early-80s. The inclusion of Pharrell Williams on vocals and Nile Rodgers (of Chic fame) on guitar is a compliment to the past and the future of disco. Not to mention that the robot duo actually produced live music!

When I was on YouTube and heard this song, I broke the replay button. It's stuck in my brain, and I can't forget it. I can't stop grooving.

When I heard this song for the first time on the radio, I didn't know it was Daft Punk, and I thought they were Americans or something like that. But I knew they're French and superb. Of course, it must be ranked higher too. Please vote.

4 Around the World

If I have to choose one Daft Punk song I have to hear for my whole life, I would choose this one.

One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger are good songs but way overrated. However, Around the World lives up to its reputation with a great bassline, cool dance synths, and even the lyrics never get old.

The best song ever created by mankind. It says "around the world" 144 times, but I don't mind a single one of them.

5 Instant Crush

When you hear this song, it reminds you of the girl you love the most. I capture my best memories through this song. That is all I can say. In fact, I am listening to it right now.

My all-time favorite song. The best song ever, according to me. Should be at number one! Random Access Memories for the win!

This deserves to be at number one. This song made me Google Daft Punk and brought me here! I've heard so many of their songs, but this one remains my favorite.

6 Da Funk

This defined '90s house. It has such a unique sound. It's like alternative electronica or something. It has such strange sounds, yet Daft Punk turned it into a masterpiece.

I like how Daft Punk has recently tried to go for a more actual electronic feel with RAM (which they succeeded at), but, man, I wish they tried making more songs like this.

Although I prefer One More Time, and my favorite is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, no one can deny that this beat is absolutely unstoppable, and you must move to it. It deserves more credit for sounding fresh each time for so long. It is the backbone of Daft Punk singles.

7 Digital Love

I used to not care for the songs on Discovery. I was only familiar with the French house stuff on Homework and Human After All. Then, all these Discovery songs invaded my Spotify. I didn't like the fact that they were all disco songs, as I wasn't a fan of that genre. However, I decided to give it a chance.

When Digital Love came on, I immediately fell in love with it. It feels very warm and happy. Then, I started to love Discovery. To this day, Digital Love is my favorite Daft Punk song. It's a 10/10 for me!

I heard the Boris Dlugosch remix of this (practically the same song) on satellite radio once and have been in love with it and all of Discovery for some time now. This is the one song in the world I will never get tired of listening to. The cover version of it by Alphabeat/Frankmusik is brilliant too.

8 Something About Us

I love this song! It's sexy, hypnotic, and utterly amazing! Great for chilling that might lead to more intimate situations, especially when buzzing.

I simply love this song. One of the best songs ever written. It has everything: emotion, power, and soul. I've got to say, as a rock fan, this is the perfect song.

When viewed with the scene from the Interstellar movie, this song has unbelievable emotional quality.

9 Aerodynamic

This song is a true piece of Daft Punk art. I am surprised by the guitar solo at 1:02 (don't ask). It should be at least in the top three. I wish Daft Punk could have retained their old talent in those beautiful helmets (like in the Homework-Discovery era).

This song inspires me to take up guitar seriously. I can't stop listening on loop. One of the best solos I've heard.

I love the guitars in Get Lucky too. Both are great.

Why is it so low? It has a really cool beat and guitar solo.

I have it at No. 3 after Get Lucky and Da Funk.

10 Robot Rock

This is better than Get Lucky and One More Time because it actually feels like electronic music. It has a distinct tone that stays in your head.

The most techno song you'll ever hear. This beat is the most depression-curing song of all time.

Crazy, I've been hearing this for a long time and soon will make music like this...

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11 Technologic

Curiously poetic, ingeniously rhythmic, and ethically strong, this song speaks about our world of geekism and consumption. Genius. Have you seen the Pentatonix Daft Punk video?

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail-upgrade it. Trash it, point it, zoom it, press it... Write it, cut it, paste it...

Interesting fact: the endoskeleton used in the video is a Chucky animatronic from the original 1988 Child's Play movie.

Extremely catchy, and the music video represents it perfectly.

12 Lose Yourself to Dance

This song is just out of this world. I don't understand how this is not in the top 5 at least.

It's beautiful and slow.

This should definitely be in the top ten at least! It's great!

This is the song that has now got me into Daft Punk.

13 Face to Face

I don't know what it is about this song. I suppose it just sort of stuck with me.

It's not one of their most well-known or acclaimed songs, but there's something magical about it that's difficult to place.

I love this song! The sampling is really creative. I bet there are still some samples in there that are undiscovered.

Something about this song just gets me hyped up, even though I've heard it over a hundred times. Haha. To me, it's a perfect song.

14 Touch

It's surprising that people primarily like the disco and funky productions of Daft Punk, or at least, that they are the most popular. Don't get me wrong, One More Time is really fun, and Get Lucky is better than the majority of pop songs out there nowadays.

However, Touch is something completely different. It has an actual message and a deeper meaning behind it that can be left to interpretation. The track itself feels like a journey, going through so many different sounds. It's almost like connecting with someone else and experiencing all of their emotions.

If you simply compare the length of these opinions, you can gather there's actual depth to this song.

15 Give Life Back to Music

Great track, just like Get Lucky. It combines the greatness of Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk into one beautiful medley.

One of the best tracks from Daft Punk!

16 Human After All

You can really feel the emotion in this song for some reason, despite the fact that it sounds very robotic. And for that reason, it is one of my favorite songs!

Love this song, the evolution on the track, the robotic sense, and its final...AFTER ALL!

This song is amazing, no other words for it. It just makes me want to dance.

17 Derezzed

Tron: Legacy is a great movie, and the biggest reason why it rocks so much is because of the amazing Daft Punk soundtrack. Derezzed is no exception.

Not openly accessible to me at once. A daft sample, but when you think about it, how great is it to do a rhythm box using electric shock snaps?

Masterpiece, perfect combination with Tron.

18 Revolution 909

Such a classic Daft Punk song. It's a really great dance track that's just plain addicting. And the video teaches us how to make tomato sauce? Just splendid. I also like how, when the tomatoes go through processing, it goes so well with the song. Rock on!

Why hasn't anyone mentioned this yet? This has to be by far their best song.

This song is the definitive Daft Punk sound. If your party is playing this, I'll be there.

19 Contact

Contact is an absolutely incredible song. It's slow at the beginning but quickly picks up. I think the last minute or so is kind of crappy though. I understand how the static at the end ties into the story, but it ruins the song's practicality a bit for me. However, the song up to that point is one of my favorites of all time.

This and Digital Love are my favorite Daft Punk songs. When the drums kick in, I absolutely lose it. I air drum along so hard that my head hurts. The rising frequency at the end finishes off this perfect album.

20 Voyager

The funkiness of this track really complements the album well. This song should be higher because it's one of their most underrated songs. The pause in the middle gives the song an extra kick, and the sound change near the end is impactful. One of my favorite Daft Punk songs.

Great masterpiece. It's a shame that it's not as recognizable as other songs. The fact that Daft Punk themselves didn't pay much attention to it and made no remixes with it quite disappoints me. Nevertheless, there are quite good quality fan-made mixes that, as far as my opinion is concerned, the duo should take example from. I strongly recommend "Face to Face vs. Voyager" by Dowson0417.

21 Too Long

Their most underappreciated song, it should be number one. Not many songs keep someone interested for 10 minutes straight, and it covers two amazing genres.

100% my favorite track, just ahead of High Fidelity.

22 The Prime Time of Your Life

What's wrong with you guys? Have you even heard the song?

23 Rollin' & Scratchin'
24 Musique
25 Crescendolls

By far the best Daft Punk song. When it kicks in, you can't help but move your body.

It is such an amazing dance tune.

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